Free JAMB CBT 2014 Practice test at

What a good news, the Management of have integrated an online learning portal for all students to enable them pratice jamb cbt test

The online free Jamb Practice Test, this section is made available for free for student practice, this is to help students get familiar with computer based Testing, although the full features of this testing engine is not captured in this free version but in the paid version which is in the members area. Signup an account now in order to access the full version that includes everything like in the real JAMB CBT senario cumming up next year.
Please read the following instructions carefully;


Download Jamb Cbt Past Questions and Solutions here


(1.) You are expected to attempt this subject for 45 minutes.

(2.) There are fifty (50) questions and you are expected to attempt all.

(3.) If you do not understand a question, you can skip by clicking the SKIP button to come back to it.

(4.) Upon answering the 100th question, the review and finish button will be activated. You can either click on the finish button to move to the next subject or click on the review button to revisit the skiped questions. on the review page you can select the question number, and it takes you to the question.

(5.) After the review you can now click on the finish button to go to the next subject

.(6.) Repeat step 4 for every subject

.(7.) At the end of the examination, click the on the submit button.

(8.) If you exhaust your time, the system will end the test for you automatically and present your final result.
NOTE: Click the start button below to retrieve your questions. The timer will start immediately.

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(115) Comments on “Free JAMB CBT 2014 Practice test at

  1. [email protected] says:

    i like it is nice

  2. Ohankwere juliet says:

    I like the idea of jamb cbt,so students should learn 2 use the computer system,study hard & be fast,smart & time conscious.GOD HELP NIGERIAN STUDENTS AMEN.

  3. micah kuje kombo says:

    When was the date of the exam

  4. Hope the computer is very easy to operate?because I want to pass ooo.I pray GOD help me AMEN.because I have never been this scared for any exam befor.

  5. It’s there any room 4 jamb cbt runs???

  6. M larry m larry says:

    I love d time

  7. God help us oh.

  8. Pls how z d exam going 2 be,and whats d time limit 4 each questn?

  9. Pls I want to knw hw to answer d cbt jamb ooo becos am new in computer ad again pls is it easy to pass cbt to ppt if yes pls why

  10. paul briggs says:

    pls how ll i make my way to ago-iwoye, ogun state from ajah lagos? anybody from there help me out pls

  11. I rili appericiate dis e testing jamb provid


  12. pls is it that when 45 mins is up, one section will be closed or we can answer anyhow like jumping from one subject to another.Also, if the overall time finishes b4 we are thru, what happens?

  13. ANULIKA ILOZUE says:

    it is a must that we will be computer literate

  14. ajayin funmilo9la says:

    pls any idea about this cbt of a thing

  15. will jamb help us that day

  16. is it a most that we must no how to use mouse or how to operate computer

  17. will the exam be difficult and how many hours will they give us to finish the exam

  18. is the exam wait and check or we will go to the cafe to check our result

  19. I hope d question will not be difficult

  20. wen s d date of cbt

  21. free jamb cbt 2014 practic

  22. Akor. Bemsen.Samson says:

    When is the date for cbt

  23. Akor. Bemsen.Samson says:

    When is the normal date for jamb

  24. check all exam malpratices

  25. Jamb s nt gvin any rough sheet and again u av 2 b very fast.make sure u enter wen u choose any answer b4 goin 2 d next question if nt it wont save

  26. shadrach anor says:

    U know wat,just go to d cybercafe and check ur date by reprinting ur jambslip cos d date is not stable,and make sure u recheck it constantly (for the CBT candidate who have not done his or her jamb).

  27. All I want to knw is,what is the stipulated time for the cbt exam

  28. mykel sageous says:

    is cbt examination benefial to ppt?

  29. Adenekan Rukayat Adeola says:

    Will I get mai result immediately?

  30. aaargh i cant find the start button

  31. Jamb are only trying to increase mass failurE thru CBT

  32. it iz a good idea

  33. Ayeni Gbolahan says:

    I think this exam must be planned well

  34. Okuwhere loveth says:

    Pls i need jamb questions to test my ability

  35. Ogbonna Princewill says:

    How do jamb board intend to regulate the exam to prevent those for pencil & paper text from having an edge over those for cbt for as much as I know arrengements are been made for runs and the so called invigilators are also involved to the detriment of cbt candidates

  36. In how many days is cbt taking place after ppt?…

  37. For immediate purchase of this claire.

  38. what is d actual day for jamb cbt

  39. interesting

  40. pls can som1 tell me how to get 2 d site 4 doin d jamb practice test?

  41. Pls wen am i goin 2 reprint n wen is d jamb wil start?

  42. Am 4rm plteau i registered jamb cbt bt i hve nt ever sit on system cn sum 1 hlp me pls

  43. mohammed zanna says:

    Exam jamb will take place on April 12\ 2014 on Sunday insha Allah and all student should Harvey two pray

  44. 1.Want you to post the steps for answering cbt questions,the question per minute for cbt exam? 2.Is the cbt and ppt questions goin to be similar? 3. I will like to attempt your cbt test,so how can i apply for it?

  45. Well my own question on cbt is jst dat wen d exam start hw many minute per question nd whole paperz


    Pls post link at God bless


    about this jamb,is just we fray 4 GOD

  48. I really enjoyed my self reading what you’ve uploaded

  49. joseph augustine says:

    use of english, commerce, govrenment, economics.

  50. why has all centres in lagos closed? i have registered since last year december nd my photoslip cant be printed cos i havnt been given centre..

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