Mass nigeria custom service 2013/2014 Recuitment is SCAM

Recently the Nigeria Customs Service announced that it has uncovered the activities of an illegal syndicate involved in the last recruitment exercise carried out by the service earlier this year. The discovery was made during a routine documentation exercise for newly recruited Officers conducted at the Customs Training College Ikeja. 44 officers were found to have found their way into the college through the back door. Further investigations into the saga however pointed to the direction of some insiders who provided soft ground for the illegal recruitment. 5 serving officers were rounded up for their active participation in the scam which involved extortion of various sums of money from applicants and forgery of documents. The officers all serving at the Customs headquarters were subsequently handed over to the Economic and Financial Commission for further actions.

Rather than dampening the spirit of scammers, the exposure of their collaborators within seems to have made them go all out in their illegalities. Recently, one of such groups went back to the drawing board to perfect yet another strategy to dupe desperate work seekers, using numerous opportunities provided by the internet. Despite the fact the Service had concluded its recruitment exercise and even concluded training for the first batch of junior officers, scammers are still busy soliciting applications from job seekers.

To give good effect to their project, scammers went hi-tech to host their own version of the Nigeria Customs Service on the internet. Using the URL address,, a clever attempt was made to clone the official website of the service.

The websites of Government agencies are hosted on a dedicated dot gov dot ng domain. The correct website is therefore hosted on the URL However, the scammers did a good job of imitation, practically cloning the home page with similar features of layout and colour mix. The official portrait of the Comptroller-general of customs, complete with the welcome message on the official site were copied and reproduced on the fake site.

The fundamental differences were in the sub- menu displayed on the home page. While the official site has 10 sub- menus, each with additional drop down menus, the fake site has only 6 sub menus without the drop down option.

The menus give a clear direction to their illegal objectives. They include Home, Recruitment List that contains no name, and Auction of Cars and containers, where photographs of exotic cars and laden containers purportedly up for Customs sales were display. Other sub menus are for names shortlisted, containing names suspected to be fake, application form and NCS contact.

The first batch of newly recruited officers, the junior officers already finished their basic training at the Customs Training College, Kano last month. They have been deployed to various commands and units of the service. The graduate cadets are about now winding up their basic training at the College in Lagos.

Since the recruitment exercise was concluded, The Service has been inundated with requests by numerous applicants seeking to clarify the authenticity of some information sourced online purporting to offer job placement in Customs. They complained that they were often lured into paying various sums of money to get application forms downloaded before the job offers.

In one of such instances, a man now on the run used the website address www. advertised job placement opportunities for desperate applicants. The scammer who also posed as recruitment officer for other agencies of Government advertised the phone number 07085691370. When Customsduty called the number, posing as an applicant, the male respondent calmly gave the assurance of placement if a certain amount of money was paid for the forms.

The service has intensified its campaign to alert members of the public on the activities of these fraudsters, warning that their tools have now been expanded to include the use of newspaper publications, facebook and other social media driven by the Internet. Members of the public are advised to beware of their antics and report anybody who solicits money to get recruited into customs or get allocation of auction.

From: PR Unit
Customs Headquarters

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210 thoughts on “Mass nigeria custom service 2013/2014 Recuitment is SCAM

  1. ubong jacob udofia says:

    i was dream that i will be one of the NIG. customs. Pls help me Sir

  2. John paul val says:

    I john paul by name i love to be a (NCS)

  3. My interest is all on this custum service help me 4 better development

  4. Name (required) says:

    No be beance to get nigeria customs, abi you know senator, your father na soutan of sokoto, or amire of kano, abi cg friend or you get good money to bribe? If no nothing for you,!

  5. Name (required) says:

    Nigeria customs service 2011 Recruitment exercise my Refernce NO,NCS/CUSRECR/63532677C4.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My interest is to cut down the rate of illegal importation and see generally to development of our country(patriotism).

  7. Name (required) says:

    I want to be a nigeria custom service officer to prevent the illegal importation of vehicles.



  9. Any useful information concerning d custom recruitment, pls contact me on 08169691521

  10. Musa Abdullahi says:

    I want b a paller millitry bt my wish 2 b a custom pls help me wayout?


    Pls.i wont to joine Nigeria Custom,when and how the form will be available on net?.i learnt that since 2009 & 2011 they recuited last, pls help in carrying me along via my Email:[email protected] or text message via my phone no:08055136264/08082442304.
    Thanks for your anticipation.

