National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2014/2015 Admission in Progress Now

We wish to inform the general public that National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2014 admission is in progress and all interested students should read the below guides we culled from their official website at
i. Undergraduate Degree Programmes
a) B.Sc Criminology and Security Studies 2201
b) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2202
c) Mass Communication 2204
d) English 2205
e) French and International Relations 2206
f) Christian Theology 2207
g) Islamic Studies 2208
h) Political Science 2211
ii. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
a) Criminology and Security Studies 2301
b) Mass Communication 2302
c) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2303
d) Christian Theology 2305
iii. Masters Degree Programmes
a) M.Sc. Mass Communication 2401
b) M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2402
i. Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
a) Cooperatives Management 3201
b) Entrepreneurial & Business Management 3204
c) Accounting (in collaboration with (ICAN) 3205
ii. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
a) Financial Management 3309
b) Public Administration 3311
c) Business Administration 3313
iii. Masters Degree Programmes
a) Master of Business Administration (MBA) 3413
b) Master of Public Administration (MPA) 3415
i. Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
Science Education
a) Agricultural Science 4201
b) Biology 4202
c) Chemistry 4203
d) Integrated Science 4204
f) Mathematics 4206
g) Physics 4207
h) Business Education 4212
Arts & Humanities Education
I) Early Childhood Education 4208
j) English 4209
k) French 4210
l) Primary Education 4211
ii. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 4301
b) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE) 4302
iii. Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Programmes
a) Educational Administration and Planning 4401
b) Science Education 4402
c) Educational Technology 4403
I. Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
a) Agricultural Extension & Management 5201
b) Communications Technology 5202
c) Computer Science 5203
d) Data Management 5204
Programme Code
d) B.Sc Hospitality Management 3206
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.Sc (Ed.)
B.A (Ed.)
B.A (Ed.)
iv. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) Programmes (By Research)
a) French 2501
b) Christian Theology/Christian Religious Studies 2502
c) Islamic Studies 2503
d) English (Language and Literary Studies) 2505
c) Master of Science Public Sector Management 3416
d) Master of Science Public Administration 3417
e) Master of Science Business Administration 3418
iv. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) Programme (By Course work and
a) Educational Administration 4501
b) Educational Planning 4502
d) Educational Technology 4503
e) Mathematical Education 4504
c) Science Education 4505
e) B.Sc (Ed.) Computer Science
14/16, Ahmadu Bello Way, P. M. B. 80067, Victoria Island, Lagos.
e) Environmental Science & Resource Management
f) Mathematics 5208
g) Mathematics/Computer Science 5209
h) Community Health 5211
i) hemistry 5212
j) Biology 5213
k) Physics 5214
ii. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
a) Agricultural Extension & Management 5301
b) Digital Communications 5302
c) HIV/AIDS Education and Management 5303
d) Mobile Communications Technology (Wireless) 5304
e) Information Technology 5305
iii. M.Sc. Programme
a) Information Technology (with Internet Options) 5401
i. Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
LLB (Law) Degree Programme 6201
ii. Post Graduate Diploma Programme
Legislative Drafting 6301
Certificate Programmes
i. Proficiency Certificate Programmes Programme Code
a) Call Centre Skills 0004
b) Mobile Phone Repair 0005
ii. University (Academic) Certificate Programmes
a) Computer Literacy 1004
b) Dental Office Practice 1017
c) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1018
d) Christian Theology 1019
e) French 1020
f) Hotel and Catering Management 1021
ii Diploma Programmes
a) Business Communication 1201
b) Entrepreneurship 1205
c) Financial Management 1206
d) Marketing 1207
e) Medical Office Practice 1208
c) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1209
d) Christian Theology 1210
e) French 1211
f) Hotel and Catering Management 1212
a) Proficiency Certificate Programmes
i. No previous experience or qualification is necessary.
Note: Candidates for Proficiency Certificate will NOT be qualified to
proceed to a Certificate / Diploma programmes without possessing the
requisite basic qualifications.
b) University (Academic) Certificate Programmes
i. Junior Secondary School Certificate.
ii. Minimum of 2 credits in SSCE/GCE ‘O’Level, NECO, NABTEB and
at not more than two sittings.
iii. T.C II with at least 2 merits at not more than two sittings.
iv. Mature candidates of 30 years and above with relevant work experience
of not less than 10 years or evidence of prior knowledge/proficiency in a
relevant field may be considered on their merit.
v. I’dadiyah certificate of Standard Islamiyyah School.
Diploma Programmes
i. A minimum of three credits in SSCE/GCE ‘O’ Level, NECO and
NABTEB at not more than two sittings with at least a pass in English
ii. A minimum of three merits in Teacher Grade II Certificate at not more
than two sittings.
iii. Senior Islamic School Certificate/Higher Islamiyyah Certificate
including Arabic and islamic Studies.
iv. Thanawiyyah Certificate of Standard Islamiyyah School.
v. NOUN Academic Certificate and Certificates of other recognised
B.Sc 5205
B.Sc C
iv. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) Programme (By Research)
a) Crop Science 5504
b) Animal Science 5505
c) Biology 5506
d) Chemistry 5507
Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) academic programmes.WORK & LEARN
14/16, Ahmadu Bello Way, P. M. B. 80067, Victoria Island, Lagos.
NOTE: To qualify to proceed to appropriate degree programme of NOUN, holders
of Diploma Certificate would be required to make up any deficiencies in
a) 100 LEVEL
i. Five credits in the SSCE/GCE O’Level/NECO/NABTEB or
equivalents at not more than two (2) sittings obtained in subjects
relevant to the proposed field(s) of study.
ii. Teachers’ Grade II Certificate with a minimum of five merits or its
combination with any of the certificates listed under (i) to obtain
equivalent of five credits at ‘O’ levels.
iii. Candidates seeking admission into School of Law must have five (5)
credits including English Language, Literature in English and at least a
credit Pass in Mathematics at not more than two (2) sittings in
iv. The School of Arts and Social Sciences requires that one of the five
credits or merits must be in English Language, while at least two (2)
should be in subjects relevant to the proposed field.
v. For School of Management Sciences, the credit passes at Ordinary
Level must include English and Mathematics.
vi. For School of Education, the credit passes must include Mathematics
for Science Education applicants and English Language for all
humanities. Additionally, those in Science Education must have credit
in English Language.
vii. For School of Science and Technology, the credit passes must include
Mathematics and English Language.
viii. The minimum entry requirement for B.Sc Environmental Science and
Resource Management is five (5) O’Level (SSCE/NECO/GCE or
NABTEB) Credits at not more than two sittings including: English
Language and Mathematics and any of Geography, Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, Agricultural Science and Economics.
b) 200 LEVEL(ForDirect Entry)
i. National Diploma from recognised institutions.
ii Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) in subject(s) relevant to the
proposed programme of study with a minimum of one merit and two
iii. International Baccalaureates, Interim Joint Matriculation Board
(IJMB) with at least two ‘A’ level papers in relevant subjects and prerequisites number of ‘O’ level credit passes.
iv. Candidates for entry into School of Law must have a minimum of
second class (lower) degree from any recognized university with at
least five credits including English language, literature in English and a
credit pass in Mathematics at not more than two sittings in
NECO/SSCE or GCE ‘O’ level only.
v. Candidates for entry into B.Sc Community Health in the School of
Science & Technology may be admitted into 200 level of the
programme provided they have the following qualification:
a) Five (5) credit pass in not more than two sittings in
SSCE/NECO/GCE or NABTEB in the following subjects: English
Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics,
Geography and Economics.
b) A registered and licensed Community Health Extension Worker
with a Diploma in Community Health Extension (Ordinary
National Diploma) and with not less than two years post
qualification experience.
vi. Candidates for entry into School of Science & Technology may be
admitted into 300 level of the programme provided they have the
following qualification:
a) Five (5) credit pass in not more than two sittings in
SSCE/NECO/GCE or NABTEB in the following subjects: English
Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics,
Geography and Economics
b) A registered and licensed Community Health Extension Worker
with a Diploma in Community Health Officers Programme
(Higher National Diploma) and with not less than two years post
qualification experience.
vii. Admission of candidates into 200 and 300 levels B.Sc Accounting in
the School of Management Sciences will not be applicable for this
current admission exercise.
viii. Five credit passes at SSCE/GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level must be in subjects relevant
to the proposed field(s) of study.
ix. A credit level pass in Mathematics is required for all sciences and technology,
business education and science education programmes. A pass in
Mathematics may be considered for social sciences programmes. Also a pass
in English language may be considered for Physics and Mathematics
x. Candidates applying for B.A. English, B.A. (Ed) English and B.Sc. Mass
Communication must have a credit in Literature in English.
xi. Prior knowledge and relevant work experience (including first degree/
HND/RN) may be considered for advanced placement and waiver.
xii. Candidates awaiting results of any relevant examination may also apply; they
should however note that processing of application will not be completed
until entry requirements are met.
i. Candidates who do not possess the requirement for entry into an
undergraduate programme will be required to register into the Access
Programme which syllabus has been designed to be equivalent to ordinary
level certificate syllabus of the respective subjects.
ii. The subjects available under the Access Programme are: Mathematics,
English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Literature in English.
iii. Candidates must pass the Access courses registered for in the Access
programme before proceeding to undertake any undergraduate programme.
i) Candidates seeking admission must possess either Bachelor Degree Certificates or
equivalent from institutions recognised by the Senate of NOUN; or
ii) Holders of HND with a minimum of Lower Credit from institutions recognised by
the Senate of NOUN.
iii) Candidates seeking admission into the School of Management Science Postgraduate
Diploma Programmes, with professional qualifications such as ACA, ACIS, ACIB,
ACII, ACIA, etc may also be considered on individual merit.
iv) Candidates seeking admission into the School of Law must possess a minimum of
L.L.B degree.
i) Afirst degree from a University recognised by the Senate of NOUN in a related field
of study.
ii) Apostgraduate diploma in a related field from a University recognised by Senate
may also be admitted.
iii) Agood honours degree in Education (Arts, Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences,
Vocational and Technical subjects) from any University recognised by the Senate of
iv) Holders of HND (with a minimum of Upper Credit) from institutions recognized by
the Senate of NOUN, in a related field of study.
v) Members of relevant professional bodies may apply for the Master of Business
(MBA) programme.
i) For the Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes, candidates must possess a
masters degree in relevant fields of study from a University recognised by the Senate
of the NOUN with a minimum score average of not less than 60% or a Cumulative
Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 on a 5-point scale.
ii) Candidates for Ph. D Programmes will be invited for an interactive session with the
School of Postgraduate Studies before an offer of admission is made.
iii) Candidates are advised to forward transcripts of their academic records and three (3)
referees report, 2 of which must be from persons very well acquainted with the
candidate’s academic work, to the Dean of the School from which admission is
NOTE: Candidates may be required to satisfy additional requirements by specific
NOUN operates a flexible mode of study which allows a student to determine the pace,
place, time and medium of study. Students’ support facilities are available at all our
Study Centres nationwide.
The entire process is electronic and online and operates 24-hours a day. The method of
application is as follows:
1. Walk into any of these participating banks:
2. Pay as follows for NOUN application forms:
Undergraduate Programmes N5,000.00(Fivethousand naira only)
Postgraduate (PGD and Masters) Programmes N7, 500.00 (seven thousand
five hundred naira Only).
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes N10, 000.00 (ten thousand naira only).
3. Obtain a NOUN Teller specially designed for NOUN for the purpose of payment.
4. Collect the Application pin CODE equivalent to the amount paid for your form from
the Bank.
5. Type click on application form.
6. Use your Application pin number to access your NOUN online application form.
7. Complete the application by providing the required information.
8. After completion, the candidate can re-open the form as often as
he/shelikes,before submitting.
9. Having completed all the above steps, you may submit your form by clicking the
submit button at the bottom of the displayed screen.
10. You can now print out your provisional admission letter.
Applicants are advised to insist on paying the stipulated cost only and obtain official receipt
at the point of payment.
This advertorial can also be viewed online at
Mrs. Josephine O. Akinyemi
First City Monument Bank – 0676806017
Ecobank – 0005701770
Zenith Bank – 1012587332
Skye Bank – 1790047324

