Check 2015/2016 Nigerian army 73rri Shortlisted Candidates

The Nigerian Army 73rri List of Shortlisted Candidates  is out for checking: All Candidates should check the official recruitment portal of the Nigerian Army at 

Yes finally the long awaited Nigerian Army 71 rri regular recruit intake is now available and on-sale! The Nigerian Army reserves the right to prosecute any individual or group found to have fraudulently gained access to its site or information contained in it. Applicants are therefore advised to obtain their Scratch Card from any branch of Union Bank PLC or Unity Bank PLC.


Step 1: Buy Voucher Online or from any Union Bank or Unity Bank Branch near you

Step 2: Validate your Voucher Serial Number / Reference Code and PIN

Step 3: Register on the portal with your User Name (E-mail) and Password

Step 4: Fill in the required information, Save and Print a copy

Step 5: Visit the Nigerian Army website for the list of successful candidates

Note: You can log in to the portal at any time with your User Name and Password

To purchase pin online simply visit the Nigerian Army e-Recruitment Portal by clicking Here

Applicants are advised not to pay/ pay into any individuals account in the name of purchasing the Army form simply follow the instructions above.



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(103) Comments on “Check 2015/2016 Nigerian army 73rri Shortlisted Candidates

  1. Emmanuel Edem says:

    I wish all The 72RRI success in thy training in Jesus name does that bolive say Amen

  2. Emmanuel Edem says:

    I wish all The 72RRI success in thy training

  3. iortyer tavershima says:

    I must be one of Nigerian force,pls who can help me out?

  4. Akintimehin tosin says:

    I want to be nigerian army by fire by force.l love army

  5. i want to become 1 of the nig army so how can i get the from? I-D frm any 1

  6. siyaka lawal says:

    i like army becous is a good work

  7. mberede ferdinand says:

    9ja army here i come…..

  8. I must be one of Nigeria force

  9. PAUL P DIDI says:


  10. haruna b muhammad says:

    I wnt pry with all army and any other join d army fc,air fc,ad ng nevy fc.good help us ameen.

  11. Ade johnson says:

    please am Nigerian Army73rri and we have finished our zonal screening and we have reach lokoja for documentation please when are we going to Depot for training?

  12. Nnamdi confidence Nnamdi says:

    pls when ar we goin for trainin for 73irr pls l wnt to know

  13. Elum O Bright says:

    Nigeria Army is all in life, nothing can stop me nt 2 achv it, my prays is that it wl come true and shine?

  14. i love nigerian army if they is a way i will join.

  15. andrawus mathew ijaisini says:

    in name of jesu chris i pass my exam suceful,and my bro and sister help me with pray day and nigth than u all

  16. Akilahyel gashau chatikar says:

    God help me this 73rri i hv tried 72rri but i did not succeded but i have a faith that this 73rri is my turned in Jesus name

  17. amuzat oladele says:

    I beg country people please pray for me so that my NDA application will be submitted and my name will be shortlisted in the recruit army just for me to fufill my ambitttion and serve my country successfully

  18. i wanna become a NIGERIAN ARMY, NIGERIAN AIRFORCE and also or a NIGERIAN NAVY to serve my peaceful country NIGERIA like the way my father served NIGERIAN ARMY.I wish all my applicant friends to be succeed by the grace of GOD

  19. adianana westman ofejiro says:

    God help your childern that u have given to ur us

  20. Chinedu jonathan says:

    someone who has been operated for the past four years join the nigeria army? And how much is the form?

  21. Olugbami micheal says:

    Y is dat nigeria army are like to discourage pple like me dat did not hv god father.hv being loking for dis job more dan 5tyms and dis is another 73rri i dont no wat to nw bcos am discourage?

  22. ibrahim fatai says:

    oh i wish to be one nigeria army .may God help me

  23. God am on ur said don’t let dis 73intak pass me by it shall be wel wit nigerian army

  24. P.o.p is on friday next wek

  25. I love to become nig army,navy and air force

  26. damilare matrix says:

    i love army with all my life army good

  27. damilare matrix says:

    i love army with all my life

  28. Ndam Nanloh Vongkat says:

    i want to be one of the nigeria army to defence the country.

  29. Enubianozor Monday Chukunalu says:

    I love to become a Nigerian Army

  30. praise chinaemerem says:

    A soldier to be not a sivilian

  31. manniru abdullahi says:

    i want to be a nigerian soldie, i pray 2 almighty allah goodluck

  32. manniru abdullahi says:

    I pray 2 be a nigerian soja me and frnd dan malam with jah + oko, goodluck

  33. oladele Olusola says:

    Your Comment Here…I did not listed out this year I don’t know what happen god please help me out I love nigeria army so much

  34. I love Nigerian army;I want to devend my unit


    my people i went 2 v a nig army in order 2 solve my country indeed your prey

  36. IruolagbeTundeIdeyonma says:

    I love army job

  37. If u kno u cant go to SAMBISA FOREST……. do not apply

  38. chimechefulam says:

    it was good

  39. Tudonu sunday senayon says:

    I like 2 become nigeria army to serve my country

  40. goddy jubin says:

    by de grace of GOD 71rri is going to be my possion,Guys are we good to go? if we are good to go, then we have to pray for it, so that GOD will here us.

  41. when is the date for nigeria army recruitment



  44. Iweanya Olisaemeka France says:

    I luv Nigerian Army with passion n I hopto join but union bank has bn dribblin me around.plz I nid concrete info on how to apply.


    I love to be Nigerian Army to serve my country and to be one of the first citizen in force in my country Nigerian


    I love to be Nigerian Army Force to serve my country and to one of the first Force citizen in my country

  47. Nigeria army is on my mind.GOD help me.i want 2 be rugged

  48. Kareem Rafiu says:

    How I wish to become one of the Nigerian Soldier…….I can’t wait to get d form.

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