  12. Ogili E Utah says:

    I love NCS But there is no straet foreword like the other how do we gate the form to buy I pls the gov. of do something about it so that the yourth of nig, gate job.Thank’s

  13. I want 2 be a nigeria custom officer. Pls kindly assist me wit an sms on my Email if the recruitment is stil invoke.


    I went be a nigerian customes service.


    I went be a nigerian customes service.

  16. Sir pls wen short service 4 nigeria custom wil be out i ned it

  17. If the comptroller general of customs should read the comments on this post, he will never employ you guys for the following reason;

    1. So that you won’t pollute the costums with poor grammar( I couldn’t find an error free sentence in those replies)

    2. Irrespective of the scams being revealed in the post, guys are still dropping your phone number, email addresses and begging those who has no link to the customs to help you secure a placement. When will u ever learn. Do you have to loose your life to scammers before you learn?

    A word is enough for the wise

  18. pls,wen short service for nigeria custom will be out i need it plssssss.

  19. pls i want to know wherether the form is out? Pls if u hve any idea tell me pls. By the gracy of God i will be one of Nigerian Custom’s officer in jeeesus name AMENNN………

  20. ASHIMI DAVID says:

    Any useful information concerning Nigeria Custom Service(NCS) Recruitment,Pls contact me on 08050664007 08033639863.

  21. How can sum be an custom officer ad what course ar responsible

  22. how do get to know when the real recruitment in to the ncs is taking place

  23. Iliya Samuel Yamma says:

    I love to work with the nigeria custom.

  24. How we i get the nig costom form

  25. My new single is out malojasikoto

  26. When custom form will be out,pls tell me

  27. nigeria custom says:

    Nigeria Custom service recruitment form is out for sale call 08161292077

  28. James Victor says:

    Pls get me inform when ever Custom Service are recruiting,
    Than ks

  29. Ordu samuel says:

    Am comrade ordu samuel, a native of obite town Onelga local govt rivers state, i am an OND holder seeking for an opportunity of been employed, sir with due respect, i ask of your help of offering me this chance, i will be so much glady, thanks.

  30. haruna zaki zakari says:

    hw i wish ihave a back up

  31. Ojedeji Rebecca says:

    Pls if there is any information about the custom recruitment, pls call me on 07032965292

  32. Owoeye kolapo says:

    To be a custom.that person must have a very good money.please,if they want 2 employ some people,please call this number and tell me 07068229867

  33. Plx if d form ix out my god help me an inform me 2 knw, my nbr ix 07068150380

    • Buhari Abdullahi Goya says:

      Pls i will like to work with N C S. Pls tell me when the form is out and full details about age qualification let me know my contact is 08027868692/ 08038120919

  34. 08066128585/08029893207

  35. Abdulaziz Musa Ilallah says:

    Sir,pls I want to be a custom officer.u

  36. Ejimah Promise Samuel says:

    I am keen, to join the Nigerian customs. My motive is to enhance human development and to ensure that soceital vices are eradicated. So what are the required criteria? That meet her requirement . Thanks.

  37. adekanmbi zainab says:

    plz if there any information about d NCS form ,plz contat me on 08179393831


  39. zubairu saodu says:

    i went to be a nigerian custom service haw to apply form.

  40. SCAMZ everywhere.WHY? I am even suspecting som1 right now. SHINE UR EYES INNOCENT JOB SEEKERS.

  41. Yusufu victor says:

    I wont to be nigeria custom, if the ricrutment start pls inform me on this number, 08076898771 or 08135851529.

  42. please what website will i go to register for the Nigerian custom? please i need you guys help.

  43. please i want to be a Nigerian custom officer. please assist me on how to go about it by sending me a mail please.

  44. My god u ar d god of marcy, i knew u ar d only 1 dat wl help me, am waiting 4 ur help, plx my god inform me when d form ix out. 07068150380


    My aim since childhood is to be an ative member of NIG CUSTOM for good and also work had for the benefit of nigeria,plz my friends if u have in any way heard of their recruitment form,plz don’t fall to alert me,this is my email {[email protected]} c u guys

  46. ugoh jovita c says:

    Pls I want τ̲̅ȍ know wen the form for nig custom service wil B̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣ out,pls alert me with dis N̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊ 08064441872

  47. SALEH MUHAMMAD says:

    I Praying to almightyALLAH to make me be among d next recuitment of d NCS Inshaallah..

  48. chimezie odukwu says:

    sir, i love Nigeria custom services and will like to apply, pls when will the form be out.

  49. chimezie odukwu says:

    sir, i love Nigeria custom services and will like to apply,pls When will the form be out.

