The Secret of Scoring 300 above in Jamb 2014 Exam

Welcome to , Your Number one Nigeria Educational website for all ages, Today topic is how to make your  jamb 2014 exam once and for All.

Are you worried about getting low score in the forth coming  jamb exam 2014 , Worry No more because you are about to get the tips NOT cheat for 2014  jamb secret.

Below are top 5 MUST DO to make you jamb 2014 Exam

1: Read your pass jamb question.

2: Reverse your Jss3 and ss1 text books.

3:Go to your Exam center Early before the exam kicks-off.

4:Do not forget to write down your paper Type before shading.

5:Avoid Exam Malpractice .

Best of luck from

Kindly Drop your question below if you have any concering the forth coming Jamb 2014 Exam.


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(276) Comments on “The Secret of Scoring 300 above in Jamb 2014 Exam

  1. Emmanuel Williams says:

    Please i want detail about Jamb 2013, English Literature Syllable i.e the Name of Novel,poem etc to read so as to prepare effectively, please i will be very happy to have these information in my inbox mail. thanks

  2. That is the best companion for a successful examination. Good luck ^+^

  3. saviour joshua says:

    i need jamb question nd answer for jamb this year for maths,chemistry,biology,english,nd,physics

  4. Score 270+ in 2013 jamb wit d real answers 4rm abuja. Contact 07067376371 for best way to get it cheap! Gudluk

  5. kyrian micheal egesi says:

    nw i understand u bt there’s no tym 4 all dat without malpractise

  6. Ikenna Akpulonu says:

    The past mark of university of calabar/abia state

  7. What about answers for 2013

  8. Pls y jss3 nd ss3 nd other part.i need d syllabus 4 chem,phy,bio pls!!!

  9. My number is 07038752909.i wil b greatful.2013 syllabus pls in chem,bio,phy pls!!!

  10. Pls i nid 2 knw d syllabus 4 2013 in bio,chem nd phy. I’l b most grateful,tnx

  11. Emmanuel Frankline says:

    pls sir,i want knw hw value is the ebonyi state university bcos i made mistake when was completing my registration online so i choose d school.tanx, pls i nid reply

  12. Shaager De wanger says:

    Whatz d cutof point 4 medicine at abu zaria

  13. pls we want the fartherly intervents to give us

  14. AUDU MUHAMMED says:


  15. Okeke Nicodemus Charles says:

    Pls i want to knw de syllabus to study for Literature ,English, C.R.K and Government.I will be glad if my request is attended to thanks and God’s bless!!!

  16. Pls i need jamb syllabus 2013 4 chem,bio,eng,& phy

  17. Pls i need jamb syllabus 4 maths,chem,phy.

  18. Adekunle moturayo says:

    why js3 ad ss1.hw ril it is

  19. I need sucess in this forth coming exam by God grace(a big amen)

  20. Emmanuel nwogu says:

    I was impressed wit ur kind of wishes nd gudluck 4 we jambite.God bles u abundantly.amen.pls help mi wit govt jamb questions

  21. i need jamb sylabus 4 eng, maths, phy, bio. Tnx

  22. Pls what is the cutoff mark 4 medicine in unical nd i nid syllabu 4 bio, chem, phy

  23. Pls what is the cutoff mark 4 medicine in unical nd i nid syllabu 4 bio, chem, phy my num is 07039224976

  24. Lily barnabas says:

    I combined chem,maths,eng and biology for microbilogy.if it is wrong combination what is the right course? please.

  25. wow!iam realy enjoyed it,but how cant i get jamb sylable pls help

  26. wow! i realy enjoyed it, but how can i get jamb syllable?pls help

  27. Sweetdreams says:

    Pls sir i need your help for the fouth coming jamb 2013 questions on chemisry,biology,physics,and englis am very happy to meet people like you god bless

  28. Want to knw about de computer type examination

  29. Abdulkarim Awaje says:

    Pls i nid d required poems & novels 4 d 2013 jamb lit. in Eng. Here is my no. 08140123777 in case if i ‘ll’ b opportune 2 get d title of d required novels & poem.

  30. Young Godswill says:

    tnx vry muc for d wondrful info bt i wnt to ask did in any jamb dis year postponed?

  31. Is it true dat all d question will come out from Jss3 n Ss1 work? I nid d question n answer for dis subject (Math,Account,Biology n English)

  32. Well, i pray that this year’s jamb will do.

  33. ADEYERI TOBI says:

    Why is it dat this year JAMB will held for three days?