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    is noun offer public administration for undergraduate

  113. My name is AGBUDELOYE ROTIMI JAMES says:

    i just want to find out how much is going to cost me to study data managment and time of next admin & regisration.

  114. Mustapha lecturer says:

    I secured basic certificate in computer studies. So if i may apply for{computer science} in NOUN am i be able to be giving addmission?and am i to proceed in level 200?

  115. Yemisi
    Pls where can i purchace the form?

  116. smith lucky says:

    gud day, am a graduate of political science i want to know if i can do a PGD in mass communication

  117. For every body who intend to study LAW in National Open University,you are very welcome but pls bear in mind that the school does not entertain any form of misconduct like runs,it is do it your self,like you reading,going for lectures,facilitation and tutorials and writing your exams yourself,@ Augusta who ever that told you LAW programme will end by April,i don’t know if you are talking about April of Next year or this year but you can see that April have come and gone but the LAW programme is still hitting high,moving forward but tell the person that it is he/she is not saying the truth because i am a 3rd year LAW student of National Open university of Nigeria,Port harcourt study Centre,and will be in my 4th year by Oct/Nov

  118. Moses Abutu says:

    How long and wish month would 2013-2014 Admission will be out, And can i be admit with my SSCE result, I have 6 credit both English and mathematics and diploma in computer publisher. Am i qualify?. Please, Reply it’s an urgent. Thanks.

  119. Samuel Gift says:

    Please, is admission currently on? If no when will it start again cos am very interested. Thanks.

  120. Johnny Kome says:

    I want 2 get d form bt d problem is me waec… So I want 2 knw if I can use awaiting result

  121. Am in 300l in anoda school I don’t knw is I can get admission into 200l?

  122. Is there any study centre in osun,and where?

  123. Olofinlade Omolola says:

    please i want to know how much is the fee for under graduate
    have done the online registration,just to do the clearance and pay for the school fee,but i don’t know how much it cost… thanks………pls i need an urgent reply….

  124. I have e1 in my english but my mathematics and other four is good ccan I purchase d form pls a good advise from you

  125. Plz I want 2 obtain d form how can I get -t b4 it close and hope NOUN z a gud skul sha

  126. You must av credit pas 4 both eng and math.

    • Pls sir! I obtaind d form nd register d form on 05 january 2013, pls wil i b gvn Admsn after 5-6month. I.e this month july2013

  127. Elvis .A. Ukoba says:


  128. Pls how do I obtained form I wnt to seek admission into NOUN for 2013 2014 session pls I need a reply

  129. Update mi on NOUN admission processes into any department. Thanks

  130. I have seven and pass in the followings subject: english c6,maths c6,economics c6,biology c6,agric c6,history c6,hausa c6 & crk pass. can i apply for mathematics education. urgent reply please. 07033197511

  131. pls i want to have my B.SC certificate in nursing when is the form going to be on sale , are they given them certificate

  132. please, i have my O’level result complete, and a distinction in A level NABTEB, can i use it for direct entry into 200L in NOUN? Thank you

  133. E. A. Alama says:

    Am a science student, can i be admitted to read accounting?

  134. Otaru Shefiyat says:

    I saw this statement on this page.

    “Admission of candidates into 200 and 300 levels B.Sc Accounting in
    the School of Management Sciences will not be applicable for this
    current admission exercise.”

    Please, i want to confirm the statement, is it true? cos i was in the school (Kano Branch)Last Week and the person i met in the school said i could be admitted into 200 level B.Sc Accounting, provided i have upper credit in my N.D

  135. Pls oh, where is the closing date of the form? So that i can buy before that time, but right now i only have four credit which are mathenatics C5, english B3, physics C5, goverment C6 and chemistry D7, why biology, agri, geography are E8 in one sitting. Pls what can i study with this type result in NONU? I really a good answer from you people pls. Tnk

  136. Godwin Tongak says:

    Please can I go for business education with (English,maths,economic,td,crs,geography) pls I need answer.

  137. UMAR ADAMU says:

    Pls what is the duration for Ph.D programme and what is likely the cost implication. Pls ur repose will
    be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • precious osokogu says:

      Umar, what did you graduate with in ur HND, is it pass? Cos I graduated with pass and I just want to do PGD programee by all means!

  138. pls ar dey accepting ordinary diploma from nimn for direct entry

  139. Gudmorni, plz i want study banking&finance is it offer in NOUN for undergraduate student???

  140. Can awaiting result apply?do u have a study centre in ikorodu?

  141. Admission into 300 levels B.Sc Accounting in the School of Management Sciences will be applicable when, for this current admission of-nigeria-noun-2013 / 2014 session

  142. is the 2013 admission form of noun stiil on sales & when will it close

  143. How much is masters fee

    • good day, please i have HND in computer science and i want to do my PGD in infomation technology. is there any centre at ebony state.

  144. wen is d form clossing,i want to know if i can study public admin or business admin thanks

  145. James silas says:

    I have deficiency in literature but i intend to study law. Can i embark on the Access course seen on your list subsequently secure admission? Or can i access admission while i make effort to replace the deficiency before the program is over?

  146. I obtained a baccalaureat c(A level) as a francophone student at cameroon, i want admission in arts and social science department precisely in french and international relations, will it be possible? If yes how will i proceed?
    Thanks for your reply!

  147. Marcos Dread; says:

    1. Can awaiting result like NCE apply for admission?

    2. With NCE, can one start from 300 level for his B.Sc?

    3. What is the minimum amount paid for school fees per year for each student.

    4. I need answer pls.

  148. Which time undergraduate form is going to close and both school nd registration fees we cost like how much(enterprenurai&business admin

  149. pls sir/ma am a science students i also have nd in business administration, can i be admited into 200 level in accounting

  150. ifeyinwa nworah says:

    pls is form still on sale and when is there closing date. Pls wch side noun dey in abuja.

