How to Write Jamb 2014 computer base examination

Computer base examination is an exam taking on computer instead of writing on a sheet of paper, This year jamb computer base examination test might be an online base test or offline coded examination. We highly recommend all those that register with the option of Computer base  examination in the jamb 2014 to start practicing how the examination question will be like.

All thanks to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board ( Jamb) for lunching an online Computer bast test  at, So we will be guiding you on how the examination format will be .Tips as Below:

1: You have to double click the Icon on the computer ( Examination)

2: Enter your Jamb Reg number and Full name

3: Select the four subject that is choosed  during registration

4: Click on the Enter Button

5: You  will be giving  just 2 hours time, try to minimize it very well.

6: Note, Once you click on any Answer , there is No Reverse Back, So you have to be mindful on how you click any option as your final answer during the exam.

7: There must be a Next button for you to move to the other page or question

And finally, Once you finish the whole questions , Kindly click the submit button to submit your work

NOTE: If you do not click the submit button just know that you will score ZERO over 400.

We wish you all the best of luck

Jamb computer base examination  test registration is currently going now , check Jamb e website for more details

Thank you, i hope this will give you all an insight on how the examination format will be like,


93 thoughts on “How to Write Jamb 2014 computer base examination

  1. aladegboye adesola says:

    when is the computer based exam is coming up???

  2. is computer mandatory for everybody that register jamb 2013?

  3. Computer base sum date is 19th y sum 23th n nw am seein 18thmay_1stjune pls what r we goin 2 do hw will u know ur own date again

  4. helo plx my date is 19th so nw wat ar we to do since the date has been prospond

  5. samuel imesor says:


  6. samuel imesor says:

    goodluck to all jambites…

  7. Nyeso .m. Paul says:

    Can one revisit questions after finishing all the subjects, & how many hours are we 2 use 4 the whole subject?

  8. 2hours only

  9. yusuph de don says:

    just kindly login to jamb site with ur scratch card, to check ur new date

  10. Anyadioha. Chinonso says:

    This is the worse jamb has ever done.. Bcuz technology in Nigeria is not yet strong.. People will be fustrated mark my word.. Network problem will be the other of the day. Saver slow.. Whosoever that brought this initiative has failled.that was a very poor thinking.. Nigeria to writing exam(jamb) on the internet “i dey laugh”…. People that registered computer writing will fail whofly.”mark my word.. Sorry to say that…i will never advice my worse enemy to do that mistake.

    • u da mad instead of u 2 wish us gud luck u ar sayn we will fail whofly, ur prayer wil nt work

    • Mr. Anyadioha, you are the one with poor thinking, better grab the change or stand aside for others. Computer Based Test has come to stay and we cant change that. sooner than you expected it will be introduced into secondary schools for mid/end of term exams. All that Nigerian students need is to upgrade their level of computer literacy and not be left behind.

    • U wil fail in jesus i know why u said that becus u lack manner how they are saying word on net and becus u dont know to use computer well that is why u are saying that but pls mind your word eh eh rubbish

    • Y re U soo dwaft dat U can’t think Gud things to dese Children uno wot anybody dat think of evil,evil will not depart from him mark my words as U said Stupid Element I dnt think U av a future dat u can sponsore to hell with u.

  11. Dis computer base self y nt same date

    • simply becos jamb dnt hv any facility to embark on computer exam.they are doin yet considering this fact jamb is bringing out the idea of computer exam.and no one can be sure of the systems.if they are in order.

  12. Name (required) says:

    if someone made mistake in answering a quesion can someone correct it.

  13. Ima obong okon says:

    Hw many hours re we using to write d 4 subject?

  14. Name (required) says:

    pls,i dey afraid 4 dis computer based test oooo…Even with how people talk about it… becos,paper don finish dats y I choose it……..Nt even knowin dat,dey will open anoder center….

    • My dear u no fear reach me, wev got jus 2 hours to write. D tyms is small n as centres finish fr paper, nayim mak me choose ds nonsense, didn’t knw de wl bring mor centres

  15. Name (required) says:

    it is only 2 hour

  16. Name (required) says:

    will the questions be the same

  17. Name (required) says:

    the given 2 write other subject is going d same use 2 write english

  18. Name (required) says:

    When is d Computer Examination Coming Up..
    Give Respond 2 no d next Plan..

  19. Name (required) says:

    which date are we to write the jamb

  20. Name (required) says:

    God will help us 4 us using computer base bt as 4 u anyab chino its your generation that will fail not us

  21. Plz ve register my jamb 4 computer base but d date given me was april 22 bt it was prospone and they said we wil ve 2 reprint our slip nd ve not reprint my,how wil i reprint am confused can we start reprinting nw plz.

  22. and thr z no expo for dis one

  23. If u need jamb answer for computer basic just call me on dis number 08166624539 is for free

  24. U need to make it fast to call me so dat I can no u number

  25. Hello people in d house call me before ur exams

  26. Av nt doen any ting jas hopin its goin 2 be on 18 ks ah dnt av ani date,may god help us all

  27. Pls who is writing in Kawo Ict centre in Kaduna on 23rd May should Call 08163971088 am also writing there!

  28. Am writtin cbt jamb nd i dont no how to operate computer what can i do my Bros nd Sis

  29. am scred god help me o

  30. Hi guys just put urself 2gether ok, god will surely see us throu in dis jamb exam amen, any body who is writin on 1th june @ river state uni of science $ technology nkpolu ph, shuld cont- me wt dis num 08160192742 or 08183885031 or ping me wt 2701bba6,

  31. eboh favour says:

    y is jamb trying to fustrat student,i hv never seen were jamb were written twice in a year, i don’t no if jamb is fighting against corruption or grating avenur for corruption. Hw many question is set

  32. most of us were logout before the time, will the result still be out?

