Asuu strike 2013 possibly on 14th March 2013

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Yes, the news is every where about Asuu strike, But the question now is what is the cause of the strike?  New reaching our desk now had it that the possibility of asuu going on strike depends on her meeting with Nigeria Upper House and the Reps, 

Myedu reporters are not really 100% sure about the strike , So we are asking the general public this question: ( What are your view on the issue of ASUU STRIKE 2013)

Drop your view and comment below the box…

78 Comments to “Asuu strike 2013 possibly on 14th March 2013”

  1. okoh michael

    plz nigerians government need to automaticaly intervain in all this institutions,wit ful force.i tink we should start 4rm somwere.thnx.


  2. stanley david

    i have heard that asuu is planning to go on stike,reason being that they are not contented with their salary.i want to beg them not to go as that would not help the situation.they should even deny they propose any strike again.

  3. Prince Muhammed Yakub M.

    Am prince Muhammed Yakub M. A 200 level social studies education student, faculty of education Nasrawa state university… NSUK re still on strike base on d riot last time which lead d killing of two or more student of d institute. And Asuu also re coming on strike so hw wuld it b possible dat way? And if it possible den wen wil de call bak d strike?

    • Nathaniel

      adedeji am so hapi 4 u, my broda am just tired of dis country i nid 2 haustle my own as wel dis yr i pray 2 God almight 2 c mi tru d process.

      • TOJU


    • Anonymous

      as u can see u are not the only one that is planning to go to usa and if u go there u will see ur mette stop boating

  4. Jane Black

    ASUU should not go on strike because, it is really affecting the students badly. FG do something in order to eschew ASUU wrath that will to strike.

  5. OBASI C

    I obasi c is now not happy anymore about the ebsu strike which started on 22nd february 2013, i am in 300level student, so the state Government should do something reasonable on school fee and call the strike off immediately to avoid obstruction and rioting again

  6. ameeear

    9ja FG rili hav 2 show up cox we r oll suferin in skul! Lack of lecturex,infact everytin is goin wrong dis strike is notin 4 us we jst wants a gud lectures cox d one’s havin degree r nt lectures dey r oll suferin us ……dey dnt rili want us 2 improv..tnx

    • Anonymous

      Nigeria is becominng something else,four years course must definitely turn to 7yrs due to strike
      The oga @ the top will send there children outside the country nd start on neccesary strike dat has meeaining 9ija 4life

  7. De orator prosper

    Pls u ppl sud help us beg our governor 2 pls call off d Ebsu strike cause it z reli affecting us badly,let him place himself or his children in our shoe 2 kn weda it wil b gud 4 him or z it bcoz all his children ar abroad das y he z nt caring, anyway,God wil reward evri bodi accordingly.Pls let dis rit up get 2 him.

  8. Okoro sunday

    If ASUU should go back on strike their wil be a too much burden to the society the student, the parent and government so government should take plurioutive measure to end up the marss

  9. Justice

    Am a student of kano university of science and technology….studying bsc mathematics…..Going on strike in dis tym of situation is nt d best idea;;;assu u cn stil cm out wit order plans 2 get wt u want;;;we d masses r d pple hu dis strike is affecting pls federal gvt try an do smtin abt dis

    • Adamu Garba

      Am a student of Nasarawa state university keffi. (NSKU)300L Am studing Sociology. Wil jst cum back 4rm inter strike nd wil are stil in first semster nd abt 2 write our first semster exams next month.. I think one of d ASUU officiall wil b a sociologist dat wil tel tham d problem of students staying at home 4 long without doin anything. Dat wil case another problem in societies,money is nt more tham our futures. A course of 4yrs is now 6yrs bcos of ASUU .. Bcos of problem there childen are nt skulin in d country that is why there nt thinking about poor people children that are schooling in country

  10. Omuha ametinany

    Assu pls have mercy on student l spent 6 years before addimited just last year and no yaer with out me in the utme hall for their exam and my scorses not less than 200 to 250. My age now is 26 to 27 by june so pls Assu consider the condition of student. strike every year can not solve educational problem there are other ways in wich it can be solve like sue the issue to court, or to human right commission. So Assu strike in our nation is one of the falling down of educational standered (ie poor performance of student in the school.)most student wil not have time to read becouse they may not like stay idle, he or she may look for some thing doing in other to make money. But if they are in season no way for them to think of some thing else lader to read their book. Pls Assu consider your students.

