Blackberry Configuration Browsing Mtn, Glo/ Airtel Setting in Nigeria

Setting Up Blackberry Configuration  browsing is not that difficult, Just Use the guides below to set up your blackberry phone for high surfing, Let get started with MTN
To get the latest configuration Kindly Send
SETTING to 3888

Airtel Network

Port: 8080
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank
Access point name (APN):
Authentication: Normal

Etisalat NETWORK

Access point name : etisalat
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank

 Glo manual Blackberry settings

APN: gloflat
Service name: Glo 3G
Username: flat
Password: flat

To put the above setting , Press your Menu key and nvaigate to Network Setup on your BlacKberry,
Hope you like the guides and tips.

From Myedu Tech Team.

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  1. Please,I want to seat for GCE,but the problem is that I did not go to school,due to one reason or the please I need your advice as my best advicer to be to me.God bless.waiting for your respopns THANKS

  2. How recent is this article? Bb config for gem networks.

  3. How can i use my glo bis on my laptop or android phone? Tanx

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  5. Cool now i can browse with mine…tnx

  6. pls help me i subcrep with mtn line on bb bold 5 but network is not coming up.but if i inserted the line in anther person bb the network will come up.also if i inserted it another mtn line on my phon the network will come up

  7. pls tell me what to do

  8. D mtn automatic config is not real

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  10. Olonitola Samuel says:

    Hi, please am using bb 9930 few days ago I remove my browse line and I insert etisalat to make call after I return the browser line Mtn but I cannot browse again. Pls what can I do

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