  50. I want 2 become a member NCS i dnt knw hw 2 get the information pls help me out by caling this 08135710747

  51. Please do Feed me with all job opportunities!

  52. Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed says:

    Please do Feed me with all job opportunities!

  53. i daniel musa here by comment when is from comeing out.

  54. Michael Ilifu says:

    pls if any person know when NCS form is out pls contact me 08130791102

  55. samuel ezekiel says:

    Sir,pls all my dream z 2 b a defender,of my nation dat z y the spirit of patrotism z always in mi and pls sir wen will the costum service foarm will b out 4 sale.

  56. they r doing gud wrk, i’ll like 2 be an officer

  57. Sunday Usman says:

    they r doing gud wrk, may God gaiud dem protect dem, i’m in luv wit de wrk

  58. Anyanwu tina nkechi says:

    pls i love to be a Nigeria custom officer dis is my no: ## in case any o gent job like secretory or Clark comes out pls contact me through my email Address or phone no.thanks i no God will make a way.

  59. Anyanwu tina nkechi says:

    I shall look forward to be a Nigeria custom service in feature ([email protected]) that is my email address thanks and God bless you all.

  60. we are depend to God superpower on everything.I want to be a custom service i need ur help God help me.

  61. we are depend to God superpower on everything.I want to be a custom service i need ur help God help me.08180888604

  62. NIGERIA customservice 2013

  63. Gabriel Alecheni says:

    Pls & pls any info about the 2013-2014 recruitment pls let me know. Pls Call, 08053902289

  64. Pls i was cal by a number today dat the custom form is out nd the form is 3500 nd i shld send the moni to is account nd he will send the form for me to fill.i dn’t believe him so that why i need sumone to help me out.


  66. Nura sardauna says:

    Guys beware of 419 prauders! Dont ever send a money into sm 1 account. When the recruitment exercise is on, may be they can inform applicants through media, internet, newspapers e.t.c. But honestly N.C.S Is all about allocation no selling of forms or announcement! Wish u d best all.

  67. Kefas selven ramnap says:

    I love 2 b a member of d nigeria custom service n 2 defend my country 4rom crime.

  68. I am a printer. Printing press i wish to join costom

  69. Yusif muhammad sani says:

    I Need help where i get custom form but i went to zenith no vacant what i will do

  70. Saka lateef alabi says:

    Pls am SAKA LATEEF ALABI BY NAME 4RM ILORIN Am an N.C.E Holder Am a TALL PRSN (1.8)..07030571985,av been graduated since 2009 since then no money for m 2 proceed in my education,pls i need a job .am jobless since whn am graduat hlp m any body that can help m o.tnx

  71. josiah istime says:

    Sir, i give tanks 2 God 4 giving u that faith,love nd de heart of favour. I know that it is all about time.pls sir de poor are left behind favour me. I a,m interested 2 join ncs in order 2 defend my country nigeria. Pls let me know when it is time.thanks u sir may u live long.

  72. richard abara nnamd says:

    Pls can anyone help me out in joinng my fathers land customs services? Thks God of chosen bless u amen.!!!!+234(0)8071940193

  73. kalejaiye bolaji says:

    I want to be a custom officer but I am a unversity student…how will I do it bcos I will like to have the form this year?pls help me out..08058716169

  74. Sir, titus yilman says:

    Custom service is not for droped-out applicants.somebody that can not contrust good English want to join custom!For what?This is madness!Stop expossing yourself please.

  75. Mohammed Aminu Aliyu says:

    I want to join custom pls if the form is out let me kown

  76. 4 goodness sake,it pains me dat most of u cnt write coherent words bt cnt u guyz READ?? And i soo strongly believe dat some of u here dnt deserve to get d job even if it wz pun there’l be more trouble in Nigeria

  77. If I become a custom officer, there will be a greater change in custom service..

  78. Muhammad Nura Abdullahi says:

    Pls my Dear brothers and sisiters pls if any person know hw 2 get (NCS) Application pls d person shull flash or call my no@ o8o38163297

  79. UDOIKAH, EDIDIONG M. says:

    Sir, complement of the season. As a graduate of economics my greatest desire to to render my analytic service an a custom officer. please help to contact me through the above email address or with this number: 08064698586. whenever custom are recruiting. Thanks.

  80. UDOIKAH, EDIDIONG M. says:

    Sir, complement of the season. As a graduate of economics my greatest desire is to render my analytic service as a custom officer. please help to contact me through the above email address or with this number: 08064698586. whenever custom are recruiting. Thanks.