    • Cyril ephraim says:

      In Abuja here there is a N.O.U.N study center in Wuse 2 but i’m sorry i foget the exact address. Pls u can get to me through my number 07038064685. I’m very much interesting to study in any of N.O.U.N university. Tnks!.

  151. hllw i wnt to apply for llb law but i dnt have litterature in english would de considered me.

  152. Pls,can i aply 4 accounting with this five subject.math, eng, acct, gov, eco.pls need reply.

  153. I want to read criminology how much for school fee ?

  154. Pls do u have a study center at imo state and where,and at delta state and where.pls i need a reply now

  155. Pls wen is the next admission for undergra in enterpreneurship and why is it that you don’t offer marketting.

  156. Did Noun has a tutorial center?

  157. Do noun go for nysc n wa is the normal duration for their education programm.

  158. Junior P Ugo says:

    Wen will de form b expire? Will it be up to on 30th of dis months? Pls answeer me now i am very very interested

  159. esther ochulo says:

    Am an auxilliary nurse is der nursin department dere cos I want to enroll as soon as possible pls reply on tym

  160. please i want to buy a form for PGD, I have HND lower credit and have worked for 7years now,have p7 in English and maths,can i enroll in PDG political science. please if its possible .How much is the fees as per d season and study duration.How long with it me to graduate from the program.

    Hoping to hear from you soonest.

    Remain Bless


    • GODWIN OBINNA says:

      please i want to buy a form for PGD in BUS. ADMIN., I have HND lower credit .How much is the fees as per d season and study duration.How long will it cost me to graduate from the program

      Hoping to hear from you soonest.

  161. This website is great 753bfc77de9eb2e1b920995f017350e8

  162. taiwo ebenezer says:

    Sorry mr okon wen is d post ume form closing?

  163. please i do not know what is wrong with my registration,any time i start the registration,the pin i use will be invalid.besides the form was bought from zenith bank.please kindly assist me.

    • I hav credit in all dis subject,which includes eng,math,eco,biology,gov,bt e8 in literature in english,can dey considere me in mass com.and do noun have public admin for undergraduate student

  164. Moses Abutu says:

    I have 6 credit for my ssce result and my english is f 9, Can i be admit while i’m in the school are rewrite?, Please reply me it;s an urgent.

  165. pls I have ND in Insurance and I want to apply for part time program, and I will like to change to banking and finance, is it possible and how many years? how much is school fees per annum.

  166. Thank God for NOUN. Good day,i want to know wen is the next in take for master in national open university.thanks -

  167. taiwo ebenezer says:

    What kind of schOol is dis one self? Why is it dat wen u ask any question, nobody will reply u? Na wa ooo

  168. pls do they do masters in international studies

  169. pls i want to apply llb law bt i dnt have litterature in english bt i hv all d credit include english would de cnsidered me. pls reply ugently i wnt to buy d form pls

  170. pls wen is closin date of d form pls. Tnk u

  171. I would like to know if JAMB is essential for admission in NOUN or just SSCE result

  172. 2011 i was admitted and i did all my clearance and i was given a matric number but due to problem around me i could not continue,but now i want to continue my eduction i my going to buy another form that is what i want to known.

  173. hi, please are they giving physical lecture or just online

  174. gud day pls can u furnish me d following info;
    *do noun offer any programme on medicine, pharmacy or biochem?
    *do they offer Ph.d in educ admin & planning and when can someone apply?

  175. Pls can neco and waec be combined together 4 admission?

  176. Can i apply for direct entry? I have ND in Estate Management with upper credit. can i apply for Biz Admin Course?

  177. Love the reception I got at noun today, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  178. ley4strength says:

    Love the serene environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. ifeoma immaculate says:

    I like this school but I don’t know if they accept awaiting result on National Diploma? Please can get an answer to this question?

  180. abdulmalik mohammed says:

    Please can I use my diploma certificate in computer science from lagos city computer college lagos for direct entry into 200l in communication technology in national open university of nigeria (noun).

  181. Pls sir/madam, I graduated wit PASS & i have the ambition of forwarding my education so i want to no if it is possible for me to go for a pgd program in ur institution. pls reply

  182. can i go for PGD wit PASS in B.ed. I need ur response.

  183. pls i want to knw when d form is closing and how can we do d registration,are d noun go for NYSC? Quickly answer

  184. Pls can I be admitted with a pass in HND to 300 level of any others curse,I studied banking and finance. pls kindly reply urgently

  185. Please have gotten the the application PIN and i want 2 know the fees for undergraduate part-time studies, and also the address of the school at Ikeja, Lagos. Haleemah

  186. williams thomas says:

    pls is it a part time or full time programme coz i am working and i want 2 buy the form

  187. Murtala Sani says:

    Sir, i want to take part in your Msc in Public administration, i have my ND,HND & PGDPA all in Public admin. studied at both Plateau Polytechnics Barkin Ladi and ABU Zaria for the PGDPA. BUT for two years now, our results of PGDPA wasn’t been given to us. And i want to start my Msc…? what will i do ? can i begin the processes of obtaining forms or should i wait till the day, ABU decided to forwards its to us ? i have my exams number and all relevant document to ascertain the fact that, i had graduate…kindly waiting for your responses

  188. Akindunbi Jeleel Tunde says:

    I have ond with lower credit nd 9 credits in 2 sitting of o’level result can i stil get d form for dis session (2013/2014)

  189. Akindunbi Jeleel Tunde says:

    Can get form to buy for dis session

  190. sadiq abdulsalam says:

    Good day sir. Pls i want to no if i will be admite into 200l in d shc of education. Perhaps i have 1 credit 1 merit and 2 pass in N. C. E. I study primary education. Pls reply me. Thanks

  191. Sir/ma k have ond in bus admin with lower credit how many years will l spend for the Bsc

  192. without having laptop can i b stil attending d sch reply me pls and the hw much is d tuition 4 dis semester

  193. is it evryday we wil receiving lecture

  194. (1) can i apply with my HND upper credit in computer science for masters program?
    (2) when is the form for PGD be available for sale
    (3) what is the time frame for PGD and masters program
    (4) how much is the fee for PGD in science

  195. Which level will i be admited into a Bsc program with HND upper credit

  196. Which level will i be admited into a Bsc program with HND upper credit in computer science

  197. MOSESMoses katode says:

    Sir, i have the following certificates : ssce, engineering and graduate diploma in data processing management from IDPM and in computer science from my maternal home town (Benin) but, i have not yet got the NYSC certification from Nigeria. I require if it is possible for me to proceed for a post-graduate course or My M-sc. Please reply me i wish to apply.

  198. When did the registration is going to close because am interest in that criminology

  199. Am an OND holder upper credit in business admin 4rm allover central polytechnic ogun state, can i b addmitted in 2 noun 4 Bsc n where is dere study center in phc. Thanx.

  200. Nura Abdullahi says:

    Goodday sir,pls i want to know the registration fees for Msc in’peace and comflict resolution?i need to to purchase a form as soon as i recieve your replay.thank yon.

  201. Iam intersted to buy de form 2morrow but i want to knw, i have 6 credit include accounting and eng. and 3 E8 include maths can noun wait for my other result in nabteb. I need reply now pls

  202. I just purchased the form and I stay @ Abule egba, where is the study center nearest to me and how much is the school fees for an undergraduate? I need urgent reply please

  203. Plz i want 2 know whether noun is doing philosophy as first degree and also whether i will be going to study centre regularly to attend lectures

  204. Is noun doing philosophy as first degree,plz?

  205. Please I got admitted just last month but I have not gone for registration. Can I still go for it and I want to know when the registration is closing, please I need a quick reply. Thanks

  206. olumide Daramola says:

    Pls, i want to know if admission form for 2013/2014 is still on sale. Im really desperate for a reply. Thanks.

  207. Pls,i wanna study law in national open uni in benin,wat r d requirements….i ve E8 in maths in ma o’lvl,cn i stee apply? pls i nid ur help

  208. I want to study LAW but i don’t ve English,is there any subject 4 replacement?

  209. prudence ekop says:

    Pls is there history and international study in nou

  210. please can one use OND in Mass Communication to apply for direct entry Political Science?

  211. pls do noun student go for nysc? Pls i wnt 2 know.tnks

  212. Hello?pls.I had Diploma certificate in physical and health education with CGPA 3.76 “CREDIT” in Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU)and I want to apply for direct entry in social sciences course in(NOUN)?if I can, how i do go about it?when is the 2013/2014 form closing?pls. I need urgent reply?

  213. i have a in computer sci.i intend doin masters in mass communication or education is it possible pls i like to know before i get the form

  214. pls do noun student go for nysc?

  215. Hello sir or ma,,Am Omoniyi Damilare by name ….am an SSEC Holder ..i wish to school with NOUN pls how can i get to do that..i had writing all the information from the internet pls i need more light to it…thanks god bless u.

