2013/2014 Nigerian Immigration screening/exam date

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This is to announce to the general public that the 2013/2014 Nigerian Immigration screening/exam date has not yet been fixed for applicants who applied for the just concluded recruitment application  into the Nigerian Immigration service via the online recruitment portal.

Applicants should be aware that registration has closed officially and anyone who failed to register before 27th October 2013 cannot register anymore so beware of impostors claiming that they can help, however printing of acknowledgement slips will be available even after the closing date. We urge you not to panic if you are unable to print your acknowledgement slip right away for those facing difficulties.

For the main time those who successfully applied can still:

Edit their Application

Print Acknowledgement Slip

Retrieve Application Number

On the recruitment portal @ http://recruitment.cdfipb.gov.ng/

IMPORTANT UPDATES: The examination test to Nigeria Immigration holds tomorrow: Check your Centre below

112 Comments to “2013/2014 Nigerian Immigration screening/exam date”

  1. Lizy

    Actualy nt really a comment bt acknwledgmt. Wats 2 say kudos 2 u guys bt also if u ar stil searchin 4 admsn, do ijmb &gain admsn into 200l in any university. U can cal me

  2. o.j enemali

    it my previleage to be able to make my coment here,i’m an applicant! Bt i am jst sugisting if d date of d exam shall b fordworded to d applicant email ,since it is required during registration tank.


      pls i want to know if d recriutment is stil ever gonna take place again are going to wait forever

      • Eleazar otu

        Note examz is on d 15 of dz month which is dz saturday @ NIS secretariate in ur state

  3. michael

    plz send me recent info concerning immigration exam and recruitment of nigerian custom servive,thanks!

    • Evienbor endurance

      I we like 2 no d why d exam has nt be fees. Are ledas pls tra ad encourag d youth. Thnk u

  4. muhammad mubarak salihu

    what is the real matter above the propaganda of the immagration service which people said above the form? and what is the day of exam? pls

  5. Etti

    Thanks to u guys…Bt when d date is fixed, kindly notify us, please.

  6. Princegodwin

    What is realy holding the date of the screening &exam that has not yet being released or agreed on?

  7. Paris

    Pls i jst want to knw d medium through which the N.I.S wil use in contacting their applicant? Is it through email or as text msg on their phones or the newspaper or rather internet? Pls nigerians want to knw

  8. Danladi phlilip

    Some say that the immigration screening date has fixed & myedu does not inform us why.



  10. Pam Audu

    Pls when the exam/screening date for nigeria immigration come out notify me.08135522887

  11. Emeka

    well, i don’t hv much to say concerning {N.I.S}..my friends we don’t to be askin for examination date, they knows what should be done,we dont need to be bordering ourselfs over this


    can someone who hav D7 in English language bt upto 5 credits n B. SC apply?

  13. Oguns

    Can i use university of nigeria nzuka(ikere branch) as my 1st choice in jamb n den akungba in my 2nd choice.hope admisio stuf w nt hard

  14. Igbinobaro rosemary

    Pls send me recent info concerning immigration exam. thanks 082

  15. harrry Bishop

    notify me pls. date for the immigration entrance exam & screening. Thank you.

  16. Ini

    This delay is a good prove that Immigration was not ready for this recruitment.

  17. Akachukwu

    Please guys Trust in god bcos all dis people are not serious with us about dis exam

  18. Asif

    Why de deceptions?nig. Immigration service,govt.of the federation shame on you bicos we con tributed #1000 each for you for the job return our money if you are not ready for us

  19. starram

    What is actually happening to Nigeria immigration recruitment this year.pls someone should tell me oooOooo

  20. obasino

    Is seem like secreat replacement is on going in Nigerian immigration service, so guys watchout ………..

  21. Eunice

    Are u guys sure dat we are going to do the exam this year OR next yr.pls is going 2 be when?

  22. prince ephraim

    God pls go nd touch d heart of david parrang to order for the submittion of the list ooooo

  23. Odelabi abiodun

    I am tired of this delay that occur in nigeria immigration exam,just tell us the actual month or date.


    please Somebody should help me with screening/exam date please ! 0817236

  25. mic

    omennnn Immigration is seriously f**kup. Imagin over 6million applicant and over 6billion naira realised frm applicant fee, yet they claim dey cant conduct exam bcos of its cost on d govt. And dey need not more than 1500 pple only. Thief people.

  26. adewumi adewale emmanuel

    plas i what to no the date of nigeria immigration exm

  27. Ameh Peter Ameh

    Am tied of dis delayance cause be N.I.S officials, pls when are we going to do de screening nd exam 4God sake?

  28. Ameh Peter Ameh

    Hmm! Let de W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ι̥ι̥ of God be done in N.I.S recruitment…Amen

  29. Fash

    Am not sure the exam is going to take place this year.or assu strike is also affecting NIS

  30. kaz

    govt should pls not conduct d exam and screening on nepotism basis, they should make it open to all bcos we are all nigerians o, so they shouid fear GOD

  31. sunday ewa

    i am not looking for a job: i am offering my services to my country nigerian, pls do inform me number 081

  32. austim t

    we dont knw wots apnin in nis,up till nw we av nt been called for d exam. Y r our leaders doing ds for God’s sake

  33. Geovanni

    I hope it’s not executive scam. To me, it’s taking much time to come. But may be they have their reasons.

  34. john L tomato

    pls i need knw abt immigration exam date can sambody help me.

