Waec Biology Specimens 2013 is Ready, Start Reading Now

The 2013 waec biology practical specimen is out, The specimen contains the main exam tip ,some course outline and topics to help you pass your biology, Remember that Biology practical is the main key to succeed in WAEC, So kindly study the specimen Below:

Stem of cassava plant/sugar cane/sweet potato
SPECIMEN B- Plantain/Banana/Pineapple sucker.
SPECIMEN C- Runner of Grass.
SPECIMEN D- SPirogyra filaments in water.
SPECIMEN E- Lung of freshly killed goat.
preserved Toad.
SPECIMEN G1- Water leaf
plant with fresh stem (Talinum triangulare).
SPECIMEN G2- Water leaf plant with fleshy stem (left in cosin solution for minimum of six hours).
SPECIMEN H- Freshly prepared iodine solution.
SPECIMEN L- Skin of a goat/sheep/cow.
SPECIMEN M: Feather(Quill).
SPECIMEN N: Shell of a giant African snail.
SPECIMEN P: Tuber of Irish potato.
SPECIMEN Q: Twig of hibiscus/Bougainvillea.
SPECIMEN R: cassava cutting.
SPECIMEN S: Hind wing of cockroach



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