  34. Why is it dat this year JAMB will held for three days April 25, 26 & 27?

  35. pls i need jamb syllabus 4 maths phys chem eng

  36. Aneke Samuel says:

    Don’t waste your time looking for questions and answer. Read your book. No examination body will set what is not obtainable in the recommended text books. If so,then read and 4get exam malpractice. U may argue it but the truth is that you can make it without those cheats. Best of luck

  37. prince okere says:

    plz do u people have maths questions for dis year’s waec pllzzz,,and am writting jamb=>(english,econs,govt,commerce,,,)

  38. Atungwu Matthew says:

    Is it true dat there is extra two novels attached 2 d one in literature syllabus? Pls i need urgent reply.

  39. You mean the jamb questions for this year will be set only from the jss3 & sss1 text books only?

  40. I want jamb answers 24 hours b/4 the exams.any way 2 get that?

  41. morenikejimi says:

    pls sir kindly help me in dis year jamb. I am offering maths, english, economics commerce. 08096625774

  42. Sir i wouuld like to kwon if i should shade my answers both front nd back if it’s ideal

  43. egbe juliet says:

    CBT ,DBT and PPT ar they going to be d same question

  44. pls do they offer medical laboratory science in unical and what is their cut-off mark thanks

  45. Here is de surest way for u to get prepared

  46. 4 any jamb subject assistance 2get 250 and above. Kindly add me up on adexlekan23 on 2go, or cal dis number 08167859896

  47. I need a syllabus 4 use of english, maths, chem nd physics. Contact 08103267995 for any information. Tnx

  48. plz help me thz year becoz thz z my 5th tym of writin thz jamb plz help me on english n literature plz thz z my numb 08105407898.

  49. I want to know d admission xtuff for abia poly nd how to change skul in my jamb contact me =o8134127254 jay boy

  50. Egbe stephen chimezuru says:

    I need 2013 jamb question and answer for maths,goverment, economics and english and there syllables. Pls send it to my email box.

  51. Obi Austine says:

    Plz sir what’s the curtoff mark of a law facuilty in IMSU and UNIZIK

  52. Xup my student colleaguez in dis rum al exam expo dey 4 u lyk waec nd jamb even though al pratical dey 4 u both chemistry, , biology, agric includin literature subcribe nd gt ur own jst say bye bye 2 FAILURE cal dis number 4 more info 07037904219

  53. Xup my student colleaguez in dis rum al exam expo dey 4 u lyk waec nd jamb even though al pratical dey 4 u both chemistry, , biology, agric includin literature subcribe nd gt ur own jst say bye bye 2 FAILURE cal dis number 4 more info 07037904219

  54. Maryjane ogechukwu says:

    I nid cutoff mark of law student at imsu and unizik and i also nid wen jamb exam wl start.tnx

  55. If u want 2 score 280 and above in jamb call diz no 08166367462

  56. Pls whats d cutoff mark for medicine at UNN?

  57. Pls i want t6 if jamb 2013 postpond pls contact me on 08163317745 says:

    Pls i want to no if jamb 2013 is been postpond this is my no 08163317745

  58. Pls i want to no if jamb 2013 is been postpond this is my no 08163317745

  59. nigerians must learn to do wit out malpractic.

  60. pls, can I get the main areas of concentration for this forth coming jamb based on the following subjects: physics, chemistry, biology and english?

  61. Please and please i need my question and answer on jamb 2013 in my mail box

  62. Safiya ishaku says:

    Pls i want 2 know more abt jamb nd how i can make it bcoz i dnt believe in expor.wat shld i do 2 make it?

  63. Plz guy hw am i 2 write dis jamb,eg i ave exams on d 26 in jos,and jamb on 27 in enugu wat wil i do plz.

  64. pls i need chemistry,physics,mathematic and english questions on jamb 2013.thnk u.