  81. Pls, am standby when u start recriuting. 08027297771

  82. Oyetunji S.S says:

    in case d recruitment exercise of ncs commences, i would want U to contact me through dis no. 08066578906. Thanks.

  83. Muazu lawal says:

    Pls if d recruitment of NSC commence, contact me through dis no. 08065483396. Thanks.

  84. Scammer watch

  85. ayinla sunday says:

    my nameis above named i want to become nigeria custom service lncsl,and i do not know de time dat form will come out, my questiion is dat is it custom form will come out dis year or not. Can you tell me the month dat form will come out for dis year

  86. all i need, by the grace of God, is to see myself in the ncs working.wish us the best nigeria.


  88. fellow nigerians, lets ask our favours from GOD only. May GOD assist dis our precious country.AMEEN

  89. Bashir abubakar sadiq says:

    my almight God protect and continue blessings my contry nigeria and those whose loves an individual development,freedom,creativety and self- reliance such as great C G Dikko Innde Dan Musawa and his fellow brother sanator Ahamad muhammad makarfi and that of our brother whom we will never forget in our memory A C G .Garba Makarfi.we are all your sons and therefore we also notes that almighty Allha have provided you all the necessary means ,comptent authority to help so, please and help me and my brothers and sisters ….in the nest recruitment..for a full appreated Bashir abubakar sadiq was specialized in sharia and civil law .Rep.Dr.Allkafawi .department of center for islamic ,legal study.A B U .Zaria.from 2008/2009 to 2010. thank you so much and this is my phone number 07036108753.asist please.

  90. I am Musbahu Ibrahim Uba,
    I,m glad to see and my hope to become a Nigergian Custom Services by the gress of God Ameen.
    Please hope you will be acpt my Reqst thank.

  91. Bulus Gabriel says:

    My dream nd my interest is to found myself in nigeria custom college plz here is my numba if sm1 cn help me plz 080389

  92. pls pals let mi knw if ncs fome is on sale 080636

  93. My wish is to be a nigerian custom service in life pls help me

  94. Basil nwandegu says:

    My taget is to Join nig custom pls can somebody tell me the month the form will come out. God bless nig.

  95. sylvester georgssse says:

    A word of advise!!!!!!!!!! NCS shld b very strict in their screening,coz d comment here shows that 85% of the ppl here waiting for the 2013/2014 NCS form are not qualified for the job,dew to grammatical error

  96. #LAWAL A.IDREES says:

    08/07/2013. I WHANT BE A NCS

  97. Hassan abdullahi says:

    Allah ya temakemu ameen

  98. O God pls help me, i suffer to gain addimission, suffer to attend lectures till graduation and i hav suffer to go for NYSC to serve our fathers land, it was by ur Grace i succeed all d bomb blasts that happen in Nigre State and other states in 2010/ 2011 and all the Election wahala. God now i want to be a Custom Officer, bt i dont hav anybody to link up, bt i belive that b/c i hav u, i hav all. Doctor Jesus manifeat ur power on this comment so that anybody who will set his or her eyes on it will be touch to be my divine helper. My Brothers n sishters pls help me by contacting me when d NCS form is out, on this no:08062858985 or Email me on [email protected]. My Doctor will surely bless u as u help me 10x all

  99. Abdullahi isma'il says:

    i always pray to Allah to be the student of Nigerian custom school,pls sir i live in kaduna state,so,i dnt knw whr will get the form sothat i will buy…thanks you sir
    mey Allah help us.

  100. Abdulazeez musa B says:

    I wish to be a nigeria custom service this year 2013/14 by grace of the Almighty Allah

  101. I want to become a nigeria air force, righteous men should inform me when the form is out. You can call me through this phone no: 0

    • Îm glád tô âll mêmbêr of the ñîgêrîâñ cû$tôm $êrvîcê$.mây gôd hêlp mê tô bê á ñîgêrîañ ~cû$tôm~$êrvîcê$

  102. Abdulkareem Abba says:

    I hv a dream of becoming a custom officer soon after graduation, am now praying hard after gradution 4 that dream 2 manifest into reality, i comit all my need in Allah hand, Ameen.

  103. abdullahi audu says:

    i like this job pls if form is out

  104. prospective custom officers can’t construct good sentences. Wat a shame

  105. Ayodeji adewale says:

    PLs heip mi. I wone be one of nigeria custom,if the form is out pls call mi on.

