The Secret of Scoring 300 above in Jamb 2015 Exam

Welcome to , Your Number one Nigeria Educational website for all ages, Today topic is how to make your  jamb 2015 exam once and for All.

Are you worried about getting low score in the forth coming  jamb exam 2015 , Worry No more because you are about to get the tips NOT cheat for 2015  jamb secret.

Below are top 5 MUST DO to make you jamb 2015 Exam

1: Read your pass jamb question.

2: Reverse your Jss3 and ss1 text books.

3:Go to your Exam center Early before the exam kicks-off.

4:Do not forget to write down your paper Type before shading.

5:Avoid Exam Malpractice .

Best of luck from

Kindly Drop your question below if you have any concerning the forth coming Jamb 2015 Exam.

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(320) Comments on “The Secret of Scoring 300 above in Jamb 2015 Exam

  1. Pls admin. I am in dire need of the 2015utme syllabus for Maths, Use of english, economics and government. Pls kindly send it to my email address Thank you very much.

  2. Pls admin. I’m really in need of the 2015utme syllabus for the subjects . Kindly send it to my email address Thank you very much.

  3. ojo bamidele gbenga says:

    plz am in need of 2015/2016 jamb syllabus for english,bio,chem,phy on my email

  4. I need jamb 2015 syllabus on chem,eng,bio,phy

  5. I nid syllabus 4 maths eng commerce nd economics

  6. Olaoye blessing says:

    Hello admin, please i’m in need of 2014/2015 JAMB syllabus for these list of subjects; use of english, music, literature in english and government. You can send it to my email

  7. Hi myedu, I bought your 2015 ctb app and activated it as u instructed bt all the questions are 50 only in commerce and economics and I have been calling your help line but u ar not picking ma calls.

    • Hello Dear Nura.
      We are sorry for the missed Calls. But kindly NOTE that those questions are randomly generated ,meaning that after the phase 1 of your exam testing, another SET of 50 different questions will be presented to you for another testing, kindly confirm this and get back to us.
      Best Regards

  8. Onyinyechi orji says:

    Plz i need english,maths,economics.govt syllabus for 2015 jamb all tanks to you i really need help from u people God bless u tanks

  9. Pls i nid Syllabus for 2015/2016 jamb for eng, phy, chem and bio…pls i really nid it

  10. Please i had an E in my main subject in weac but i got it perfectly in neco…plz hw do i combain it

  11. I nid the sylabus for account via 2015 plz am comfused i dnt knw were to start from..

  12. I registered @ a cafe in Bida. Pls Admin wot do u tink about it because I heard candidate should not register at cafe again. But I was giving d necessary things there including syllabus, brochure, and d literature book.

  13. samuel nchekwube says:

    pls ah nid d syllabus 4 maths,english,physics and chemistry. Plx snd it 2 my email

  14. Plz, I already registered my jamb at cafe, is there any hope for me.

  15. pls I need d tsyllable on….tanks

  16. michaelopeyemi says:

    pls i nid chemistry,physics,biology and english syllabus for 2015 jamb…kindly post it 2

  17. 2011 i have these result mathf9 engc6 crkc6 ecoc6 govtd7 biof9 litd7……… 2014 mathb3 engc6 crkc5 govtc6 econoc6 bioc6 yorc6 litd7. Can i combine the two together and possible course?

  18. pls I need 2015/2016 jamb syllabus for engs, maths, govt & econs. pls sent it to my email, I really need it pls.

  19. please i need 2015 syllabus for English, Maths, Government and crs for jamb 2015 in my email ( please and please

  20. plz and pls i need physics , maths , chemistry and agric syllabus for 2014/2015 jamb. send it to my mail

  21. Kindly send the JAMB 2015/2016 Exam syllabus on C.R.S., Govt, Literature and Use of English to my mail box. I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  22. Ogunsola Yinka says:

    Pls I need english,mathematics,commerce economics syllabus for jamb 2015….pls this is my email—- —many thanks 2 you

  23. Pls I need the syllabus of physics maths and agric 2015….here is ma mail.

  24. Pls I need the syllabus of physics maths and agric 2015

  25. falode olaitan says:

    what of how to make 300 in jamb 2015

  26. Please i need govt, literature,crs and english jamb syllabus for d 2014/2015 exam. Plz send it to my mail jollyjoy939@gmail to com. Please dn’t ignore i reali nid it.

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