  65. Vivian ubochi c. says:

    Pls give me pass qustion on maths english econs and commerce am writin wit cbt thanx

  66. determination today make success tomorrow

  67. pls sir this is the second time I am writing jamb. Send me the jamb 2013 questions and answers pls. Thanks!
    Phone no: 07038740246

  68. My name is Igo joseph i need physics,chemistry,English and biology.

  69. Sir pls did the postponded jamb 2013 08172651829

  70. Jamb 2013 questions and answers available now.score 270 and above today by calling us for assistance.just call-08100960881

  71. jamb 2013 questions and answers get them,just call-08100960881

  72. M B A . Frm yola says:

    If u wanna score 250 nd above in jamb dis is the clue bhind it insha Allah d 4mular is SUCCESS IS DIRECTELY PROPORTIONAL TO HARD WORKING WHEN DUA’A IS CONSTANT. In sha Allah we will score 250 nd above insha Allah!

  73. Pls i nid sylabus 4 eng, chem,phy nd bio.tanks

  74. odunayo bola says:

    is d computer based cancel? pls i nd d sylabus 4 maths eng econs & accounts

  75. please sir i need jamb questions and answers,please sir help me i don’t want to fail this 2013 jamb exam.thank you God bless you as you help (AMEN)

  76. Thank u 4 ur advice sir! But plis can u send me 2013 jamb che,bio,eng,& maths syllabus.

  77. Thank u 4 ur advice sir! But plis can u send me 2013 jamb che,bio,eng,& maths syllabus my no is 08102985525.

  78. pls help me in dis year jamb@this is my second time of write jamb pla help me i does what to write it againt

  79. Plz i need area of concerntration on: ENG, ACC, ECON & COMM.

  80. I hate jamb

  81. pls dis is my numba 08071077926 i nid literature in english sylabus

  82. Why fur.maths in jamb mathematics it unfair


    Some of my student last year score 280+ some 290+ one of my student have 300 my name tony u can cal an ask 08163842635, so for hight score in jamb for assistance 08075112541

  84. Egwuatu samuel says:

    Pls i wnt questn nd answer on chemistry,physics,biology nd english of jamb 2013.

  85. Egwuatu samuel says:

    Has jamb 2013 being postpond

  86. Thankz 4 diz 9ce piece of advice dat can change lives

  87. Put not ur trust in princes nor in d son of man in whom there is no help. Only read ur books & dpend on God’s mercy. That’s d surest way 2 succes.

  88. Put not ur trust in princes nor in d son of man in whom there is no help. Only read ur books & dpend on God’s mercy. That’s d surest way 2 succes.

  89. egba daniel says:

    please i need jamb syllabus for physics chemistry english and math. Through my number 08131808327

  90. Pls give me tips for high score

  91. Adeboye femi says:

    all jamb candidate we will surely pass in jesus name

  92. Zingven Binkur Mallamcould be written three time says:

    Is it true that jamb could be written three times ?

  93. mr eric amadasun says:

    Write a stress free jamb come 27th april 2013 get updates on jamb questions and answers.for more info call mr eric amadasun on this numbers 08079953711

  94. Akpan Godwin says:

    I need syllabus maths

  95. Pls ad pls i ned ur help 4 chemistery, physic, math, ad english syllabols tnx

  96. pls cn i get d syllabuse of jamb of 2013

  97. JimohIbrahim says:

    Hi admin, Is it tru that the date 4dis yrs Jamd examnation has bin postpone 2 may18?…….pls reply me bck

  98. Giftedfavour says:

    Pls i nid d jamb 2013 question and answer on Eng, A/c, Econs & Govt. May God grant ur heart desire as u do ds.

  99. For literature student dis is d syllabus African poetry=an african thunderstorn,In the navel of the soul,end of the war. NON AFRICAN POETRY=bat,sonnet.DRAMA=Romeo$julit,son and daughter.PLZ U 2 IF U SEE ANY HELP PLZ CALL MY UNMBER 08160855790.i need question and ans for LITERATURE,C.R.K,GOVT.ENGLISH.

  100. Pls which novel or textbook should i read in english so dat i can write it wel dis is my numba 07084217957

  101. Stanley Ejyk says:

    Please any one with good succe of jamb answer, contact me 07038414260

  102. ma yr of lifted 210+ Father may your will be done in our life

  103. Wen i luk up 2 d mountain where ‘ll my help com from? My help ‘ll com frm God who made heaven and earth. My God wil grant me 280+ in dz exam.

