Gmail Registration-How to Register Gmail Account

Gmail is the hottest mail services from the world giant search engine ” Google” , As of writing this post, i am currently using gmail as my mail provider and i also recommend it for you all for easy access and better service, From our early post we posted on how yahoomail registration works but this will be base on google mail (Gmail) Registration.

The process involved in gmail registration is more simple then that of yahoo but check the two out and confirm by yourself, Please i am not saying that yahoo is not a good mail provider but i am trying to be myself.

How to Register Gmail Account

Kindly login to 1: Navigate to the Right side bar and click on ” CREATE AN ACCOUNT”
2 : A new form will pop out requesting your Name, username, country, password and recovery email address in-case you forget your email
3: After that CLICK on the Next Step , A new page will open for you to enter your Mobile phone number.

Google will call your and give you a new GMAIL CODE for your final registration, Once you enter the code ,That is All
Your gmail is ready

Thank you, Hope you like the tutorial. Share with pals.

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