  216. Please, when is the closing date for admission?

  217. sorry bro, i want u 2 assist me in this. Are u a studen @ noun? If so tell me little about it. U can add me on facebook wit Madaki Raphael Onucheojo,or 2go @ raphael89. Pls i really need ur help. My number 08067429130

  218. Hw many campus does noun have here in lagos

  219. To whom may concern!pls. Tell me the purpose of this link when one cannot get reply to his/her request?

  220. after graduating from the noun can i work with the certificate

  221. The nursing course is it accredited,after graduating from the noun can i work with the certificate

  222. please I need admission, I have 9credict in my NECO result. I want to do degree programm please!

  223. Plz sir/ma wen is d closing date of d form nd how much is d form nd how much is d school fees plz nd plz i need a very urgent answer

  224. eyo freke john says:

    Pls, I want to kwon how much its cost to register each course and tuition fee, plis reply

  225. Hello,pls is there security and safety for BSC in NOUN

  226. saheed ayedun nasiru says:

    i bought a form for PGD last year, NOUN, i was meant to do my registration early this year but as God will have it i couldnt do the registration. can i still use the form?

  227. Dominic: Please do noun students go for nysc?

  228. Umoh
    Please is the form still available:

  229. AdamuSamaila says:

    I went study B.ed French with the all needed requirement,from—katsina state,respond quickly, merci.


  231. Do you offer M.Sc programme in Architecture?please reply via my email:[email protected]

  232. Is there any study centre in Ikorodu and where pls?

  233. how can i get course materials, & how much are the total expenses of a new masscom

  234. how do i get my course material and how much is my total fee as a new masscom student

  235. Pls is the form is on and do I need to pay all d money asin both d school fees and form fee immediately before getting admission and also where and where is d school located @ also I got 7crdts and wit @ a sit I got B in english and C in maths bt I failed literation am going 4 International studies pls will I beable to make it?

  236. pls I need answers call me on dis line pls.Thanks

  237. please council on this school, b/c some people are saying that, the school certificate is not recognize. While others a saying some people finish but up now they dint received the certificate, Also others are still saying you can not be upper job with the certificate.

  238. Is there PGD in Electronics/Telecomms/

  239. Have Geo.c6.Econ c6.Eng p7.Comm.c6 and Govt c6. What course can i apply for in your school.

  240. Olorunmaiye john says:

    Pls i really need ur help now, can i stel collect d form today,
    nd how much is the school fee for 100 level computer sciences, pls this is my 08100023248

  241. I have an Upper Credit in National Diploma in Computer Science at Osun State Polytechnics iree and my ssce are at a sitting! Pls can I still apply for Direct Entry! Which other course Can I change to. Can I still purchase the form. Pls Kindly reply me in time.

  242. pls i want to know how long it take for d certificate to be ready

  243. Evang. Lawrence Silas says:

    Can someone obtain a BSC Certificate on Christian Theology?

  244. I want to study english education with a pass in literature,can two sittings be allowed? I need a quick reply. Thanks

  245. i have 7 credit inluding maths&english and i score 183 in jamb can i still optain the form for this session and be given addmition pls reply as early as pissible

  246. am an NCE holder business education(accounting option) if apply for direct entry 200l which course? Can still apply for this session 2013?

  247. when will ademition form for 2013/14 close

  248. with out doing the last jamb can someone be given addimition to 100l dis year 2013 pls iwill like to go an buy de form
    pls reply reply’as early as convines sir/madam

  249. pls let me no the closing date becouase as early as tommorrow morning I will go an obtaine the form

  250. i want to know if there is direct entry for any of the social science courses. pls i need the creply urgently.Thanks

  251. are you people offering bsc in economics?

  252. is there direct entry to any of the social science courses? if yes which one so that i can apply.

  253. PLS how much is the cost of school fees for diploma in medical office practice.

  254. with olevel credit in eng maths gov lit econs yor bio commerce can i be admited to study LLB LAW 100 level WITHOUT having any first degree before cous iwant to apply please i need quike reply

  255. pls. Am a science student, I av all my credit but I only d in my biology am I qualified

  256. pls am intrested in the an

  257. please am interested in the answer to augusta’s question ”that she is a law student in NOUN but there was a news that says there’s nothing like law in NOUN. PLS how true is that statement before i continue my effort to buy the pin,and i would also like to kw if law students are being called to bar after graduation in NOUN? do they also send their students names for law school. i will be grateful if i get answers to these inquires. Thank you

  258. do you master in accounting or any related courses. thanks


  260. Good morning. I have HND ‘lower credit’ in business administration / management and i want to enroll for a in Entrepreneurial/business management or Conflict resolution. I want to know what level i will have to start, Please I need this reply as soon as possible to enable me purchase my admission form.
    Thank you

  261. is noun form still on sale, and does noun student go for nysc

  262. Pls when is noun form closing someone should give me a genew information this year must not pass me by.

  263. Pls I need more information abt diz sch coz I’m so much interested in d sch coz ma parents won’t allow to qo there coz they said dey didn’t knw anything abt d sch…I had credit in all my subjects In WAEC and I’m qoin 4 law pls I need ur help so urgently and if u feel u can’t reply here pls contact me on 08172739850…or add my pin 21110B49…Tnx

  264. Pls! Did NOUN have branch in ikorodu and how did they receive their lectures?

  265. Pls, i want 2 knw maybe NOUN have branch at ikorodu and hw are they receiving their lectures?

  266. i wanna know if the application for undergraduate programme is still avaliable and when is the closing date…..thanks

  267. Admin,is direct entry form into the school of social science not available ?

  268. Its shows that people in 9ja are ready to go to school, and it will be of a great benefit to the nation, thank you very much for making it very easy for people to be Educated. Do you have a course for logistic solution, or did Business Education related to it?

  269. pls how can i obtain the form? Thanks

  270. Is the sch a private sir

  271. Hw muci is undergraduate tution fee sir?

  272. pls, when is d form closing,and where is d study centre in imo state,pls I need a replay

    • hello gift, must you go to the center in your state? you have to look around to check for any of the standard center, for further info just contact me on f.b @ Danny k smith or bbm on 2334A6D8. thank you

  273. pls how much is the school fees for part time undergraduate course (political science) and where is there annex’s in lagos state bcos I stay at ikorodo, moreover when is the closing date for 2013/ 2014 admission. Thx

  274. Hello, pls I have 3rd class in business administration, and I which to come for pgd at open university. do they offer business administration course for there pgd? and how much is school fees?

  275. my name is jummy,i was given admission,and paid 30k,and i was unable to register my course,they ask me to pay more 20k before i can register,can i pend it to next semester because i dont have the 20k for now,pls answer me

  276. am just 100level studnt,and i paid 30k,dey told me i cant register my courses,until i paid more 20k,but i dont hv d money now,can i pend it to next semester,because i will not b allow to write exam without d payment

  277. can i still apply 4 postgraduate diploma

  278. my name is OGUNLUSI FATIMAT R mass communication 200level at national open university sango ibadan center.pls how can i continue my programme online from outside the country.

  279. i have given addmission,how much is d school fees

  280. Goodday sir/madam. Plz am isaac elliot. I wanna confirm if this institution is in session. And I want my sister to start immediately. Plz wit due respect hw much is the application form and the fees. And is it stil available. I do based in bein city. Luv to hear frm u soon

    • hello gloria, am a student in benin study centre the form is 5k and you can get it in zenith bank. but for processing and for further information just contact me on facebook @ Danny k Smith or bbm on 2334A6D8, thank you

  281. Goodday sir/madam. Plz am gloria. I wanna confirm if this
    institution is in session. And I want
    my sister to start immediately. Plz
    wit due respect hw much is the
    application form and the fees. And
    is it stil available. I do based in bein
    city. Luv to hear frm u soon

  282. Please, am currently in 200 level Bus/Admin in one of the federal university, can NOUN offer me admission into 200 level Bus/Admin

  283. Isn’t true that the noun has not been given out result since the introduction of the university?

  284. Am Shina by name,Please, am currently in 200 level Bus/Admin in one of the federal university, can NOUN offer me admission into 200 level Bus/Admin

  285. Please read the advert (which is very clear ) very well and most of your questions will be answered.

  286. When is the admission clo

  287. when is the registration scheduled to close?

  288. pls does noun offers banking n finance course? How much is the fee? Wen s der lecture going to close 4 ds yr? After obtaining d degree r we going 4 NYSC? PlS REPLY ME(TNX)

  289. Admin.pls i purchase the form nd i was given admissoin into entreprenural nd business management this year feb.nd cos of lack of funds i was unable to do it pls can i use it nw?

  290. erinle olabanji says:

    want to know if there is any science course available,engineerin precisely.

  291. Hav got admi can i wait til jan

  292. Ben
    I want to know if noun offer PGD in elect/elect.Also if the form is still on sell.

  293. pls admin.i got the form last year october nd i was giving an admission into one course pls can i use it to proceed the course or will get another one?

