Nigeria Army Recruitment 2014 at :General Requirements

Are you aware that you MUST possess some qualification before thinking of applying for the Nigerian Army Recruitment Application, The Main fact is that all Non Tradesmen/Women must atleast have SSCE/NECO/GCE  Certificate with at least 3 credits including English Language in no more than two (2) sittings.

JUNE 28TH 2014 Breaking News : 2014 Nigerian Army 71rri List of Shortlisted Candidates is out 

Important NOTE:

Applicants shall be of Nigerian origin by birth.

All Applicants must attend zonal screening exercise at the designated zonal centres for their respective states.

Applicants must be aged between 18 – 22 years by 22 June 2013.

Applicants must be medically, physically, and psychologically fit and must not be less than 1.65 meters tall for men and 1.56 meters for women.

Applicants must be free of any Criminal conviction.

Applicants must submit all duly completed form (printed from this online portal) at the screening centres during the screening exercise period.

How to Register After Purchasing the Scratch Card

Step 1: Buy Scratch Card from any Union Bank or Unity Bank Branch near you

Step 2: Validate your Scratch Card Serial Number and PIN

Step 3: Register on the portal with your User Name (E-mail) and Password

Step 4: Fill in the required information, Save and Print a copy

Step 5: Visit the Nigerian Army website for the list of successful candidates

Note: You can log in to the portal at any time with your User Name and Password

Photocopies of Birth Certificate/Age Declaration.

Photocopies of academic and professional Certificates.

After That Visit

Printed forms shall be accompanied with the following documents:

A letter of Identification signed by the identifying officer in Section F of the duly completed form (printed from this online portal).

Applicants shall be required to produce the originals of all certificates/Credentials and Online Registration Scratch Card purchased during the screening exercise.

Any applicant suspected to have impersonated, manipulated or submitted false documents shall be disqualified during or after training. Such an applicant shall also be handed over to the Police for Prosecution.

Candidates whose pictures are not submitted electronically will not be considered for shortlisting.

The Nigerian Army shall not entertain any enquires in respect of applicants whose applications are rejected or failed to meet the selection criteria.

For Further Kindly Visit the official web portal of Nigeria Army at

MyeduNigeria wishing you the Best of Luck

(158) Comments on “Nigeria Army Recruitment 2014 at :General Requirements

  1. State calling………. Gat to go cos I’m good to go…wit OLUWA being my HELP

  2. Precious edet udoh says:

    I luv 2 b a nigerian is my dream and it sha com true in jesus name(amen)

  3. david emeh edward says:

    by god grace i wil be one of the nigerian army in jesus name amen:

  4. Otakpo confidence says:


  5. Hw can one check d result on net

  6. wishing u all the best maltina

  7. Kenneth Tarbo says:

    Army is my calling (Dreame) and i will make it in Jusus name CAmen)

    • Philip Amasike says:

      Please my brothers you guys should help me by giving me notification when another form will be out my, numbers are 0816 thanks.

  8. kehinde moses says:

    Is it true that d result is out?

  9. I pray 2 God Almighty 2 see me through dis times.

  10. Ѡε̲̣̣̣̥п̥̥̲̣ is d screening date pls

  11. nwahiri chizobam says:

    Please when is the date ƒ̶̲or training or when will training start

  12. Akinbodewa solomon says:

    pls is the list out,pls this my nimber.

  13. ewans philip says:

    I have tried Nigerian Army 6x.I knw by Gods grace this is goin to be the last time am goin to buy Army recruitment form in Jesus name Amen.

  14. ewans philip says:

    My God,My not forsake me in this intake.come and be my Godfather.I put my trust in God almighty.he will never dissapoint me.Amen.


    In which place we begun to zonal screening my friends

  16. God only Shall be my protector nd my helper,it is written

  17. oke owolabi adeseye says:

    Pls kindly help me by checking the result of nigerian army 70th regular recruits intake for non- trademen / women……….I believe frm there and I hard that the state train and interview was cancel till 22 of dis month

  18. im very eager to see d result.

  19. Borode Joseph says:

    Please kindly reopen registration site because i fined it difficult to register and print my form since yesterday and i have wasted much money on it. Please for God sake open dis site for the interest of the populace. Or can we bring d scratch card to the exam hall? Please fined solution to this problem

  20. Nwabuokei friday obi says:

    Shol me my result

  21. Jatto Allen says:

    I’m very happy that my dream is coming through. This is my dream, I thank God almighty. Love u all.