    • Cletus

      Wel i really appreciate ur comment. In my own skul we ar used 2 strike all d tym. Well strike or no strike i dnt kia. Wen dey announce it dat thr z strike in our skul, student was jubilating,and tankn God 4 d strike. Dats aau ambrose alli university (ekpoma) @ edo state. Pls let dem our oga @ d top shuld kip eatn d money.1 day na 1 monkey go enter market no go cum houz again.

  11. seun

    Is dere rilli strike 2day,pls let us knw,we heard yesterday that there is strike 2day.

  12. Arungwa Bethel

    ASUU shouldn’t go to strike, my school (ESUT) Is starting exam next month, April.

  13. Shakkyrat

    Pls we dont want ASUU strike again o. Pls enough of all this delay

  14. precious

    ebsu govt na mumu ppl o. mek dm cal off dt strike o. isheke dn tire me

  15. Arthur.c

    If EBSU management should add even #1 to d school fee of 3rd year &, upper level students, bcos of d damages caused by 2nd year students during their protest, i tell u; it ‘ll result 2 riot dat ‘ll silence even d government. As u make decission, b careful.

  16. gift

    All I wat is two weeks my school wat to kill us ekpoma na wa o

  17. mahmoud G mahmoud

    Go ahead asuu but don’t let me d president of 9ja

  18. Emem

    Eboiyn governor and Asuu am not sure u guys has conscience at all cos if u do, u guys will not try dis nonsense cal strike. ok just listen to elechi from #60,000 to #128,000 skul fees increment. Is EBSU a private university? Or did he want it to become one? Asuu must u go fr strike every year? Oh cos ur children are not affected may God forgive u guys

  19. OBASI C

    It is quite unfortunate that ASSU strike commence again which usually happened yearly basis but my question is that, what is the cause of it?, Now we in 300l students who want to go for IT, what should be our optimium at this time. Did you heartless people want us to stay stagunate? Be aware God is seeing you.

  20. Ibrahim rabiu

    I’m Ibrahim 200lvl in BUK, Plx, n plx Asuu don’t enter d strike again bcos u r elite n educated ppl, see wat is happng in dis great country 9ja. The current insecurity facing 9ja is a terrable issue.

  21. OBASI Chibueze washington dc

    I sincerely appologize Ebsu/ASSU to call this strike off because i no more reading again and i know that it affect all students not only me, so i will be very glad if this my request is granted to me.

  22. Ephraim Adamu

    Pls the government of Nigeria ad ASUU should find a lasting of resolving issues not strick. Because must time the student are at the recieving end.

  23. darius

    strike all over! Our govt are not trying,they are filled with shit,egocentric…nsuk and oda skul on strike should resume.we are Home sick

  24. Amedu Isaac

    Am 4rm Fed. Uni Agric Makurdi, please what is the aim of studying Animal Breeding & Physiology in School? And why and when ASUU want to on strick? Tanx

  25. Ayodeji

    Which ever ways day want it either asuu or FG al i want is to get out of this country by fire by force sch life in nigeria is too stressful and 2 corrupt

  26. Hannah

    Plz strike or no strike no body is goin 2 leave 4 eva plz d body of ASUU should think twice nd favour us 4 d sake of our future strike dnt repears it on damages.