  33. some of us were logout before the time will there be result for us

  34. Pls I want to ask if this year (2014) will be CBT? Or is it going to be the two(ppt and cbt) somebody help me with the answer please.

  35. Iam praying hardly for de upcoming jamb, hmmm guyz it will be simple n we will pass like never before, in Jesus name.

  36. How many questions per exam?

  37. Mi pple dis yr’s exam is goin 2 b simple bot computa base and pepa. All u ned is pray 4 retative memory all of us we make it I.J.N

  38. Mc Goody itegbru says:

    This 2014 computer base Jamb exam, am very scare oo,pls any body from otuoke bayelsa centre should call me on

  39. what if you have not finished your exam
    and you have exhausted your time, how will you click the submit button ?

  40. ranti lampard says:

    i hope all is going to be well in this 2014.

  41. I also register for computer base testing and dey said I should come and reprint my slip on April 12 to my centre and date of exam pls I want to ask a questions• may be if I went to my centre will the computer be on buy it self so dat I can feel in my details?

  42. Gbenga mission says:

    I need u guys assistance in jamb exam pls. ping me. 7ad84b2b

  43. Prudence ogbeche says:

    We are al scared bt i knw dis is my year of exceedin grace n i wil excel in dis exams u al shud b positive abt dis n God wil do it amen

    • Amen ooooo am also scared i pray diz would b mia last jamb hmmmm i donno how 2 make use of d computa i pray is gonna b cheap ?

  44. This yr cbt exam is going to be a testimony 4 those who belive in d power of God. My God is able to do exceedinly, abundantly above all i cud eva ask or think according to his power dat worketh in me. I dnt knw abt u.

  45. Wetin perzn go do, lag no wan release ppt centres na cbt i reg aw i go tak do am nau. Me no wan score zero o.

  46. JESUSSON philips says:

    This cbt jamb, will there be mouse or re dey clicking on a button dat is on d computer…….

  47. It is well wit us and the computer. Amen

  48. This year exams will. B great just have faith,the holy book says all things are possible to them that believe

  49. My sister hv register for cbt jamb, i no hw to operate computer, nd i hv never write jamb before, wot shld i teach her plsssss?????

  50. What is the date of the exam

  51. which date we are going to right the exam cuomputer bases., sime people say on 18th and sm people say 19th which one is correct date .

  52. which date we are going to right the exam cuomputer bases., some people say on 18th and sm people say 19th which one is correct date .

  53. 9ja don dey upgrade ooh 4 deir mind dey dere use computer dey write exam ooh

  54. In God i trust

  55. I wish all candidates good luck including myself in jesus name amen

  56. when are we going to reprint our jamb

  57. people writing computer base dis year will get higher mark than pple writing paper mark my word

  58. Nigerian is a land of peace and Unity, land of mineraal resources, i want to know the date of the CBT jamb 2014,

  59. Guys never to worry…d only thing i tought of z dat dey should hv maximize d time given incase of network interuption…bt dnt worry,d bible says “because he lives i can face 2morrow”.

  60. Miss juliace says:

    Plsssss wen is d cbt startin?? I nid sum1 to answer my questn…. Adminster wer are u i nid ur hlp cuz am confuse God hlp us

  61. Unyime Sunday says:

    Pls i want to ask what of those that cannot operate computer how will they do.

  62. when is the date for computer based test pls?

  63. Bro n sis u hv 2 be on alart of ur tym during d exam

  64. Pls bro & sist,Is der any1 writin in Uniben(e-library)ugbowo,benin city shud pls text me on dis number …Tnx

  65. With good all things are possible candidate pls just have it in mind that u will pass and u will sure pass just read and pray I know we are all going to pass this cbt inshalahu

  66. God wil help us

  67. FAVOUR.The best thing is to read your book nd leave the rest 4 God.

  68. What I know about this Computer base test…is that will have already make it, know that in God all things are possible, don’t be scared,, don’t listen to what wicked people saying….what i what you to know is that(YoU HaVE MAKE IT)Amen

  69. Ekum-Odok Mark says:

    The lord is our shephered they is noting we shall fear,we will write and pass,AMEN

  70. Have confidence in GOD my pple 4 he has already done it .success is ours

  71. 2o14 C B T.EXAMS IT SHALL BE WELL WITH U AND DE COMPUTER. Amen pray be 4 opperting

  72. Abeg hw will i get dis cbt answer am doing my own may 19th quick reply plzzz.

  73. i believe we are gonno make it

  74. Abubakar agai amark says:

    Am wrtin in university of gombe by 23 may 2014 sm 1 4 help u can call dis numba. Goodluck brodas an sistas=¥

  75. Victoria beals says:

    We know who we are….so we will make it

  76. Victoria beals says:

    I will make it..4 christ is with me.

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