Latest news on Asuu Strike 2013 : Strike will be over on Wednesday

We are  happy to bring to you latest news on asuu strike 2013 , as a student we advice you to start preparing  because the asuu indefinite strike might be history before the ending of this week and  there is 90% possibility that the asuu strike will be over on 13th of nov 2013.

From what MyeduNigeria gathered today, All the branches of asuu have agreed to meet on the 13th of November being Wednesday, the reason for the meeting is for all the branches to agree for the suspension of the strike.

We pray and hope for all the asuu branches to agree and call off the 4 months strike.  Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, University of Calabar,  Federal University of Technology Akure, Ekiti State University.  Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto, University Of Ibadan University of lagos, Federal university of science and tech minna  and other 5 universities have voted for the suspension of the asuu strike.

let pray and hope…………………….



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(2) Comments on “Latest news on Asuu Strike 2013 : Strike will be over on Wednesday

  1. what kind of students do we have these days? you are not even ashamed to display bad English with wrong spellings for the world to see.

  2. Ibrahim suleman says:

    Thnk God for this Asuu wahala.

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