  294. adekunle raymondadekoo says:

    please, furnish me with information, I have ND and HND all in mass communication in 2006 with over five years experience as a Public Relations Officer. I also have Advanced Diploma in International Travel and Tourism Management 2013.Am I qualify for MSC in journalism?

  295. adekunle adeleke says:

    please ,with my ND and HND in mass communication,5 years working experience as a Public Relations Officer an Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management in 2013,am I qualify for MSC in Journalism course?

  296. i registered for d programme but i didnt do d screening bcos of lack of funds….. Admin pls can i still do it nw

  297. i am a science student but i want to apply for law programme in noun. I hav b3 in english,c6 in literature, c6 in maths and oda science subjects. Can i apply for law programme wit dis my o level result? says:


  298. pls i saw NOUN in d bronche.After graduating from d school do d students go for NYSC.pls i need a reply.Tanx nd God bless u .



  301. Pls, Is noun no longer admitting students into nursing science department? I have been looking forward to gaining admission into this department but for some time now, there has not been any advert as per admission into the department of nursing science. What is going on? Or is Bsc nursing program no more available in noun? Thanks

  302. pls want to confirm if you have this course in NOUN Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management.

  303. Pls admin i hv D7 in english nd got others credits do i hv d asses 2 apply into noun reply pls

  304. ogban atimbang says:

    my name is ogban pls is noun offering public admin admission undergraduate

  305. Dele-Ige Abimisola Olayinka says:

    How many years is Community Health as a course?

  306. chidolue uju by name. pls where else is the school located apart from Lagos?
    Also is d form still on purchase now? Thanks

  307. Please am in need of the info I ve HND in Statistics Lower Credit, my O leve Eng6, math7, Econ6, Chem5, Com4, Agric3, Gov4, Biolo8. Can I apply for PGD. Thank

  308. I have HND (lower credit) in Accountancy and had completed NYSC. Can NOUN offer me admission into Accounting 300 level?

  309. I have HND (lower credit) in Accountancy and have qualified as Chartered Accountant. Can NOUN offer me admission into 300/400 level, because I need the B.A?

  310. i have my WAEC result since 2002, though iam working now and want to apply for admission into your University for a degree programme, can this result be valid? and when is you admission date?

  311. Sadisu Dankurmi says:

    Pls. I’ve credit in eng., Math, physics, hausa and D7 chmist, and p8 in agric, biology, and geog. Then diploma in eng and computer scie. With low credit grade. Can me get 200 level.

  312. please i want to know if you offer public health at masters level.

  313. kESHINRO KAFYAT says:

    pls am an ND holder wit lower grade an i want to do direct entry my ssce is ok hope am qualified for dat pls i need ur respond thanks

  314. S. Abiodun Jimoh says:

    Pls. i won’t to know if the new section form is out. Thank you


  316. Pls,does NOUN accept Diploma in City and Guild as requirement for science courses? I have pass in electrical and electronics in city & guild’s diploma, pls can I get admission with it?

  317. oladeji laddo says:

    Does noun accepts awaiting result for fresher’s?

  318. Most of the questions here have been answered if only you would take out a little time to read through however some questions have been pointedly ignored ADMIN debunke these rumours and give the applicants some hope…..I’m seeing things like results not being given since the start of the school….the school not sending the names of their students law schools, nysc issues and all……all these areresonable concerns I think you should reasure these people as truthfully and diplomatically as possible…..I respect the work your doing here its not easy please keep it up and God bless you!

  319. Ihuoma Nwankwo says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Can someone with BA Communication Arts enroll for masters in Education. Where is their learning centre in Port Harcourt

  320. Good evening sir,
    How is work today sir. I have HND in ESTATE MANAGEMENT with Lower Credit and I have all the SSCE requirement to study LAW but I want to confirm if I can get it admission into 200level direct entry.
    Kindly update me on what to do also want to know when the admission for is closing for 2013 / 2013.
    Waiting for yournresponce sir/ma.

  321. chris abigail says:


  322. hi..pls i nid to knw,i made payment to the bank,did the online reg,and i was later told that i nid to chang the prog i filled for,pls i nid to knw if its still posible for that changes to be made,and also to find out wen the clearanc will commence.thank you

  323. i have an admission with your university this year
    fortunate for me i travel since last two month i just came back and i was told the that i can pay the school fee again that the exam is starting soon can i do the two exam togetheir next semester

  324. Pls I want to find out when the form for this section will on sale

  325. Pls I want to know when the form for this year admission will on sale

  326. is their centre in ondo state n where, can i study curse base on criminology n security their?

  327. i need reply 4 my questn now pls

  328. Thank you for the information. I would like to know where NOU has study centre in Anambra State.

    I have B.A. and M.A. in Religion/Human Relations from UNIZIK Awka. Can I be admitted for a master’s degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution?


  329. Oko catherine says:

    I paid for admission form for Masters but later decided to change to PGD, beceause I want to change course. please how do i go about doing this.

  330. please Admin,I want to know if admission is still on progress,and when will the buying of form end.Please Reply me! Thank you

  331. Am graduate of social science with diploma in journalism. I have over 15 years of experience in journalism. Please, can l do MSC in Mass communication. Thanks


  333. Just got d info, wnt 2 knw if i can still get d form 4 2013/2014 academic session 4 100L in accounting

  334. Wen is d closing date 4 d form? Nid a reply fast.

  335. Pls when is the admission closing or ending. Pls l need to know. Noun don’t offer community health this year yes or no?

  336. i want to know how to go about applying or PGDE and where the centres are?

  337. i want to know how to go about applying for PGDE and where the centres are? i also want to know the specific schools that runs the programme.

  338. I would like to know if my wace result wit d7 in account and economics can study accountin wit it in noun university. I need ur reply


  340. Just got d info, wnt 2 knw if i cn still get d form 4 2013/2014 academic session 4 200L in mass communication. Nd pls cn i use ND result to apply 4 admission into nou, nid a reply fast pls.

  341. please when is the admissions ending?


  343. pls am trying to register for the 2013/2014 session PGD Progamm but along the line i can not complete the from, pls what do i do? Reply me pls

  344. This admin respond is so bad,answer the main consigns of the people that are trying to acquire knowledge from the school.your respond is not encouraging its making me lose interest in the school already.

  345. How do i apply for my PGD program and is there PGD in Urban and Regional Planning?

  346. [email protected] says:

    How much is d tuition fee per semester

  347. Pls, is NOUN going 4 NYSC

  348. I am an holder of certificate in community with registered licence and two years of working experience,awaiting result in ND(ordinary diploma) in community health.Pls can i enroll for direct entry in noun?

  349. Please i wish to know if there is an undergraduate in Biology under the school of science and technology?

  350. Pls in my gce exam,l ve mathsc6, englishd7, ecoc3,chemc6,geo,e,biod7,phif9,fuder mats.d7,can l use dis result to get admission?

  351. please Admin,I want to
    know if under graduate admission is still on
    progress,and when will the
    buying of form end.Please
    Reply me! Thank you…..

  352. Do you offer admission for medical student?

  353. NOUN is among the universities that has been given acreditation to run programes upto PHD level. go the website of NUC

  354. Sir, i want to know if admission to school requires one siting for JAMB

    • you dont need jamb at all to get admission into NOUN,for further information just contact me on facebook @ Danny k Smith or bbm on 2334A6D8, thank you

  355. Pls can I still get the form and admission into PGD LAW for this year if possible how do I get it?

    • yes you can, just go into any zenith bank you will get it there,for further information just contact me on facebook @ Danny k Smith or bbm on 2334A6D8, thank you

  356. What level can someone with H.N.D (upper credit) in Business Administration starts from for his direct entry for B.S.C. programme ,And kindly send me the school fees analysis for the programme.

  357. Admin,
    Please, I have five credit in two sittings still I have no Mathematics in credit level and I want to apply for Public Administration. Will I be given direct entry or I must pass through certificate course? Please I need your advice.


  359. Just want to find out if Noun has part time programmed for Nurses at Ond level d duration and when to start applying. I have 8 credits in all including math’s, Eng..,biology,agric. etc or home economics at ond level then also on normal four year course on d above courses. Thank You

  360. Pls Noun, I want you to check the requirements you posted for Environmental Science and Research management.
    I applied for the course with my qualifications agreeing more than what was posted on net by NOUN Administration but with a big shock, I was given admission for Access course upon my qualifications going beyond what is requested + my Certificate and OND in Science Laboratory Technology, University of Ibadan. Pls, check my results filled on my forms and bail me out.

  361. pls i want to knw if undergraduate admission form is still on sale, and when is it expiring? Please reply me imediately.

  362. Please Sir,

    Am interested in buying the form.

    I want to know if the form is still available.

    Best Regards,
    Adole Douglas.