  27. Anonymous

    strike iz nt d solutn so y go 4 it D government should do sumtin about it kus it wil bring about damanges in d education sector,d student are those suffering nd nt d lecturers 4rm virginity

  28. virginity

    strike iz nt d solutn so y go 4 it D government should do sumtin about it kus it wil bring about damanges in d education sector,d student are those suffering nd nt d lecturers 4rm virginity

  29. Name (required)

    Type your comment here…unfortunately ASSU issue on strike will caused academic go slow to our students . stop strike !!

  30. Moses titilayo

    Pls,sir or ma.we beg in GODS name.let this strick be call off.we re tired of home,this strick is making us not 2 read well again.pls take us as your children and have compasion on us n let the strick be call off before the end of this on my knees pls………(in tears)

  31. Name: MR.CONFIRM.

    If i should ask what is the actual cause of the Absu strike? Is non increment of salary by FG or what? Pls they should clearify us,let us know if it is usual/normal annual absu strike we are experiencing in this country that has become part of us, so that we student wil now know how to package ourselves an face the challenges of the strike academically. Cox we know very well that it will go a long way to affect our academic intellectual capacities badly.pls something has to be done about it by both absu chairman & FG PLS they should not leave stone unturned in this issue.

  32. albert

    yes the house may drag the issue so long as their children are studying outside the country,the lord has always been on my side no matter what. University degree is not the end of my life.

  33. Adamu kadala Marama

    Pls asuu find another way of solvin this my school at fed. Poly. Damaturu it will be somehow because last year we spend 7 month at home due to scurity challenges and this time around is strike.please asuu here your student cry.

  34. Martha amara

    D strike is a big,barrier to student’s academic calendar.d govt should pls do sumtin abt it.

  35. okoro ngene john

    pls people should understand things b4 their jump into it’ assu as abia state university is defferent from esuu as ebonyi state university; befor u said any tin try to understand the topic

  36. Andrew Derek

    we d entire student of akwa ibom state polytechnic pleased that the federal govt should look into this strike and help us.we are tire of staying in the house.

  37. Abiola afolayan

    Pls nd pls dis strke i rily affectin us consider d leaders of tomorow nd do sumtin tankx

  38. Segz-Strings

    If they like they should go on strike all i know is that my God will definitely purnish this ASSU people and our wicked governments

  39. ....

    Ya’ll claim to be university students yet you can’t even type or compose few lines of english… I’m disappointed. Asuu, do what you have to do.

  40. xray 2

    This is your own problems, since you don`t whant us to learn better. you people( asuu) are always behind your selfish interest. going to strike is not the solution of our educational problem in nigeria. so ASUU have to go and continue with there useless nagociation with rackless hause members but leave us ( we poor people ) to contineu with our studies.
    you ASUU should stop decieving yourselfs following this stupid, basterd, and rackless president ( i.e buldog jornathan ) cos his vission is not toword our educational standerd rather his vission is always how to put nigeria into doom.

  41. Anonymous

    Oh my God,i’m sure most of the people that commented aint student,grammatical errors are just too much and embarassing too.anyways…..i’m pleading with the FG on behalf of the affected schools to please look into this…..students are most affected,ASUU will do us lots of good by calling the strike off.

  42. Abubakar

    Well, if they decide to call it off GOOD! if not FINE! atleast I don’t want to write my exams whilst observing Ramadan fasting at dsem time. Because that how our calender is as for now! PROUDLY ABU.

  43. philemon

    I am not AASU, i am a student from Moddibo Adama University of Technology,Adamawa. All that is to be said and done is for the federal govt to be sincere and pay this people their money and other things involve. There is no smoke without fire so AASU do What you see is the best. We cannot keep running away from our problems especially the ones we created by our own hands. No to all the politics,pls FG pay AASU their money they deserve it….

  44. philemon

    Its time we mend all mthe holes in the old clothes, lets fix up what has been shatered. FG pls listen to AASU

  45. Slow & steady

    If dis assup strike would affect them, it shld be better, but some of them their children are skulin in abroad. Dats y they dnt want 2 hear d cry of poor ones.God deliver ur us pls.

