Check Nysc Batch B 2013/2014 Mobilization Time Table

National Youth Service Corps  have just released the Major time table for the Batch B Nysc Time table, The excerise which kicks-off last week 8th of April will end on the 16th of july 2013 , Check the list Below: To Download the PDF format of the Nysc 2013 Batch B timetable visit  Myedu NYSC 2013 Batch B Mobilization Time Table

Nysc Batch B 2013/2014 Mobilization Time Table

1 Registration of Foreign-trained Nigerian Graduates 8th April – 7th June, 2013

2 Submission of Masterlist. Screening/Vetting by Mobilization Officers. 29th April – 6th May, 2013

3 Action by the ICT Department. 29th April – 20th May, 2013

4 Delivery of Preliminary Printouts to CPIs 21st – 23rd May, 2013

5 Return of Corrected Printouts by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ 28th – 31st May, 2013

6 Correction of errors and printing of call-up letters by ICT Dept. 28th May – 11st June, 2013

7 Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters 11th – 17th June, 2013

8 Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions / NYSC Secretariats 18th – 21st June, 2013

9 2013 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course 25th June – 16th July, 2013

We wish you all the best of luck as you serve your father’s land……………………

(66) Comments on “Check Nysc Batch B 2013/2014 Mobilization Time Table

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for keeping us updated with these information

  2. Name (required) says:

    I thank God cos am on d 2013 nysc batch b list.Lord i thank u

  3. Name (required) says:

    yesooType your comment here…

  4. Thanks for the update,but number of corp members require per school/department.

  5. yea i thank God that batch b is already here.

    • When auchi poly is going to collect their call up letter? Cos we av only fri. & mon. Following day is 25th. Rector, Were are we?

  6. Eche Emmanuel says:

    wht happens to institutions that could’nt meet up with NYSC’s date 29th of april for submission of results by mobilization officers?some schools just started pasting their student’s result last week.

  7. Eberendu Ebenezer says:

    tak u lord 4 doing it again my own time, i pleag 2Nigeria

  8. Ononye ikechukwu victor says:

    Please i want you to help me check if my name is in the batch B list please

  9. Ononye ikechukwu victor says:

    Pls my school is imt Enugu pls help me check my name, am waiting

  10. Bolu bolarinde says:

    God i tanx u 4 including my name among d batch B list.

  11. abdulazeez olaitan fatai says:

    Is it truth is only 40 candidate is goin to service in each department

  12. Oredu comfort says:

    Thank u Lord 4 making me one of those going 4 batch B.

  13. Jimoh morolake oluwashogo says:

    Pls i want u to help me check my name on the mobilization list. Jimoh Morolake Oluwashogo Mass communication dept Fedpoly Bida.thanks alot.

  14. Fasting is on 10th of july,hw do we cope o o o!

  15. Tnx 4 keepn us posted.Hw abt stu dt r yet to submit thr admission l8rs due to d delayance frm jamb e.g UJ,will thr names b on d mobilzatn list???

  16. Ebishue shirley chioma says:

    How do i know if my name is included in the batch b list pls tell me

  17. Does that mean,we d muslim brothers wuld start fastin in d camp,i want 2 no.

  18. dis jamb is a new method adu guys do not give time to pay d money but pls check if d name is among femi oiza beach b federal polytechic okoh.

  19. tnks 4 d informtn: bt my equestn is dat wil asup strike stop us 4 going 2 service and also d ongoing state of emergency in d three state. wil it stop us for going.

  20. and pls i want 2 check mayb my school as submit our name. federal polytechnic damaturu. my name is friday noah ernest

  21. Miracle c .ikpeoha says:

    Pls is my name in 2013 batch B list?

  22. How do u check 4 ur name when the list is not yet out in schools

  23. i tank Allah 4 gvn me d 4titute of being among u dream close 2b 4lfil,in’sha Allah.

  24. anonymous tel any body u no dat d pending results were release,let dem go n check.

  25. anonymous tel any body u no dat d pending results was release,let dem go n check.

  26. I tank God 4 evri tin, may His name b glorified. Amen.

  27. is there any school that admit student whit pass result to do PGD

  28. elkabeer hussein says:

    my school just posted their list of corps. 2day. In my deptmt we almost 300. But only 63 were selected… Poly zaria.. And greatful to Allah cos am among them. I wish all you a the same. May this batch be your..

  29. Comfort ogbe says:

    Pls my name did nt appear on d mobilization list n my scholl i.e uni.jos have helped us to our jamb What is our fate now?

  30. Ngene hope says:

    i thank God 4 everytin but iam not medically fit 2 go to camp, God take control

  31. anita friday says:

    i adore my God 4 makig my name t b in d alawi is awaitig me.