  363. Pls, is form for masters still on

  364. pls…wat s the requirements fo DE as HND holder for agricultural sceince courses

  365. Please, I need your candid response to the issues I have. I read online about the fee schedules for both new and returning students in the National Open Universities of Nigeria (NOUN). However, I have a relative studying Computer Science at the Asaba center who said that he paid N100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) as tuition fee in his first year/ first semester (April, 2013, this year), then paid tuition fee of N57,000 in the second semester (last September). He even provduced official school receipts for the N1000,000 and N57,000. But these amounts are exttemely high compared to the amounts shown online. Please, are the people syudying computer science payiing higher fees than is published online or is my relative lying to us in order to collct more money for his personal use. What then is the explanation for the official schools receipts he provided for the above amounts. Please, kindly respond. Thank You.

  366. Ambassador Omego says:

    Pls i want to know ten graduated students that the school of NOUN had given degree certificates with their contacts.

  367. dfhrfghjtykiu says:

    Please do you have master course in music

  368. Gud job Admin,pls i hv ben givn admision letter new intak, 4rm d leter we ar ask 2 visit Centre 4 further Screening bt anytym we go der it always b come 2moro etc.i try 2 chek 2013/2014 Calender mey b not yet out.hv dey started or ppls wen is d screening gong 2 commence? Tnks.pls reply Agidingbi Centre

  369. Aletile Stanley B says:

    I want to take the form but don’t know how to go about it,can anyone help me out?

  370. Olushola Shamsideen says:

    Good Day Sir,

    My name is Sanni Olushola Shamsideen, am currently an OND holder in business administration from LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC, 2012/2013 session with distinction (3.50).

    I have read and made some findings as regards to National Open University programmes and found myself so much interested enrolling for the one of the management courses but i am having some questions for you sir and i will really appreciate if i can get an urgent response

    * With my OND (3.50 CGPA) distinction in business administration, can i be admitted if i apply for DIRECT ENTRY into 200 level (B.Sc Accounting) in the School of Management Science?

    * On the web page, I saw this statement:

    Admission of candidates into 200 and 300 levels B.Sc Accounting in
    the School of Management Sciences will not be applicable for this
    current admission exercise.”

    Please, i want to confirm the statement, is it true?

    * Can you tell me sir what is the collaboration or either academic/official relationship between NOUN and ICAN?

    * How far will a student of accounting in NOUN goes before He/She will be eligible for go for ICAN through NOUN?

    * And which will level will He/She starts from?

    * Can i still apply for admission in NOUN?

    Please sir, i need an urgent response so as to take my decision.


  371. Can HND Marketing Pass apply for Bsc programme

  372. Can HND Marketing with Pass apply for admission in the institution for Bsc programme

  373. Please furnish me with the details of your office address at Ogba, Ikeja,Lagos State so I can go there to make some enquiries. Thank you

  374. Good morning, please i would like to know if NOUN has a stdio for mass communication. i would sincerely appreciate a reply.

    Thank you.

  375. Sir, i want to know if an ND holder with lower credit can obtain a form for direct entry?. If yes, what level?. Thank you

  376. I like d good work keep it up but d question if there is nursing in noun is not yet answered

  377. Please who can we contact for Kebbi state centre? his phone number and offfice address if possible, Thanks.

  378. please,will it acceptable to do PGD in Communication Tech without having Credit in Phy and Chemistry?

  379. I am science student, I have credit in Mathematic, English,Economics, Geography and Physics. Can I do Entrepreneurial & Business Management?

  380. ayoade maryam says:

    pls i have a pass in english language,which course can i apply for as a commercial student or can i use awaiting result

  381. zakari mohammed says:

    Noun thank for giving me admi ssion for master (M.Ed)

  382. pls i want to know when the National open University Adimssion 2014 will be on sell,
    thank you.

  383. I want to know if i can gain admission into NOUN with five cre
    dit including maths,eng
    and econs…

  384. Is there a masters degree in Math Education?

  385. Is there a masters degree programme in Math Education in NOUN?

  386. Compliments. Please just bought a form for my Master’s programme from Zenith Bank with the old Accts Number 8080100660, is it still accepted? because i am seeing a different Accts number on the new portal.

  387. Pls peeps,is d form still on sale? If yes,pls i need someone tn pls help me out. Thankz

  388. i want to know if your master programme form is still on sale;Also,i have a post graduate diploma in education from national teachers institute (NTI),I’m qualify for a master programme in education in your institution?


  390. I am an HND holder in Urban and Regional Planning but want to pursue Bsc in Criminology and Security Studies,can i be admitted and is the admission still on?
    if not, what course can you offer me?
    many thanks

  391. I just wnt 2 knw wen d admission of 2014 begin.
    Anybody 2 help me find out pls my poles I need it quickly thnks ola.
    U can also cal me on 08022860831.

  392. can a pass holder in hnd accounting purchase the pgd in noun?

  393. Chapman sunday suleiman says:

    Pls admin, how do i get the form now? Somebody shld help me.


  395. am not sure about statistic in ur school

  396. Richard Obinna says:

    If you need help with the national open university abuja study centre, call 08175458193

  397. please is there any civil engineering course

  398. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2013/2014 Admission in Progress Now – See more at: 2015-admission or call +2348138219

  399. Please, can I apply for Estate Management in NOUN with Pass in Mathematics?

  400. Can I use my three year transcript in Theatre Arts from the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN to Apply for law programme?

  401. Can I use my three year transcript in Theatre Arts from the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN to Apply for UNDERGRADUATE LAW programme?

  402. folorunho micheal says:

    pls i having being giving an admission into the institution but i don’t know when the lecture will start under management courses thanks.

  403. folorunsho micheal says:

    pls i having being giving an admission into the institution but i don’t know when the lecture will start under management courses thanks.

  404. Pls i have HND in Quantity survaying with a pass. And i wnt to apply for postgraduate diploma in peace and conflic resolution.. Work experience with immigration for 15yrs.can i apply?

  405. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2014/2015 Admission in Progress Now CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION 08164002

  406. Please, i have BSc. ED in (Economics Education). I want to apply for Masters in either Economics or Economics Education. But i can not see the course on the list.
    Pls help me out.

  407. Evang rehoboth pascal says:

    Goodday i have 5credit but a pass in physic, is there any course i can read with these result, secondly is there study center in rivers state and when is the closing date of the admission here also is my phone number i need an urgent reply

  408. durojaiye olatunde says:

    Can I go 4 full time

  409. pls, i want to know if there will be mass comm. in the 2014/2015 per time admin. courses

  410. can i apply for direct entry with “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”?

  411. Please sir, am a 200 level student already, but due to some predicaments when I can no longer cope I stop my program since 2012 and now I want to resume back, what step do you suggest that I should take? please I need an urgent answer. thanks

  412. I want to process an admission into noun but have not known abt the following:1) Lagos state lecture site 2) school fee 3 )if you run part time programme and 4) if 2012 neco result is still valid till 2015

  413. Please is admission still on for 1st degree in public administrative???

  414. please i will like to find out if i can register for post graduate in your great school…. is the form on??

  415. With 1 sittings in WAEC, 7 credits excluding maths (d7), can l be given an admission into noun

  416. marian abanda says:

    I have five credit pass in English, where I fit in,.pls I need an urgent reply

  417. marian abanda says:


  418. Just to know if there are room for direct entry into Law Degree Programme with a 2nd class in Diploma Law from a reputable University in Nigeria.

  419. Sir/ma, i want to know when is the next in take for undergraduate programmes. Cos i was told that the on going admission will be closing soon. please i need your reply so i could prep er for the coming one.

  420. Sir/ma, i was told that the on going admission for 2014, will closing very, very, soon. Sir, i will like to know if there is going to be another admission this year again. if yes, when so i could get myself preper for the next admission. thank you sir/ma.

  421. wot is d name of student counsellor llb law?

  422. I am ready to enrol for A Master Degree Programme with NOUN> I want to confirm if Admission is still on and how do i go about it. Pls respond ASAP.

  423. NOTE: noun admission is free don’t allow anyone to scam you for noun admission, with 5k buying the form at Zenith bank you will be admitted automatically. If your intend coming to BENIN STUDY CENTER you can add me for any info, BBM 2334A6D8, WHATSAPP, 07018311148

  424. I have a 3rd class from a federal Uni, I want to do my MBA… can i enrol?


  426. is there any study center in Ado Ekiti ND IS Admission is still in progress

  427. hi admin, i’ll like to know the minimum requirement for your masters programme of mass communication. as a practicing journalist with 5 years experience can i apply directly for masters without first obtaining a post graduate diploma?

  428. please i need the contact address for abuja study centre for an inquiring.

  429. Is there any engineering courses in Noun? Is there any admission this year or wait till next year before resumption

  430. I don’t understand how people can compose such bad and incorrect sentences..Most of you keep asking silly questions that has been answered,its just your refusal to settle down and read what’s on the website…Nigerian youths it is well ooo.


  432. Good day,I finished my NCE since 2000 has not collected my result but I did well. I read English(DM) and will like to continue with that.can I buy the form and start now to submit the result later. Will appreciate a response. Thanks.