  22. to God b d glory, my name is out. may God lead us 2 deport after zonal screenin. luv u al. 08167933388 is ma line

  23. May God see us through in jesus name, Ame.

  24. When is the result of trademen/women,going to be out ?

  25. I need nigerianarmy pls

  26. Tsquare Baba says:

    i wanted 2become nigerian army,bt 1day oneday my dream wil b come true..

  27. LAZARUS ELISHA says:

    PLS wen is 71 RRI form woul come out.cos my passion for nigerian army is beyon wat civilian can tell.

  28. i wist to be among of nigerian army,but i hv drop from 70th RRI,i agree that na my time no rich,now am waiting for another form any time,anyday that form is out pls let me know my number is

    • Iteshi ugochukwu c says:

      My follow gallant ahuars form is out for 71intake cos dis is our time for de hard game.GOD BLESS NIGERIAN ARMY AMEN

  29. I was determine to joing the nigerian army

  30. Hi there! Pls keep me informed when next the Nigerian Army RRI form is out for sale”my Digitz is 0817932986,thanks!!

  31. Pls regullars when form came out Inbox me with 070645194 tanx my guys

  32. Ganeey akeem adewale says:

    Am vry happy to become army of my nation pls kindly inform me when next intake out my number is 08064303

  33. Godday-police says:


  34. Ajisegbede Samuel says:

    I love to join nigerian army. Pls notify me when the form is out. Here is my number

  35. Yussuf abdulkareem says:

    I pray 2 b com a nigerian army in future.

  36. moyosola olatunde .A says:

    my desire is to become a nigerian army, and i pray that it shall be so in Jesus name amen

  37. Diokadan Jackson says:

    I thank God for dis wanderful opportunity dat he as givn unto me and by God grace i wll buy dis form and i pray dat God should see me true even as i wen 4 d interview in jesus name

  38. All power belong 2 almighty God about dis stuffs curz it insit easy, may God make it easy 4 us ooooooo

  39. Oladokun yemi says:

    Pls help me to find out about the recruitment of nigeria army form.

  40. Oladokun yemi says:

    Pls, It’s true tht the information about the recruitment form is out

  41. Onah Kenneth Chijioke says:

    Force. is my dream future to defend my contry.

  42. nwosu okezie azunna says:

    gooday nigerians whot can i joust say in dis military of a tan we ll know that centrl govarmat harz be trriy to cool this boko haram of a tan but is not yat ez new i can say dis to top govarmains lat recru guyas that can do the joybu wellinlle ok .govarmat i can hep the word yes can by join nigeria sojar call if u wechi to see the hep in me okey number ar. 08036838816 love u ll

  43. to be a Nigeria army is what i think evry day and night.

  44. Iruolagbe tunde says:

    Oh god i pray that this 71 intake we never pass me in jesus name i pray

  45. oladiti timileyin amos says:

    pls baba god come and be my God father for the nigerian army form that is coming because all my dream is to be among of nigerian army, i hv drop from 70th RRi but i agree that na my time no rich,but God i ask for ur mercy for the coming one pls help me, hello my people when another form will out pls let me know oooo,my number is 08100991179 as u are doing this u are be bless in jesus name

  46. Anytime dat d form iz out plz inform me ,my no iz 081290.and god we bless u.all of u dat wanted 2 join dis army i pray 2 god dat will we be take dis mon..(amen)

  47. may God be with us as we get ready for the upcomin 17RRI, hala me on 2go (kevsman) if you have any info. Thaks

  48. ANIEKAN H. ETEFIA says:



  50. Emmanuel ucheoma says:

    By d grace of God am dere

  51. I want to become a nigeria defence, may God be my help (Amen).

  52. My guyz in the house plz,here is my num, wen the form out notify me plz 08139208.

  53. When will another form coming out.

  54. Abung simon osim says:

    O lord i luv dis job. This is my 6 times, pls God my hope is still waiting for u. Dis time is mine in jesus name amen.

  55. Abung simon osim says:

    Nigeria army is were i want to be. God help me.

  56. I just heard it dat 71rri will soon out.on news may God help me out

  57. i wush success 2al my brodas nd sister,dat d lord will grant our heart desire.(IJA)AMEN

  58. Oh God when dis next intake come out i pray i wil b one of d luck once, this wil b my 4th time now, God 71 intake is my time oo

  59. Yes the Nigerian Millitry are trying all the posible they could. & am also ready to serve fathers land COZ ave wait for my time right from 69, 70, by the secial grace of God this 71 Intake is my right time to be there…
    God bless Nigerian Arm forces…..


  60. austine goodluck says:

    with my hope, my prayer frm GOD is this 71rr intake is my trun to go because am good to go.

