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Bayero University Kano (BUK) Hostel Accommodation Fee & Form

One of the three essentials of survival is housing. One will be concerned about where they will live while studying, Especially if they are a freshly admitted student.

There are various accommodation choices, and the school hostel is one of them, but the procedure of getting a hostel or bedspace at the University is often very competitive because the institution will never be able to house all of its students.

There are three campuses for Bayero University Kano (BUK);

  • Old Campus
  • New Campus
  • The third campus is located at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) for medical students.

The old campus is home to the faculties of following Faculties;

  • Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Except for the faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Dentistry, which are situated in the teaching hospital, the remaining faculties are situated in the New site.




Students who are enrolled into faculties at the BUK old site typically apply for hostels there because it is more convenient.


At the old site, the male student hostels are typically organized into blocks.

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There are roughly ten blocks, which are denoted by letters ranging from F to R, with blocks F, G and H often reserved for new students. The buildings are grouped together next to the female hostel.

The boy’s hostel is typically the least expensive option. The cost is between $15,000 to $23,000. The letter’s lack of a mattress is the cause of the price discrepancy.


There are two hostels in the old site for female students;

1. Nana Hostel

Blocks have been created within this hostel as well. The blocks are identified by numbers ranging from A to E, with block E typically housing new students.
The residents of each block typically share roughly 6 bathrooms and toilets. The price of this hostel is $23,000.

2. New Hall Hostel

The location of this hostel is behind Nana. It is a privately owned, and relatively newer.

Typically, students in the 100- and 200-levels reside in this hostel. This Hostel goes for ₦30,000 and four students can fit in each hostel room.

Each floor of the three-story hostel structure contains roughly 15 rooms. Additionally, each floor has two kitchens as well as a row of restrooms.

For postgraduate students, there are also hostels. The locations of these hostels are near to those for college students. They typically cost more than undergraduates.


There are obviously more hostels on the new site than on the old site and there are three major female hostels and 8 male hostels.



The male hostels in new site is often larger. Additionally separated into blocks like the male hostel in old site.

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Each of these blocks typically contains 50 rooms, each of which may hold 4 to 6 student.

There are roughly 8 blocks, the Umar Musa Yar’adua block often reserved for new students and goes for ₦24,000 while others goes for ₦15,000



The hostels are built similarly to those at the old site.

1. Ramat Hostel

This is the most popular hostel on the new site. It is built similarly to the new Hall Hostel on the old site. (Yet To Confirm Fee)

2. Hasiya Hostel

This Hostel is also built similarly to Ramat Hostel.

A room in this Hostel and the aforementioned usually accommodate 4 students and they each go for ₦23,000.

3. Gambo Sawaba Hostel

This Gambo Sawaba Hostel is also sited at the new site. It is slightly different from other hostels in the sense that the rooms are bigger and are allocated to 6 students per room. (Yet To Confirm Fee)


Only medical students who have begun their clinical training are allowed to stay in the hostels at AKTH.

As the hostels are solely for students enrolled in 300-level courses and upwards, we won’t get into that topic in this post.

How to Apply for A Hostel in BUK

In BUK, applications for hostels are processed offline through the gathering, filling out, and submission of forms provided by the school administration.

Up until 2019, all applications were submitted online. This allowed for close monitoring of the recipients of the forms.

The Dean of Student Affairs typically reserves a date when the Hostel form will be made available to new students in person.

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There are no other widely known ways to get a hostel in BUK, therefore a new student who wants to live there but is not from Kano, where the institution is located, must travel down to be physically present for the collection of the forms.

Students who are returning do not need to travel to pick up the hostel forms because they were already given to them at the conclusion of the previous term.

The following documents must be presented in order to pick up the hostel form:

  • A copy of your JAMB Admission letter.
  • A copy of the school admissions letter.
  • Two most recent passport pictures.

The aforementioned must be sent in to the hostel admin office, where they will be checked by the admin of the hostel before the forms are distributed.

It is compulsory to return the form to the hostel admin office after filling out.

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