2014 JAMB Answers online?

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2014 JAMB Answers online. Get your 2014 JAMB Answers Here and get 2014 JAMB Answers sent directly to your mobile phone… These topics, links and sites with such news you must avoid in 2014 if you wish to make good grades in the upcoming JAMB UTME Examination.

Have you ever wondered why when jamb results are released so many results are withheld or missing is all because of Exam malpractice, you will see a candidate with type A shading type B carelessly because that was what was sent to his/her mobile.

I won’t lie to you sometimes they work so many get high scores through this cheating process but those who failed are higher than the ones that succeeded, the so called Answer senders are students like you (mostly 100 L students) sometimes even people with no education background send it too in order to make money from the opportunity they will manipulate answers from 1 to 100 and send, you pay them before the result is out so when the result is out they will be long gone!

So who will you blame? if you waste your year again and your N5000 and fail, the best option is to start now and study hard if you do it yourself you will never be scared of what the result will be, you will never be scared of failing all you need to do is study, study and study there is enough time for it now.

Get Jamb Past Question, join a lesson center/tutorial classes meet with people who have wrote and passed the exam by themselves let them teach you and you will succeed and make Good grades.

Beware Be warned don’t fall a victim!


70 Comments to “2014 JAMB Answers online?”

  1. Ogundare taiwo

    I want english,physics,chemistryandbiology answers for 2014 jamb

  2. Ebenezer sylvanus

    I really must commend u people 4 d advice u’ve given to me dis a.m may d good lord.bless d pioneers of dis very site.i luv u all.

  3. Elizabeth adiele

    I need physic,english,chemistry,mathematics nd biology passed questions.i don’t mind if its online

  4. Rosemary Okezie

    Am glad 4 ur advice,tankz alot,n am takin english, physics,chemistry n biology,i need ur help

  5. Nworie ezekiel

    Please, I need your help in these subjects: mathematics, english, chemistry, and physics

  6. Ernest

    Jamb is easy, all you got to do is to read and at the same time pray very hard. May God help me in this jamb that am about to sit 4 so that my #4900 wunt be a waste. Amen

  7. osunde ambrose

    i will be glad if my request is considered, i need quest from english and economics

  8. Remedy ator

    Dat’s great i think i’m interesting expecialy on dat of 2014 JAMB answer

  9. daniel

    u guy are doing alot of work. Pls i need, ENGLISH, GOVERNMENT, C R S AND LITERATURE IN ENGLISH

  10. bright austin

    tnxs 4 d advices,i blive 2 pass jamb is GOD help as a result of hard works(reading) and prayers.also b vasertile and don’t always blive on luck bcus that’s were many fail it.

  11. comfortmary

    pls i need answers for the following sujects in 2014 jamb,maths,english,government and economics.i wil be greatful if my request is granted.

  12. Modesta

    Please am writing English,goverment,lit in English nd CRK pls i need help

  13. Mercy ud

    fnx for d advice buh ah reali nid physics, chemistry,English &mathematics answers for d up cming jamb. n ah olxo nid institution & courses brochure xo ah cn make a choise.fnk u………

  14. NASRI

    I want 2014 Answers on English,Mathematics,physics and chemistry

  15. Anonymous

    Tnks 4 d advice.i need d A.O.C on jamb english,mathematics,chemistry,physics.

  16. Mathew

    I want to know the mont and the date of 2014 jamb regestration and the exame date

  17. uthulo ejikky

    bravo 2 u mr myedu 4 ur guildline nd advice, i promise 2 read harder nd prayerful in jesus name amen

  18. mercy

    U guyz re doing a great job..plz I need physics chemistry, biology nd enGlish

  19. Adiele ifeanyi stanley

    Ooops!..beta bliv in God.He ix d only one wit d anxa ,jxt bliv n read/study harder wit al supplication tru praya to him.Only if u do dix den d admission ix sur.C U DIA 4 M ALRDY DIA

  20. donald mathias

    am gratful 4 d advisr but maths english physic an geography

    I will apreciat it if u culd asist

  21. Omokhunu adams imoudu

    I need past questions on english, litereture, government and economics in order to get ready for jamb 2014/2015

  22. Jaynet bamigbose

    Please i need someone to advice me on ds cumin jamb pls.i will realy b api if my request is granted.

  23. Ilesanmi Taiwo j

    Tank’s for your advice.Pls I only need.Answer ds < ECONOMIC, GOVERNMENT, C.R.K,LITERATURE IN ENGLISH, MATHEMATICE.

  24. Danlami isuwa

    Al wi most 2 do is left 4 us 2 read hrd nd pray 2 God in our jamb amen

  25. Horlahreawajue

    I nid chemistry, physic, math n english buh at de xame tyme wuld luv to download de pass question online @ edu Nigeria buh it lik Edu did nt Recognise x2-02

  26. Adefunrin Adewale

    Kep on praying alongsyd wif reading coz onli God knws d best.i have d bliv dat i wl make 2014 jamb IJN.

  27. Justice Ahmad Haruna

    i need english physics maths biology pls help me is jamb 08084 help me to send me answer if you get

  28. Anonymous

    Pls 4 christ sake I need eng , math , commerce nd account


    i wil lyk u 2 help me wit english, maths, physics,chemistry nd biology answer

  30. Stev

    Plis i need eng , chem, bio nd phy if possible maths plis o. 07035441875

  31. Anoimhe moses

    I need english language, maths, chemistry and physics jamb answer nw pls

  32. oche emmanuel

    Thanks 4 ur advice pls i want the answer English,math,government, commerce jamb 2014

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