  106. I wish all applicant the best of luck, for me i am waiting till the appointed time from God.

  107. Nsofor osi oputa says:

    I willing to sev my nageria couter as a custom offical, and being bon as a nageria i will be pls to be cal a custom offical pls an pls sir is time i becom one of ur boys, GOD bless u and bless nageria amen
    my numb is

  108. Im very much intrested on nigerian custom job. Sir when the forms is avalebla pls contact me.

  109. badmus obafemi says:

    Gud day sir, I just wanna know the nigeria custom’s website.

  110. Bashar aliyu Achida says:

    N.C.S is my best choice in pala militry but life is almost desing with destiny there 4 i wish to get a batter job in life, i tnx GOD almighty & i seek A N.C.S JOB by HIM.

  111. may Allah help us I want 2be the nigerian custom service.

  112. Richard sylvanus says:

    pls am computer engineer, i wnt to knw when the form will be out, i realy wnt to join custom, and i also need an isider pls… 0

  113. Abdullahi Duna wakil says:

    I like nigeria custom service i depend my country if u start selling form pls imform me sir

  114. nnNDUKAUBA UGWUEZE C.n says:

    Good day Sir, Custom is part of my field of study (MARITIME) and I will like to work as a Custom officer.Please kindly assist me.

  115. Sani shuaibu m tsanyawa says:

    Salam every body I need your pray to become a nigerian customs officer by the grace of god.

  116. OGUNSIJI MICHAEL A. says:

    Am from poor family, only God is my upholder,and i want to be one of NCS but i dont no hw i can take join and i need assistance to join this is my phone number 0703799474 thank.

  117. Jafar salisu says:

    When ncs will recrut drivers?

  118. i want to join i will be a faithful citizen if u grant me my petition



  120. Jemimah paul Audi says:

    good morning my customs people, let know went custom recruit starting thanks.

  121. Jemimah paul Audi says:

    good morning my customs people, let me know went customs recruit will start thanks.

  122. Aminu abdullahi says:

    Sir i whant to join NCS, i have certificate in cartering i’m indigen of kano state my god bless u that my number.

  123. Salifu sunday says:

    I want two be one of nigeria custom, and i will be glad if my application is favourably consider. Pls inform me when the nigeria custom is out,and call me for help, and go blessed you and your family as you are do so, in jesus name. Promotion and long life shall be yours in the name of jesus christ.

  124. mMr AdebayoMr Adebayo says:

    The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) recruitment form for 2013/14 is out now, contact Mr Adebayo via:+2347018 for assistance

  125. Why is NCE or Deploma not mention in the recruitment,but only Degree and HND with second class upper ?

  126. abraham kolawole says:

    pls i love to work with Nigeria customs,hw will i join pls put me through

  127. Obinna okoloji says:

    Pls, wen ncs will start recruiting?

  128. josiah istime says:

    Please i want 2 join N.C.S . if any one knows the time the form will be out please they should let me know. May de lord here our prayer all (amen).

  129. Zakariyya Abdullah S says:

    hellow? How to fill dis application sir.

  130. Somebody help me oooooo……, is from out? I want to work 4 my country Nigeria

  131. Jamilu Aminu Dandada says:

    CALL ME ON 08037

  132. Îm glád tô âll ôffîcêr of the ñîgêrîâñ cû$tôm $êrvîcê$.mây gôd hêlp mê tô bê á ñîgêrîañ ~cû$tôm~$êrvîcê$

  133. Zaharaddeen Abdulkadir says:

    Plz wen did negerian custom service form will be out

  134. kabiru m alkali says:

    Hlo pls an pls u guyx shld help I wnt 2 work 4 nigeria custom if form is out call me @

  135. I interested to joint NCS i prey GOD to bring me into the service,i not have any one but u Allah 07035896929

  136. clement eromosele says:

    good day ,i am interested in the nigeria custom service ,please inform me when recruitment commence ,my no 08097 thanks,

  137. NZUKUN TSENTOP says:

    I really want to be A NIGERIA. Custom office sir pls I Need help

  138. Alhmdullilah no officer dat can offer a job or infact even the president of dis country except ALLAH I depend on HIM all my hope is ALLAH

  139. Mustapha Idris says:

    Mooning si, i want you to get me job fo ncs, sir

  140. Nenman Jonah Lengson says:

    Thank a lot for ur information and awereness pls i need ur help, notify me when ever the form is available. Long Live Nigeria Custom, Long Live myedu.