  433. I have Credit in math, Eng, Chem, Biology. But D7 in my physics as undergraduate, and I want to do mechanical engineering as course, can I be offer an Admission into NOUN……

  434. When does d sales of forms end and what is d annual school fee for a degree programme in mass communication?

  435. do you offer economics at post graduate level?

  436. please can OND Lower credit apply for your accounting/Ican programmer.please needed urgent number is

  437. does NOUN accept awaiting result on NECO

  438. pls with HND upper credit which class of class of admission, i will belong?

  439. Do you offer PGD or Masters in health planning and management?

  440. pls i will like to know if the form for 2014/2015 admission is out, pls i need d reply badly. thanks

  441. when is the 2014/2015 starting. thanks

  442. what level can HND holder start from? if one is having Upper credit at HND level can he apply for master in ur school?

  443. pls i hav d following result in my NECO exam maths C5, english C6,biology C6,economics C6,geography C6,can i use this result to study biology education? pls i need an urgent reply b4 i obtain d form.

  444. funmilola onilude says:

    i want to register into national open university and where can i obtain my form?pls i need a reply

  445. Owoeye Oluwaseun says:

    I applied for MPA and denied admission. I forwarded my documents to your email and I was told that I am admitted. How can I get evidence of admission. Also, when s the next session starting? Thanks.

  446. Owoeye Oluwaseun A. says:

    I applied for MPA and denied admission, afterwards, I sent my documents to your email and was admitted thereafter. I tried to reapply because of this new development but still not admitted. Based on your confirmation as admitted, what is going to be my evidence of admission. Also, when is the session starting? Thanks and remain blessed.

  447. Where is asaba study centre located

  448. Can somebody with HND Upper Credit apply for Master Degree Programmer?

  449. Mr Fasasi says:

    Good day sir,I had my first Degree in Education /Politica sci. from University of Ibadan with second class lower,Also a masters in Education with Ph.D proceed.Now I got a Job as an Information Officer in which I have been compelled to go and study mass comm.Sir,I want to know if I can apply for Masters in Mass COM or PGDE in Journalism and mass comm.Iwill be glad if u can reply me in pronto.

  450. Akpoesiri samuel says:

    is registration close for 2014/2015 admission

  451. Anonymous says:

    what is the adreess of maccauty study center,and what is access course is all about

  452. Anonymous says:

    noun is God sent.This institution as come to stay,because we need it.

  453. I was just given admission for an undergraduate program to study Mathematics at Noun last month April, 2014 but i don’t know the registration period yet. Pls, can somebody help me out?

  454. Admin,i had B.Eng 3rd class and i have intention of applying 4 Information technoloy in noun post graduate school 4 masters without going through PGD(in IT).Is it possible.

  455. pls what are the Requirements for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution i mean the subject needed?

  456. I really lv it,pls hw much is d form nd wen is it closing.

  457. Patrick Sunday says:

    with diploma in law can i secure admission into two hundred level to study interpreneural & business management, with six credit in NECO, these credit include Maths,English,Commerce,Economics,Biology and Literature in english.?

  458. Good morning,
    Is the graduate of noun go for service after the program. pls I need response

  459. TOPE AJISAFE says:

    Gud day sir, I want to know if business administration for Bsc certificate is available in this school and also if I can use my ND in accounting with Pass to enter 200Level in business administration. Pls i need urgent reply.

  460. Pls, I want to confirm if the NOUN offer Bsc in Business Administration and if i can offer admision into 200level with my ND pass in accounting.Thanks

  461. Olusola G. says:

    I hold a professional diploma in public relations.Am I qualified to apply for PGD(Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution?

  462. I hold a professional diploma in public relations. Am I qualified for PGD(Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution)?

  463. Gentle king says:

    Pls can i appy for bsc in computer science with my neco result

  464. since the study centre in sapele has not been opened….we arround there hw are we going to co-op…..?

  465. Olusola G. says:

    I hold a professional qualification in public relations.Am I qualified for any of the Post Graduate Diploma courses?

  466. Please i just fill my application form, on printing the admission letter it was showing 2012/2013 academic session. please am confused

  467. Good day sir/ma, please i want to come in for degree program me,i have N.C.E certificate with 4 credit in Math,English Account,Economics, d rest are passes. Can i be admitted? Quick response to this will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  468. Good day sir/ma, please i want to come in for degree program me,i have N.C.E certificate with 4 credit in Math,English Account,Economics at two sitting, d rest are passes. Can i be admitted? Quick response to this will be highly appreciated. Thanks -

  469. kayode williams says:

    i want to register for the programm but some poeple are confusing that they normally have problem with their internet registration,meaning you may not be able to login into ur portal,so what can u use to convince me about this issue good to hear from you soon,so that i can register soon

  470. Pls I have 6 credit and a pass I lit in Eng can I go for mass communication

  471. please is do you run part time program, please answer urgently

  472. odedeyi oluwaseyi says:

    i want to know if i can be working and running the program at the same time, and also i want to know how much the tuition fee is?

  473. odedeyi oluwaseyi says:

    do student of OPEN UNIVERSITY go for service and also can i use my ND pass result in BANKING AND FINANCE for direct entry ACCOUNTING? pls i need ur reply ASAP

  474. please how much is the total tuition’s fee

  475. idowu oluwafemi says:

    Hello Sir.
    Are you runing any of an Engineering course as a part time,if so,let me know,and when the admission form is going to be out,
    Thanks a lot,
    My regards to you all.
    Mr Idowu

  476. pls im about applying for admission but I’m seeing 2012/2013 session on the portal. Please what should i do

  477. pls can i use my lower credit in ND mass communication gain admission to NOUN? And hope i will be admitted to 200Lvl?

  478. Plz i browse tru ur course is NOUN offering BSc Hospital Management Code 3206 as listed among ur courses runned?

  479. is msc in social work avaliable?if yes,wen can i apply

  480. Please, i am HND holder in computer Engineering, can i be admitted to 300level to study computer science or communications Technology?

  481. i study chemical enginerering , but in want to do my PGDP in ACIB or information technology ,please its possible

  482. pls, i want to know if admission form is still on sell.

  483. please iam a year one student and just finished exams,want to know when next simester starts and if i will register new course outline

  484. Pls what’s d Tuition for Masters Program?

  485. Pls I have 3 of my courses which I ve written 3 times that are not i ve written notificatn,yet not released since 2012,pl what do I do.

  486. Pls were can i locate ur study center in owerri imo state. Pls whatssap me on. Tanx

  487. Joseph
    when will you be running Masters in Hospitality Management?

  488. when will you be running Masters in Hospitality Management?

  489. Akanbi Mojisola says:

    Does french students go for acculcturation

  490. Please how can i apply for this school and what are the educational requirement and financial requirement (expenses). This is my mail (samolaxy@rocketmail). I want to study computer science.

  491. Sharon Bajinta says:

    Pls. can i secure admission (200)level with diploma in public admin with lower credit?

  492. Pls do student go for national youth service

  493. Greetings to u name is NORA,i want to know the requirements for direct entry and also know if there is other branches outside nigeria like Ghana?

  494. Ekperusi Samuel says:

    pls…how can i local the Agidigbin study center in lagos state (the address please)?

  495. Greeting of the day, please can i apply for awaiting result in law, i have purchase my direct entry form since last year December, i just finish writing my WAEC in this last Examination, please send me mail with more details,

  496. p[s I have RN certificate in nursing,to do my postgraguate nursing,how many yrs is it goin to last

  497. please what are the requirement for Arabic and Islamic Studies

  498. please what are the requirement for Arabic and Islamic Studies
    Thanks i can’t get it well

  499. jeremiah jamiu otokubrin says:

    noun should release my result,the comprehensive result released did not make sense.there’s nothing like grade,scores,g.p.a.I did not know wheither i pass the course or not since 2011.

  500. chilaka chidi says:

    when is second semester going to begin?

  501. IGE OLUWATOBA M says:


  502. Good day,i want to know how many semester do you run in OU

  503. Do ibadan center offer nursing

  504. do ur school offer business administration if yes, let me knw

  505. foloki bikumoh says:

    Is there any centr in akure?.pls ans qiuck

  506. onuh oguche says:

    pls, is posible to study MBA, MPA with the first degree Bsc in political science in ur school.

  507. Pls i want to know if some with (CGP 2.80)2.2 grade in finance and Banking can apply for Mba in FINANCIAL MGT?
    Secondly, how can a student cope with the practical aspect of this course ” NURSING”.?

  508. Faith Ogunmola says:

    Please,I’m an HND holder in Business administration with lower credit,an NYSC certificate and Nigeria institute of management (NIM). Can u offer me an admission in Economics 300/400L direct? Need an urgent reply…

  509. Gud day Sir. when is the final day for registration?. I meant the expire day?. Between this month to nest month?. Pls I need urgent reply. Thanks

  510. I need to know the final date for registration.

  511. I am delaying my registration. I want to no the expire date.



  514. Is the form for 2014/2015 Admission for Postgraduate Programme still on. My First Degree is in Computer Science but I am interested in your M.Sc in Business Administration. Do I have to do a PGD first and what is the school fees like?