  104. Isaiah torbunde says:

    Is nt by my power but by HIS power if u conply 2 my rules u will make it, dis include constant wide reading of required books , prayers, faith, boldness e.t.c for more infor call+234 69663370

  105. pls i nid question on eng,literature,crs nd government,this my no.080378332530 tanx

  106. Am writing maths, Econs, Comm, & English language, i really need help.

  107. God blex us, in our exam’s

  108. Y ar u recomending jss3 work for dem. I hav seeing d syllabus, n nofin i mean absolutly nofin like jss3 work dere. Dont lead souls astray plz.

  109. For ur jamb answers,contact me at 08104093019,or add me on 2go campbell53

  110. Help me p/s in dis 2013 jamb in maths,economics,and commerce

  111. I believe in God,bcos with him all things r eva possible….work in dis might….I’ll surely cum back 2 thank God online here 4 success n admission in2 UNN….so help me God..AMEN!

  112. Vivuan ijeoma says:

    Plz i rili nid syllabu on eng,mathz,econz nd govt.hia z my numba-08105492017

  113. Pls watz d cut of mark 4 nda nd i nid syllabus 4 eng,lit,irk nd gvmnt

  114. pls sir i need syllable for bio.chem.phy.and english

  115. i knw inshalahu dis is my year of admision by d grace of my lord i wil make it 290 inshalahu amen.u can cal me on my num.

  116. u can cal dis num 08189735355.4 mor in4mation.

  117. I need success in Eng, CRS, GOVT,ECONS. Pls contact me with diz -07083776667

  118. pls,l”l want to know to abt literature, english,govt, crk abt
    d question n answer.

  119. Bross Mikky says:

    I am happy for as read myedu message its give me courage. And i pray dat God will reword u people in a millions time.

  120. Plz ıs there any other tıps on hw 2 wrıte n get 300 nd above

  121. Victoria chinedu says:

    For you to be successful in your jamb examination,you just have to bend down & read your book.Exam malpractice will not help issues,i am wishing you all the best of luck.(Amen).

  122. If una fit send me runs make una send joor…una tink say una fit pass jamb witout runs08140167613

  123. Pls i need ur help for the forthcoming Jamb examination especially on Maths and English. Thanks

  124. Simon achuku says:

    Plz i need econoomic, govt, c r k and use of eng jamb qust and ans 4 2013 . Plz contact me on 08160853048

    This is to inform the general public that those who sat and wrote the following exams (WAEC NECO, NECO GCE, WAEC JCE and JAMB) that have problems with their result (either being withheld sized or may it be that you want to upgrade)should contact Mr momoh on 08171270216 for upgrading and release of your papers
    Note; only calls no sms
    dont miss your opportunity

  126. pls i need ur help where should get pincil and the rest before that day?

  127. Pls i need help on my jamb result, bcos i dont want 2 fail dis year, last year i score 154% on my jamb and this year i don want falure, pls dis year i want 2 suprise my parent,i want 300%at most 250%at least.

  128. Thank you sir for helping me to get my good five result in jamb last year ,if you need his help he can

    also help you get good result. all you need to do now is to call him on this contact 07063669162 and

    you will see what i am talking about.once again thank you sir.

  129. All u need to do is just read and then u pray to God. God will do the rest 4 u, and that is because he has seen ur efforts. 4rom sum1 who cares! GUD LUCK!

  130. Paschal Ekeomah says:

    this is my year of favour. looking forward to scoring above 350 in the name of Jesus christ, Amen!!!

  131. Paschal Ekeomah says:

    Do u need excellent result in this upcoming JAMB EXAM? There is something they call text books, study them voraciously and see what we happen. See u at the mountain top.

  132. aminta ajoro says:

    Plz i rilly nid hlp wif ma xam,nid hlp in english ad maths.

  133. i need d jamb syllabus on english, literature, government & C.R.K.
    also, i need some past questions on dem. pls send it on my mail

  134. Please Sir, Do they offer Biotechnology in UNN 08169639779

  135. i nid past questionz and ansaz on history.

  136. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ!all of u who believe dat there is a God in heaven who make tins begin hapen,i pray dat d blood which he shedded on d cross of calvary shal nt be in vain,WE WIL MAKE IT 300 AND ABOVE&OUR ADMISSION WIL BE A MIRACULOUS 1 WITHOUT ANY RUNS IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY AMEN!

  137. Did they change candidates Examination centres Nation wide?

  138. Did they change candidates Examination centres Nation wide? Pls here is my no. 07038096105 am expecting a call tanx.