  141. Ofoha Chike Alfred says:

    this year will be a successful one for me, recruitment this year will not pass me bye

  142. Ilifu michael says:

    I heard a call yesterday dat d nigeria custom form is out and it will last for only two week it’s true? Plz let us be sincer to ourself we re young let follow d wrong step of our lead let change n bring ourselve together fight our ryt together let us be truthful to ourselve.

  143. l love nigeria custom service pls help me sir dis my number

  144. williams Ernest says:

    God bless Nigeria, may God bless NCS and continue to give our leaders the wisdom to lead us well

  145. adeyemo adeniyi says:

    I love 2 become Nigeria custom service pls nd pls sir i need ur help nd full suport,,,,,my number is dis 0806

  146. I luv NSC i hav being appln but all faild, pls am pldn if any recrutn dis yr i wnt 2 join dis my drm job?

  147. abraham john ukho says:

    my name is abraham john ukoh i when to be a nigeria custom ples help me thank u.

  148. komolafe tunde says:

    I no one day God Almighty wil help me to achieve my future dream (NCS)

    • Vincent ekrika .o. says:

      Pls sir,am a holder of NCE. I am so much interested in joining the nigeria custom service but i don’t know to go about it.pls kindly notify whenever the form it out via

  149. Umuenyen Daniel says:

    Please sir, i’m administrator, i want to know when Nigeria customs forms is out, will be very happy to serve my country through customs. U can contact me through this line please : tks for ur understanding.

  150. Dahiru Musa Gololo says:

    My name is Dahiru Musa Gololo, I have National diploma in computer science. when d form is out let me know pls


    Hello please any information about 2014/2015 nigerian custom recruitment ,Please calling me this number.08000

  152. mustapha ibrahim maimagani says:

    slm every body i need your pray to become a nigeria customs officer by the grace of allah swa pls if you start selling form pls and pls imform me sir

  153. Plz nd plz our elders i nid ur hlp in my life,bt any tim de form is ready let me knw plz call me on dis number.


  155. well if Almight-Allah let me to be the gang of NCS I will praise Allah, am said it becous I willness to be NCSO to join poeple whom are serve counry of his father land with power and Strenght to curb smuggle in this counry may almight countinue be with u (Amen).

  156. well if Almight-Allah let me to be the gang of NCS I will praise Allah, am said it becous I willness to be NCSO to join poeple whom are serve counry of his father land with power and Strenght to curb smuggle in this counry may almight countinue be with you (Amen).

  157. Armstrongnyam says:

    I l0ve ncs


    Any useful information in regarding to NCS,if any pls do contact me

  159. Gyang francis says:

    Favour is from u Oh Lord, and prosperity, success their all from u Oh God of mercy see me tru nigeria custom service year 2014

  160. olanrewaju fatai says:

    Pls,pls help me sir if custom form is out pls call me

  161. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me.


    Si deseas averiguar algo m

  162. Prince Essien says:

    Pls i av intrest of to join the custom service.. Pls see me through

  163. Jerry Bulus says:

    I reely want to serve the Nigeria Custom Service with all my strenght, pls i wamt to know when form is out. Long live NCS.

  164. Auwalu Abdu says:

    Allah gamu gareka, allah ka iya mana duk abunda bamu iyawa domin darajar nabiyur rahamati. (s.a.w.)

  165. ARUNA ABUDU JELIL says:

    pls am interesting in Nigeria custom and am ready to serve Nigeria with my last strength thank


  167. marshal hassan says:

    I want this work

  168. lawal moshood adekunle says:

    pls am interesting in Nigeria custom service and am ready to serve Nigeria with my last strength thank

  169. lawal moshood adekunle says:

    pls am interesting in Nigeria custom service and am ready to serve Nigeria with my last strength thank

  170. One day after the others I will be among the Nigerian customs service

  171. abu abubakar says:

    One day after the others I will be among the Nigerian customs service

  172. abu abubakar says:

    I am ready to protect an illegal smuggling when I am in the sistem of cistoms service

  173. olaonipekun micheal segun says:

    with all humility,i will serve, if you can help me out to be one of the custom service in Nigeria

  174. olaonipekun micheal segun says:

    am very intrested to serve as custom in this country, pls help me, my contact.

  175. ADEWOLE OLABODE O says:

    Gudday sir, pls sir I want 2 be NUC bt I dnt knw any one dere pls help me 4 God sake

  176. ADEWOLE OLABODE O says:

    Gudday sir, pls sir I want 2 be/join NCS bt I dnt knw any one dere pls help me 4 God sake.I can be reach 2ru my email or my digit tanx sir remain bless

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