  35. Sanusi

    Many people have been duped all in the name of this exam date . My apeal to the Govt. is to be fast about it if really they were the one that announced the purchase of the form. God bless Nigeria.

  36. Jeffter Nwaibe

    I get scared and confused everyday about NIS,my question is:are we sure is the governmnt that sold the forms to the masses and why haven’t we hear anything from them about the screening exam. God help us

  37. OrinyaAnenechukwuGloria

    Tnx 2 u guyz.pls I wil lik u pple 2 notify me when d exam date is out. I.e (immegration)

  38. My name is Nworie Chinedum

    Pls my co.country ppl i really interest on hw to get a news about Nigeria immigrantion service e-recruitment 2013/2014 date of examination day

  39. Izebhokhae Emmanuel Ehide

    My sincere prayer for NIGERIA is this;that God should give the few of us,who are willing to defend the unity and if need be,die for this country,the opportunity to constructively,efficiently and rationally serve our father land.AMEN.An applicant of NIS.

  40. Selpon ldb tyem

    I had that, they have cancel the immigration screening/exam is that true? Pls let me know 08

  41. sada haruna

    god blees nigeria.i need the exams date fo niggeria immagretion.

  42. samuel okes

    Pls my people am tired of this our government which day they want to announce d day of exam anyway God day

  43. Ishaya

    Long live Nigerian Immigration service.More power to your elbow.I luv you and want to be part of you.I am one of your applicants.Bye.

  44. Amuta

    pls let ours law marker rise up and represent nigeria, it is shame for applicant to pay money for Job. know job,nomoney. What are there represent for, God bless nigeria

  45. Selpon ldb tyem

    Nigeria immigration officers we are waiting for you people,if you have not cancel the form that we bought we are still waiting, but it is a shame on to you if the form has cencel and the thunder will fire you one by one ok.

  46. Dankaba

    still hope Naija, don’t worry time coming on those whose wishing to serve our Nation with a faithful loyelty and hounest will catch the point.

  47. ivy zira dia

    Nigeria immigration service am waiting oooooo,when is the exam taking place?

  48. shamsu

    Nigeria immigration we don’t to no the position that we are now, and we need this job please fixed day so that everybody to no what is going on

  49. Anonymous

    i learnt dat immigration exam will take place on 15th of march 2014, all the successful candidate should be ready 4 the exams, this information was gather from reliable source. Tanx!!

    • Ibrahimzaharadden

      Dat is wat my broda was tellng me last week tanks for tellng others.


    Anonymous are you sure of what your telling people, that 15/03/2014 is going to be NIS screening/exam and if it is a joke stop it pls, people are serious of the job don’t take it has a joke.


    Pls, is d exam date 15th of march 2014 really 4rm a right source, pls some one shuld contact if it true plsssssss,

  52. Selpon ldb tyem

    Anonymous are you sure of what your saying to the people, you take this NIS has a joke poeple are crying and you are still lieing to them, if they called for the screening and exam they will let all people know about it, so if it is joke stop it pls is not with this matter.

  53. bobmona

    @anonymous bar I guest ur info id right 4 Nigeria leads come out d right time no fraud pls let mama peace do something if chi can do it by dis dare may b peace u no

  54. Bob Mona

    @dis page ur news 4 nis is not up 2 date can u make it pls

  55. Kingso

    Hav jst reciev an info that the exam is cumin up soon, so admin is it so?

  56. Abubakar

    Guys, all ur comments about Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment & date of exam sagger has been sealed. It was posted on thursday 6th March, 2014 on line that the much awaited screening/aptitude test will come up on 15th March, 2014. Gudluck 2 u all !!

  57. Friday Nathaniel

    Please, when actually is d exam date for Nigeria immigration service? some are saying 15th March, 2014. Is it true?

  58. James

    Pls wen is the date of the nigeria immigration service will have their exammination

  59. James

    Wen is the date of the nigeria immigration service exammination for 2013/2014

  60. I heard dat immigration exam is on 15th march 2014.pls were is Enugu centre they?

    I heard that immigration exam is on 15th march 2014.pls where is Enugu centre is.

  61. Anonymous

    I’m out for the job but I don’t
    understand with the management, please someone should help me out o paid money to bank to register for this job and till now no good information about it. I’m still waiting for their update someone should help me pls

  62. LAWAL

    it’s true that Nigeria immigration services exam/screening for 2013/2014 will hold on 15 March,2014?

  63. swagger

    The most important thing is to know the venue of the exam. Naija is hell bad tinz too much 4 dis country

  64. Evelyn Osimhi

    pls. could u send me the exam date for the nigeria immigration service. pls also send me Abuja exam center. i stayed in asokoro. Tanks

  65. pricy

    i also heard dis sat bt dnt knw if its true or stil old story cos til nw no venue yet 4 d various states n it has nt bn on air i.e d media

  66. pricy

    even here online d notificatn stil says dat d date of d exam hv nt yet bn fixed so which do we bliv nw

  67. Segun Ojo

    Hw true it is? I learnt dat d NIS aptitude test shal be comingup on 15th of March n dat d venue wil be @individual State.

  68. Iwuoha Judith Ogochukwu

    When is the date for Immegration screening & exam, & where is the center in Imo state?

  69. Ukamaka u chukwuka

    Thank u great nigeria for turning us upside down, when is next exam, only doctor jesus know.naija which way.

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