  139. NOTICE to all Jamb Candidates ,I am by name Hackkid ,Admin of Engineering Forum ,an Expertise in All time Examinations>0 level,Neco,Gce,Jamb etc. I pledge an Oath to NCA to stand for the success of all,For more Infos If you are sitting for the upcoming Utme 2013/14 Examinations pls meet me on FACEBOOK with >
    Ezeali Jonas or cal 07065444621
    {I dont ask 4 your pocket ,am at ur service

  140. Mme Anthony says:

    A friend just introduced me to his friend ,whom he described as an expert in al ds Jamb runs ,wel i could’nt beliv it ,though i gave it a try ,A day b4 d exam he sent me d answers i thought dat was a joke bt my frnd copied all d stuffs wel i joind dem o ,could u beliv dat was completly d real answers, I scored 265 ,Why becos he called and askd me dat i shuld nt ansa al correctly to avoid re-claiming of result and nw am i got myslf into Accountancy in EBSU Including my frnds ,Seems as if it was a dream ,all d same thanks to him ,
    He did nt collect evn a dim from us ,wel if u cares to ask him for help meet him on FACEBOOK>Ezeali Jonas
    here is his number 07065444621

  141. Gudevenin my student colleaguez especially those of u who wnt 2 write dis year jamb I wnt 2 re-maind u dat it remain 8days 2 jamb dnt waste dis year at home dis year of success if u pass gud way also al waec ans nd question expo is nw Available 4 more info cal 07033277910 or 07037904219 jst knw dat 419 dey outside only ALAN070 cn do it 4 u

  142. What i know is every student’s need to pray as much as u can,may almighty God answer our prayer amen

  143. GODDAY POLICE says:


  144. Egbe juliet says:

    Pls i nid questions n answer on english n econs but am dbt candidate 08097130229

  145. pls i need help on jam question nd answer

  146. P,s I Need D Area Of Concenttration Of Physic/biology/chemistry/maths

  147. man of wisdom says:

    i think i am going to be the first person on this blasted blog, to make a comment without making a grammatical error.i dont see an a future where any of you crosses the i suggest u drop your phones and get to work

  148. Okonkwo ngozi elizabeth says:

    plz i need answer 4 english economics maths government n dis my numba.08135005563

  149. Daniel amos says:

    I need on maths and econs

  150. Daniel amos says:

    I need help on maths and econs

  151. Exam tensioniers. Apply my little cheat. Mind over matter. If u bliv u passed u will pass. Readmuch pray excess. Jamb wuld b ur stepping stone than ur stumblin block

  152. Pls hw can i get the jamb caculator?

  153. Egbe juliet says:

    God is in control
    pls i nid econs n english pls sir 08097130229

  154. Why is it hard 4 some one to make jamb by his/her self (but i ve make it this yr).?

  155. Pls I need novel that they will use in jamb 2013

  156. Pls I need english novel that they will use in jamb 2013

  157. Pls i nid maths,eng,economics nd govt jamb runs u can snd it 2 ds numb 08133082955.tnks


  159. Do u need excellent result in this yr Jamb Exams?, if yes pls rush and contact me here is my number 07032141012, if i dnt deliver 2u exactly what u desir den i will surely pay u back ur money. My name is Oku, i stay in Calabar.

  160. Tiamiyu Abdullateef says:

    prayers is d only key/way to success in due 2 my own cognitive nd perspective idealogy,i blief in my faith,dat dis year (jamb &post utme) wil b successful nd satisfactory as far as Allah is concerned {so,i nid atleast 350% exacly, insha-allahu- tahallah} pls, b calm nd b prayerful.Evrything is well.

  161. Dont worry colleagues if we engage in prayers Allah wl ease all the hardship. Thanks

  162. I need the names of novel 4 litreature and quetions n ansa

  163. thanks so much 4 these tips. I really appreciate it thanks a lot.

  164. We were not given calculators when we were registering. So how do we calculate since we were told not to bring them

  165. We were not given calculators when we were registering. So how do we calculate since we were told not to bring our calculators?

  166. please i need 2013 jamb questions and answers,just name ur price and i will number,08131348442

  167. Amos olusegun says:

    pls sir i need help u, For thos subject. eng, eco, litra, and govrnment

  168. Amos olusegun says:

    pls sir i need help u, For thos subject’ eng, eco, litra, and govrnment , this is my m line….08162489240.