  32. Stephen Gadon says:

    Pls i want to make a request, i want NYSC to pls help those schools that their states are under state of emergency, more especially University of maiduguri were there is no mobile network to pls put d list on net. Because as it is now very few people know their fate.

  33. tualbi makama says:

    Am a graduate from the uniiversity of maiduguri.we ar nt able 2 kw if our names have appeared on the list. Help us please

  34. iam greatful to my creator bcos He never fails

  35. Ajayi felicia ajoke says:

    Pls we ar tired of all dis drama whereby few people we be mobilise in each department, imagine u ar like 415 peoples in a department nd u only mobilise 16 people out of dem. Wot is going on, dis drama is not like dis last yr why dis yr, 1st u ask us to pay 4 jamb registration number b4 we can go 4 service nd we did, but instead of u to mobilise everybody dat as jamb reg. Number u only mobilise few among us. Pls find sumtin to do to it b4 batch B GO too camp by printing out our letter wthout mobilisation number.

  36. Why are some graduates, awaitin their nysc call-up letters frm federal polytechnic bida not mobilized? I heard its bcos of d large number of candidates, if dats d case, what is our fate?

  37. Why are some graduates, awaitin their nysc call-up letters frm federal polytechnic bida not mobilized? I heard its bcos of d large number of candidates, if dats d case, what is our fate?

  38. Ojo i.e osardion says:

    Pls i want to know if my name ( ojo i.e osarodion of mech engr in Auchi poly) is include in this 2013 nysc batch b . Thank you.

  39. Leye Agbolade says:

    Am nt happy coz out of 104 stdnts in my dept onli 28 ar goin to camp..and just 561 in d whol sku..pls y? Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba akoko Ondo state.

  40. michael madu says:

    somebody check 4 me,bt said my name is on d error list.i dnt undastand wat error list mean.wil i stil be posted or beta stil wat do i do?i nid ur help.ds my id 03/3724. compter engineerin,university of maiduguri.

    • Auwalu A Maina says:

      Pls fedpodam ur bes is nt enough improve in d issues of ur last yr candidate dat wil goin for nysc pls dnt fail them in batch c.

  41. Ihimba Ivy says:

    Jehova over do has done Ít again I was stagnated fr 2&half yrs for no concrete reason but d embargo is now liftd off my destiny now am there FADA I THNK U 4 UR FAITHFULNESS sm of my mates still wtheld bt I tell them 2use me as a point of contct That’s Fed uni of Agric mkd for U

  42. thanks be to father that the long awaited nysc year is near,it is wen it seems far that it comes near!!!!!!!many gratitude for d timely info

  43. Zaharadeen Abdullahi Sayaya says:

    Wat about those that were not mobilised and still they are going to serve this Batch B

  44. Will they post corpers on the states where there is state of emergency?

  45. imohimi ayo from federal poly auchi i hard dat nysc did nt mobilize auchi poy for second batch,when we meet our rector she said it is true but later the new came to us that they have sole the problem with nysc but now student are waiting for calloff latter up till nw nothing even today when we meet the dean he said they are still expecting it too is it true they actually mobilize us for batch b

  46. Lawrence E. Jacobson says:

    when will u start moblization 4 batch c 2013.

  47. Peter emmanuel says:

    Pls i want 2 knw weder those who enter skool thro jam bite or thro ream will still stand a chance of going 2 service on november,tanks.

  48. Am grateful 2 baba God.

  49. To God be the Glory,we ar nth but pencil in d hand of d creator.pls,with God nth shall be impossible,every long awaithing potential call member shall now take a full delivery of a fundamental portion in this yr,service say Ame! If u beleive

  50. Please when is the current 2014 batch B POP? THanks!

  51. Pls when is d 2014 batch b pop coming up

  52. Abdul naira says:

    Though time neva last bt tough pple do. And remember dat evry tough tym shal brings a joy for a job wel done… Wt my 3.20 am nt going becuz i paid jamb reg.fee on 16 jan. Hmmmm, dats coaj for u.sha no tym is late. Gotta wait inpatiently for .B.

  53. Plz whn is batch B 2014 mobilization begins

  54. Pls when is Batch B Time Table for 2014 is going to be out…?

  55. Pls i need time table for batch b 2014

  56. when is the batch b for 2014 coming out and how wud u know u name is in d list

  57. Nwachukwu Chisom says:

    Pls check (Nwachukwu Chisom,4628/Business Administration and Management) from Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Abia State.

  58. Adyemi Adebyo says:

    pls wen is batch b 2013 is passin out

  59. Pls tell us the date for batch b 2013/2014 pop

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