  61. Nathaniel Ugbaje says:

    The Nigerian Army is my dream and future.oh God i pray that the 71 intake we never pass me and i will make it in Jesus name aman.1st time

  62. If i can have opportunity to tounch army i will be very gland,all about my dream to become army,by the power of god i shall become an army,because i believen god.

  63. Nigeria Army The Bedrock of Discipline The Home of Honour! The Pride of The Nation!!! Army for life do or die! Am Good 2 Go for 71th regular intake.

  64. Army needs 9,000 Gallant men for this 71 intake…Army 71rri form is out now…go to any Union or Unity bank to obtain yours…for more info call:
    08010 wishing u success…

    Thank you

  65. I pray to almity allah dat let me bcom one of nig army nd i no dat i we becom by d grace of allah bcos am good to go. And am sure dat wen i join soldir na moral go high (AMIN)am comerad rasaq kehinde 4rm man o war nig

  66. When will 71 com out

  67. By God grace i we make it nigeria army my place to be

  68. Pls can anybody tell me what is happening about d narecruitment form,cauz they said dat u can only apply on net,nd I thing d regrisation is about to close

  69. Edeh chidinma miracle i pray dat God will help me dis time dis is making it 3 times now nd it wil be d last time i will buy d form i am among d 71 irr intake in jesus name i pray Amen says:

    Dis 71 irr intake is my own i have tiredit for 3 times now nd dis will be d last time i wil purchase form again dis is my time to shine in jesus name i pray Amen nd Amen

  70. I wnt 2 b a force girl a nigeria army,2 stand 4 my country,2 die 4 my country,2 serve our father’s land nd defrend our untiy so hlp me God (AMEN) dis my numba 081644 tnx.

  71. The pride of the Nation!!! Am proud 2 b a member of nigerian army by God grace, AMEN!!!

  72. musa daga 4rom says:

    i love nigeria army i love some one daga 4rom depot

  73. ABDULLAHI HASSAN ABBAT, i wish to be in INSHA ALLAH, ameen

  74. Justina Jerry says:

    Nigerian army here I come, I’m a young and gallant lady good to go anytime anywhere 71 RRI is my own wish my fellow ladies, and guys good luck, till we meet in depot.

  75. Hausa/yau shezaku soma saida Recruitment

  76. God will help us

  77. Eshimutu adams etosu says:

    Dis 2013, 71 recruitment, intake is my time in jesus name i pray amen.

  78. afolabi abbimbola says:

    I love Nigeria. Army and I know I will be one of them

  79. Pedro Joel More says:


  80. Hi my galant d form no com out na pls 71rr na we

  81. Chima chijioke says:

    71intake is my intake in jesus Amen

  82. Chima chijioke says:

    71intake is my intake in jesus name Amen

  83. TORIOLA RAFIU says:


  84. TORIOLA RAFIU says:

    I will be part of Nigeria army in this 71 rri in ALLAH’S name


    When nigeria army 71 intake is going to out;) oh god make a way to me for me to make 71 intake in jesus name i pray ?amen

  86. olowookere samuel dare says:

    Please and please it’s true that nigerian army 71RRI form is now on selling at d union bank or not pls tell me my people.

  87. sodunke Azeez says:

    its truth dat d form is out pls dis is my number just flash me i wil cal u 0708773 thanks

  88. Uchenna titus says:

    Wen wil d 71rr intake cum out. I ve always bin on net bt i ve not seen any information as regard 2 dat. In respect of dat pls my frnds wen d 4orm cum out pls alert me here is my nomber 08174 we shall be in depot in dis intake in JESUS NAME AMEN. 10x u all

  89. I pray that God should lead me into nigeria army in jesus name.

  90. Adefolu benjamin says:

    Pls when is d next army form will be out pls inform me pls my regulas dis my no GOD BLESS NIGERIA ARMY I AM GUD TO Go

  91. Gabriel Anongu says:

    When wud be form ot

  92. Baba God pls help us achieve dis 71 rri.Amen.

  93. Pls can anybody say something about d army recruitment form,maybe is out or not

  94. austine goodluck says:

    good to go good to good my follow guys. My prayer is for GOD to help me for this next 71rr intake. Guys please if the form is out pls let me knw by calling my number.

  95. Hi! Every one pls i want to know d closing date of d selling 71 RRI batch form will End n when wud b d date 4 d zonal screening. Thks.