  515. Please Admin,is the form still on sale?? Nd do they graduate students frm the school??,if yes do d students go through NYSC i.e serve and get employed with the result?…. Pls i need ur response. Thanks

  516. pls i have HND IN chemisry,pls i want to know the level NOUN will give and and when they they are starting the next academic year

  517. pls how do i get registration form pls?

  518. pls what is the requirement for BSC Biology

  519. ABATCHA IBRAHIM says:

    Good day,i want to appeal to NOUN Maiduguri to reintroduce facilitation for the undergraduate, please. Sometimes we finds it difficult to understand what we read by ourselves without the guidance by tutors. Please, consider our situation and provide solution to this matter. Thanks.

  520. Okoidigun Deborah says:

    Pls i wnat to know, what level will i start from with my OND (Grade Lower Credit)

  521. pls i want to go for computer science 1oo level plss is d form still on? and where cn I get it to buy frm akure nd plssss hw much is d sch fees

  522. LilianSparks says:

    HI, I OBTAINED A DIPLOMA in business studies,WITH Nigerian college of Administration, a, also an associate member of Chartered institute of administration. i wish to apply for direct entry into 200 or 300 level, i wanna know the possibilities and modalities. thanks and God bless for your quick response to enable me register for 2014 set.

  523. okoye ebuka says:

    please i want to know if NOUN have started offering Bsc Nursing underdraduate

  524. zubairu sani says:

    can a noun student go to service after graduation.

  525. kelechi Alphonsus says:

    gud day NOUN,pls i want to known how much is the fees for a candidate studying computer science



  527. hello! pls enlighten me; i have d7 in english language and a diploma in theology, what course other than christian theology would be suitable for me?

  528. Hello,what subjects must be passed at NECO/WAEC level to study Public Administration?

  529. Its wonderful but how can I know that the forms are out or where can I get the form for admission this year in Bayelsa State

  530. Please,i have an upper credit frm OKO POLYTECHNIC in banking and finance.Can i apply for masters degree programme

  531. rasaq taiwo says:

    pls is there any brance in ikeja

  532. Hi Admin, When is your registration for 2014/2015 admission closing and can i do in public administration with my degree in economics, also what is the cost

  533. I want to know how I can apply for part time Direct Entry in business administration and management? thank you look forward to see your reply.

  534. Good Day Noun,pls I want to know if I can apply for a social art course (mass.comm)to be precise with an outstanding in my O’level mathematics. Thanks. Awaiting Answer.

  535. Please can i apply for Mass comm with an outstanding in my O’level Mathematics??

  536. pls do you have a master program in HRM or HRM related?

  537. Ewuru TimothyAbua says:

    Please i want to find out if i can be given 200level to read entrepreneuralship/management with my HND in business management/admin.

  538. adeniji olufemi says:

    pls would like to confirm, how to process addmmission into Sch of Law, am a graduate of international studies, ABU Zaria, with 2/2. Am intretsted in d undergraduate law proggramme sir. pls advice. Thanks

  539. i want to obtain a diploma form in communcation technology hw much is it and wat d requirement

  540. aguomba peace says:

    please i want to resume my MBA programme after 2 years break, how do i go about it. thank you

  541. Mr Emmanuel says:

    Upgrading of result or assistance of admission in to
    NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY call Mr Emmanuel 08075895929

  542. Taiwo Chris says:

    Please with my HND Statistics lower credit can I study any of this course in PGD level. 1.Information Technology 5305, 2.Mobile Communication Technology (wireless) 5304, 3. Digital Communications 5302.Thanks.

  543. Theophilus Chukwudi says:


  544. even is the university also opened for the foreigners? i am a camerounian i would like to study master in religion or precisely theology thank you God bless you

  545. please can some with lower credit in computer science (National Diploma) apply for Direct Entry at NOUN?

  546. Do open university law graduate attend law school,

  547. Can I do peace conflict studies at diploma level?

  548. can i use my O, level for d nursing course? please i need reply

  549. Stephanie Jacobs says:

    i heard another session will come on by September ,is this true?

  550. pls can somebody with HND business admin/management do direct entry mass communication

  551. please i want to know if there is any study center in ebonyi state and the address

  552. Martin Mafai says:

    What if I have an O Level WAEC/SSCE Nov/Dec 1995 result, will that still be valid?

  553. I bought the form today but can’t fill in the programme. is it still on

  554. Naomi Dionne says:

    Greetings to you sir/madam,it is the Cameroon GCE O’Level 2012/2013 certificate that i have,and with very good points.Is the certificate acceptable by NOUN,please? Also,i wish to know if medical surgery or a suitable medical related course is been offered in NOUN.Thank you.

  555. why dont you hav masters in early childhood much is d school fee for masters in education

  556. please i want to ask if i will be Admitted into 300L with HND Lower and NYSC Discharge certificate? please help with dis.

  557. Abia Emilia Edet says:

    i wwant to run a program (HRM) but am yet to collect my OND result in BUS admin is there any chance for me?

  558. For msc prog I’m unable to log in for registration througout yesterday having paid the bills. Why? Sir

  559. Can someone with Advance Diploma in Accounting and Finance gain admission into 200 level in NOUN.

  560. Your Comment Here…which step can I take to becos student now open universi

  561. pls i want to knw if i will get jamb direct entry form to apply for direct entry courses

  562. esther charles says:

    please,iwant to know wether open university use to go to service,i mean NYSC. thanks

  563. esther charles says:

    pls i need speedily answer

  564. i have a bs. in accounting without an exmption letter, can i run a master programme in NOUN

  565. ambacyrilntui says:

    require informatio about when the admission for 2014./2015 will elapse

  566. Admin,please don’t be bias in answering people’s question like if the graduating students will go for service,if the certificate is recognize in the labour market and if truly,result is not issued to students since the inception of the school.I really need to buy a direct entry form in your school but the stories am reading here is not encouraging.


    I wish to apply for the master programme in educational technology or any related education field as my first degree is in creative arts education. longing to get a response from you. thanks in anticipation.

  568. olufemi olushola says:

    If i strt school here in nigeria cn i finish it if i travel outside nigeria? lyk an online study.

  569. AKINNIYI ENIOLA says:

    please have already print my admission letter when am i suppose to take it to the school.beside when is the next matriculation coming up?

  570. Pls do you have economist?. As HND holder in Buss Adm lower credit, can i apply for it?

  571. Do National Open University run Masters Programme in Environmental Science, what is the fee. If so known, can I apply now to commence my Masters programme and how do I go for lectures and other things involved in the programme.

  572. pls whats the step for someone that graduated with third class. and still want to futher

  573. I’ve just browsed your website, and want to purchase Admission Form tomorrow Thursday, 11/09/2014. Hope am not late, please.

    I need ur swift response. Thank you.

  574. okpalanwa cecilia says:

    please, i have NCE in accounting. can i apply for direct entry to 200 level in the field of Bsc in accounting? if not, please advice!

  575. Good Morning Sir/Ma,

    I am a BSC holder in accounting (Studied at the university of Buea-Cameroon) and presently working in Lagos. I wish to do a post graduate programme in Business Administration. Can this be possible in NOUN?

  576. i have HND IN accounting with lower credit and eight years working experience.can can i be admitted for MASTER OF SCIENCE degree programme without PGD

  577. i have HND in acccounting with lower credit and 8 years working experience. can i be admitted for MSC programme ?

  578. hello,i need help with this NOUN Admission requirements. i got it from the noun site that HND Upper Credit can be admitted for MBA. i went to their office to hear a “NO”. please if anyone has another opinion on this, it will help me. thanks

  579. Adeniji Olayinka says:

    please, l have to know if I can be admitted with the following results:mathematics C4 ENGLISH LANGUAGE D7 LITERATURE IN ENGLISH C4 YORUBA LANGUAGE B3 GOVERNMENT C5 CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDY C4

  580. I have HND IN statistics with lower credit and four years working experience.can i be admitted for PGD -

  581. pls can I use my SSCE (NECO precisely) and my HND certificate to apply for PGD programme? pls do u have PGD in public health?

  582. please i want to find out admission is still open at this time(14/09/2014) for a PGD programme. how long will the programme last and how much is the fee? will appreciate your urgent reply.

  583. Admission Officer says:

    ADMISSION! ADMISSION!! ADMISSION!!! 2014/2015 Admission List Processing, 59 Vacant slots available into any University of your choice in Nigeria please very urgent.

  584. What about those that did JCHEW how’s can they enrole in diploma CHEW in theUniversity with 10 years of working experience?

  585. ifeoma chukwuma says:

    pls i want an urgent reply. i have diploma in marketing Delta state university and degree in business management Abia state university 2nd class lower, i want to read law but i dont have literature in english if yes, will it be direct entry. pls reply so that i can buy the form. thanks

  586. ifeoma chukwuma says:

    pls, can i be allowed to make it up next year as iam running the programme?