Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results Guides at

A lot of People are finding it difficult to check their Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results  Online, This article will diffidently guide you through on  how to check it Online.

Updated 5th MAY 2015:

Please kindly note that MyeduNigeria can,t  check your dv STATUS with just the registration Number, If you want our Staff to help you and check , kindly comment below with the following information:

1. Confirmation Number:
Format: 2015xxxxxxxxxxxx. Forgot Confirmation Number

2. Last/Family Name:
Provide the Last/Family Name that was used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form. If no name was provided, select the option labeled ‘No Last/Family Name’ below.
Last/Family Name
No Last/Family Name A Last/Family Name was not used during the application process.

3. Year of Birth:  Your real date of birth

but you can also check yourself by checking this article at   How to Check American Diversity 2013/2014 Visa Lottery Results or just follow this simple steps to check.

Kindly Visit

Once you login to the site , a full notification like

The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV-2016 is available until September 30, 2016. The Entrant Status Check for DV-2015 applicants will remain open until September 30, 2015.

Entrant Status Check Instructions

Please be sure to have the Entrant’s Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth in order to check the entrant status online.

will be display, Kindly ignore it and Click Contiune or Visit this Link

Once the link Opens, you can then enter your registration data in order to check your result.

We wish you the best


The 2016 Result is OUT. if you want us to Check for you, Kindly use the Format below:

1. Confirmation Number: 2016xxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Last/Family Name: Your FirstName

3. Year of Birth: 1996


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(596) Comments on “Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results Guides at

  1. amadu jamaldeen says:

    I continue to wish everyone good luck in the game.i also wish the authorities good health and successfully life both internal and external affairs.

  2. amadu jamaldeen says:

    I wish everyone a big good luck ,but in God we trust

  3. kone miriam jeanne says:

    Je comprend pas pourquoi je peux pa voir mon resultat … dite moi si je doit attrndre en mai 2016

  4. afodagni sonia says:

    I WANT TO KNOW MY RESULTS,my confirmation number is 20164JQMGX4OAR3T AND MY YEAR OF BIRTH IS 1993,thank you


    satut a tous je voudrais savoir s’il vous plait si j’ai ete selectione. c’est nestor depuis lubumbashi en RDC merci…



  7. my confirmation no.20165ARVL7QEY582 i wish to be selected

  8. my confirmation no. ARVL7QEY582

  9. Bonoe Weegar J says:

    please help me check my dvlottery result
    confrimation number:20164AIX7ZB97DPX
    entrant name:WEEGAR,BONOE J
    year of birth:1994

  10. I had get registered to 2016 dv lottery but i don’t know how can i check my result . Please help me.


    Confirmation Number: 201652VPG5NGHB3B
    Year of Birth: 1975
    Digital Signature: DE33C9F2709E3371D1055071DE9056DD2D23576C

  12. Adnan mohammed says:

    Year of birth :1992
    Confirmation number:20164XKY8RXEUW02

  13. Tamrat Bishaw says:

    I have been participating in dv lottery for more than ten years. I still haven’t got the chance to be selected. I don’t know what my luck is. I have a great desire to come to America. How would you help me or what do you advice me?
    confirmation 20163QZX9VVRB746
    Last name Adgeh
    Year 1980

  14. eugene baidoo says:

    Plssss help m out ….201540HQ8FIU8NKF..1994

  15. eugene baidoo says:

    Plssss help m out with de check out.fankx


    confirmation number 2016190wpq2BBOV
    year of birth1994


    year of birth1994
    from Kenya

  18. Robel Mekuria says:

    20164ZFXC7ABZU13 this is my confirmation number and my name is robel mekuria am from Ethiopia please check
    and select me i wanna live America.

  19. talla soh maxime gabin says:

    j’aimerai savoir si jai ete selectioner mon numero de confirmation est le 20164zmocvqjduzx

  20. FUH MEH JULIUS says:

    pls help me check my dvlottery for me name FUH MEH JULIUS date of birth 1989

  21. ichha khatiwada says:

    my confirmation num is. 20163YH7RZFLKGON, years of birth is 1986, and entrant name is KHATIWADA ICHHA ,plz reply me weather i won edvlottery or not’ plz help

  22. izzairi kenza says:


  23. Amos D. Davis says:

    please check my dv result

  24. bata leopas wa tamfumu says:

    resultat dv

  25. kone ibrahima says:

    results of the confirmation

  26. nzabonimpa charles shema says:

    hi, i am Charles if possible you can help me to get results .was born in 1992 from RWANDA FAMILY NAME NZABONIMPA.

  27. MUKIIBI UTHMAN says:

    i want to know ma results and ma comfirmation number is (201616CL5ODYYZ7Q

  28. omanwa justine says:

    confirmation number 20164PU5U3B418LD: year of birth 1977

  29. precious owusu says:

    entrant name: No Last Name,PRECIOUS OWUSU
    year of birth: 1995
    am from mother land GHANA.

  30. billa vennessa boula says:

    wish to know if am selected

  31. billa vennessa boula says:

    wish to know if am among the selected

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