  96. Alahu my GOD my creator let dis intake be my my turn d 71rri don cum out

  97. :oladokun taiwo says:

    by the grace of god I we be the one of nigeria army recruitment in 71th intake pls help me god

  98. Victory come from GOD alone and I pray GOD will help us in this 71 regular intake in Jesus name if u belief say, AMEN!!!

  99. i been to depot but unable to pass out 67rri but nw am ready to go bak nw guy plz pray for me ooo

  100. been an s not d problem wat s ur aim 4 nigeria

  101. lest liv everg ting to God ll care of all of us dat are look for d progras of disnation. Dis tim of 71 rr intake God ll take control of every ting. D Bible believe in God, he ll tak care u. I Jery samson

  102. Bunde Torbunde says:

    I know,is gud 2 play justice,my country pple let justice 2 be done 4 dis 71rr intake,give GOD wat belongs to him,army officers

  103. please when is 2014 form coming out, i need to know so i can register for it, pls gelp i need date

  104. No information for now, but be ready.

  105. pls guys, is the forme out?

  106. Prince john amos says:


  107. Survival of d fitest no one is fit but if dere is a room 2 try den i am dere 71 here i com

  108. Hello friends are sured that form is out,4d 71r intake nigerian army,pls inform me on God bless nigerian army


    By the special grace of God in dis 71 intake i will be there because i like army force with all my heart,

  110. Gabriel Ekoja says:

    I wil be dere liv,i love nigerian army. GOD bless da arm-forces

  111. I like to be a nigeria army

  112. I like dis nigeria army job

  113. Insha allah I will be one of the nigeria armu in this 71 rri in allahs name amen

  114. timileyin dare says:

    am eager to hear that nigeria army recruitment form is out, if there is any information about pls let me no. Here is my no thanks for contact me.

  115. Since i was in small boy i like to be the one of th Nigeria Army, i beg God almighty God that can make excellent com to my Destiny through This way,pls help me The God will give u reward,thanks I PUT MY TRUST IN GOD

  116. Since i was small i love to be one of the Nigeria Army. I beg God almight dat my dreamz will come true dis year. Pls i need help.and if u help me God will bless u.

  117. Oh God in u we put our trust,help us dis 71rri is our intake, lord i pray we will mak it in jesus name.

  118. God i pray that one day i will join the Nigerian army, and your name will ever be praised, in Jesus name. Amen!

  119. I’m gud 2 go,,no going back,olaju has born 2 fight 4 his father’s land nd i capabu 2 du so,,just live dos boko haram till wen i depot 4rom zaria,,,,o’lord i cry un2 d,her my voice o’lord,,,gr8 ppu,gr8 NIGERIA my turn 2 RAINNNNNN.

  120. Sir, am desperate to know when the form will be out, i won’t to be the part of Nigeria army, am so desperate to join the Nigeria army. Sir it is my dream to be a military man. Thanks sir. Pls e ,mail me. When the form is out may God bless u sir.

  121. EMMANUEL SANI says:


  122. Am born 2 rule nd born 2 fight and ready to die 4 my father land young soldier abeysky

  123. Hello my name is major tunde,i want to use this opportunity to help those who want to join the Nigeria Army,Am doing this because i want some youth out there to be employed,so if you are interested you can call my number on +23481

  124. Innocent A ajolo says:

    Pls wen the 71rri is out pls inform me, i am ready to go and ready to defend my country,. Hear is my numba.08182, i cn wait to b a army. May god almaity help us all. Amen

  125. Innocent ajolo thomas says:

    Pls when the 71rri is out pls inform me, i cn wait to be a army. An by the help of god i wil b, o deport home of currage. May god help us al amen,


  127. i salute d nigeria armed forces

  128. Heavenly father, i put my trust, hope in u. Pls forgive me my sins nd make dis a reality in my lyf.

  129. Esther augustine says:

    With god all tins are possible 71 rri is my bustop

  130. Wit d lttl smertnss nd streinght i hv i hop nd bliv that god will sherwar his blessing dis intak amen

  131. I am a tall slim gallant lady good 2 go any time any day may god help us all amen

  132. elisha danlami says:

    Nig. army list

  133. Agor James Ioraor says:

    May to information about recuitment Name.

  134. Bulus Nantip says:

    i love 2be come Nigerian Army
    in God i Trust

  135. ikechi edmond orji says:

    l want& l need to become one amorg the nigeriea army this year’God bless nigeriea for me.

  136. cn’t wait 2 b!

  137. El-mustapha says:

    I want to be a soldier by grace of God

  138. El-mustapha musa says:

    I want to be a soldier insha Allahu

  139. soider or custom is my pride if i have the opportunity may God help me

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