  169. hundu moses says:

    it shal b wel wit us in jesus name Amen.just read hard an u wil surely make it cal my numb. 08160282023 my uncle goin 2 provid answer 4 me in physics he is a frnd 2 one among those dat do set jamb question

  170. when will d calculator b given 2 us? only 4 days 2go! 08096808343.

  171. is it true dt dier wil b questions on d “potter’s wheel & successor” dis yr? becos we were told d same tin last yr but 2 my gr8t disapointment, dere was notin like dt. pls contact me on dis no:08096808343, i wil b glad if my question is answered. Tanks.

  172. how do i know if my center has been changed

  173. Martha madu says:

    Wat is d cut off mark 4 mass comm?

  174. Abigail pearl says:

    Just Speechless. If u r putting unical just call me wif dis num. And ur adm. Is sure.07055195336

  175. God'slove Michael says:

    To me dis my first year of writn dis exam i belive dat God wil neva let me down it is wel wit Us. Congrat cus i blive we’ve goten admission already. Hapi new Life Discovery.

  176. akukwe paul says:

    what are the poems that is needed for waec examination preparation.

  177. why jss3 textbooks

  178. Plz in ned jamb answerz govt,c.r.k,eng. Lit

  179. I need jamb syllabus on pls

  180. Sir pls we nid ur help jamb 2013 i am goin 2 write biology,physics nd agric…08100888858

  181. Pls i ned likely jamb 2013 question n answes 4 maths,eng,bio n govt.TANX 4 COMPLIMENT

  182. Phenson bright says:

    Am nt preparing 4 jamb xamz nt even readin of one noval cn i stil mke it? Pls ans mi

  183. emeagi favour osaro says:

    God will do it for us. Those who studied hard depend on HIM.

  184. Pls i nid assistance in chem , phy , bio , eng , pls i wnt 2 get it b4 d we start d exam.

  185. Pls i will b looking forward 4 ur consideration tanx .

  186. The lord is my strenth

  187. God will favour me this year. Amen

  188. okpala victor says:

    God will favour me this year. Amen

  189. I wish you good luck

  190. Pls ur prayers and wel wish wel also help in dis yr jamb sucess i pray dat God almighty wil show me d right answers in my dream a day b4 d exams Amen

  191. Pls,is it true dat exam centres have been changed for PPT

  192. I pray 4 260. And i no my .God will help me.i also u guys 2 help me says:


  193. pls I need your help for tomorrow jamb, I answer for English, C R K, Liaterature and Goverment. Dis my no 08167030405.

  194. I need real question & answer 4 my subject biology , chemistry, physics & English

  195. am gland dat dis year is going 2be the end of jamb 4me,says the LORD OF HOST.learning never ends let try and be bookish. says:

    i need help in maths only

  196. It is only God help one on body can help and you need to be playful





  199. jamb tins on moi only 1 tin i dey beg baba god,d tin be say may reasonable&steady person dey around me tommorow

  200. 08162581377 get me pls ans.English,maths,govt and Êcons.tnx 4 ur assist okay.oshea

  201. can so one do changing of courses ?

  202. some made a mistake of his paper type he gona fail alll??

  203. i wish all student aspiring for Law goodluck from uni uyo lawsan member says:

    i wish all student aspiring for Law goodluck from uni uyo lawsan member

  204. Name (required) says:

    plz i hv a prob wit my utme. I shaded my original jamb type, bt i shaded answer for anoda type. Pls does it mean anything?

  205. MRS JUDITH says:

    Are you among those who sat for the 2013/2014 did not perform well or your result was sized for malpractice or withheld if yes worry no more just call Mrs Judith who works in the jamb office he helped me to upgrade mine her phone number is 08159455892 good luck i believe he helps you out..

  206. If you have any problem with your jamb the person i advice you to contact is Mr Olaniyi he is the one that help me increase my score from 108 to 238 if you don’t believe me you can call me on 07052064697 my name is Glory call Mr Olaniyi phone on 08115188970

  207. IF you know that your jamb result is showing you no Biometric verification and no result found or you have a pending result pls this week is the dead line call @ jamb office for help now @+2348135713831.

  208. Akabuogu blessing says:

    I got 173 in my jamb, pls is dia any hope for a university in nigeria? Dis is my numba 08160287069

  209. Am sitting for computer base plzzzz help me any good soul

  210. Pls let me knw when unizik pume form will be out, via:07037966059. Tanks

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