  46. Anonymous

    FG do something o we wnt to graduat on time an serve our nation. Up 9ja! up FG! UP ASUU!

  47. Mannie

    Imagine a lecturer, in a scale of 100hrs, is not spending up to 25hrs of lecturing throughout a whole simester and now looking 4 additional salary 4 what he/she did not work 4. Some lecturers wld lecture 3-4 times only and allow students 2 handle d rest.

  48. Emmanuel Daniel

    Am a student of NSUK.Department of Banking & Finance…Let’s the catapult be shot in the right position…ASUU Pls in a country like ours strike doesn’t really workout in most cases it lead to severe havoc and student spent more years in skul than expected.As intellectuals i believe we need a postive thinking before embarking on the strike.Afterall we d student falls @ loss.This strike issue should be reversed…Great Nigeria Student…

  49. Anonymous

    Which kind of govt do we have in this country,they dont value the teachers and that is so bad.Assu i dey support una well well

  50. Anonymous

    plz assu u can continu wit d strike be cause i dnt hv any money to go back to school, God pleas u bcos of the strike goi

  51. Umm......i dnt knw abt u guys buh I tink my foodstuffs here in skul is really runnin low. So I tink d strike's gonna come in handy dis tym.......

    Umm……i dnt knw abt u guys buh I tink my foodstuffs here in skul is really runnin low. So I tink d strike’s gonna come in handy dis tym…….

  52. Anonymous

    To me ASSU has no any impact to d educational system in Nigeria, i witness many assu strike on smae issue bt up to now it yield a fruitless result, so y continue alteration of school calendar i blieve go to strike for thier on selfish intrest nt for d improve or benefit of our education.

  53. zakaria umar

    stryk or no stryk….my destiny is certain. neither asuu nor federl govt. cn changed it. atleast as a nigerian student we shud tnk god 4 enabln us to operAte som advance china phone lyk techno. a country whr computer sci. student cn nt register online.

  54. chinma Emily

    pls every one of us the students are not happy abt this strike the federal gov should do something abt this!

  55. bibson entanity

    am tired 4nw in skul n i nid a break.i tink assu shuld go 4d strike at list it wil favor d muslim student in orda 2 fast at dere varius i support d strike shuld hold.thank u.


    I see y white ppl call blacks animal.
    Those ppl who call themselves leaders are the pivot of the problem in dis country… Dis country needs deliverance from the hands of wicked men..

    • Anonymous

      Kalu pls am tried and sick of dis strike since april til nw i dn’t have time 2 read talkmore of resting hw do u want we students 2 improve in our studies after spendin half of the yr at home witout readin and fed govt should consider us 4 a better

  57. Anonymous

    Do unto others as u want,s other 2 do u ethics and social responsibilities

  58. Sexy

    Let them go 2 hel asuu and their so cal govt there are talk insensetive.

  59. Anonymous

    Walahi Asuu and fG u na no try at all,there is fire and paradise in d hereafter is left 4 u pple leader to choose d u want

  60. Prince Charles Oligbi

    Boko Haram is top priority for now. If ASUN needs attention, it should start bombing and kidnapping, or just call the damn strike off. This strike is all about human selfishness and greed, Corruption Corruption and when will this ever end, No Light, No Road, No Good Water and only 5% of Nigerians can hardly eat full square meal a day and until now why not strike but because this is a matter of the masses that makes a large number of the society and you asuu are on strike, I am getting fed up with my education have been in school for almost six years and now asuu dnt want me to go. ASUU please call the strike because the FG dnt have you people on mind.

  61. Maryann dennis

    Am a studen of nasarawa state university(nsuk),and am already board @ home because of joblessnes. In the name of the god u people serve (assu and fg) pls call off the strike so students can go back to school. Tnks

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