Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results Guides at

A lot of People are finding it difficult to check their Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results  Online, This article will diffidently guide you through on  how to check it Online.

Updated 5th MAY 2015:

Please kindly note that MyeduNigeria can,t  check your dv STATUS with just the registration Number, If you want our Staff to help you and check , kindly comment below with the following information:

1. Confirmation Number:
Format: 2015xxxxxxxxxxxx. Forgot Confirmation Number

2. Last/Family Name:
Provide the Last/Family Name that was used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form. If no name was provided, select the option labeled ‘No Last/Family Name’ below.
Last/Family Name
No Last/Family Name A Last/Family Name was not used during the application process.

3. Year of Birth:  Your real date of birth

but you can also check yourself by checking this article at   How to Check American Diversity 2013/2014 Visa Lottery Results or just follow this simple steps to check.

Kindly Visit

Once you login to the site , a full notification like

The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV-2016 is available until September 30, 2016. The Entrant Status Check for DV-2015 applicants will remain open until September 30, 2015.

Entrant Status Check Instructions

Please be sure to have the Entrant’s Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth in order to check the entrant status online.

will be display, Kindly ignore it and Click Contiune or Visit this Link

Once the link Opens, you can then enter your registration data in order to check your result.

We wish you the best


The 2016 Result is OUT. if you want us to Check for you, Kindly use the Format below:

1. Confirmation Number: 2016xxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Last/Family Name: Your FirstName

3. Year of Birth: 1996


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(493) Comments on “Us Visa Lottery 2015 Results Guides at

  1. MBAYE Fatoumata says:

    bonjour!!! j aimerais savoir si j’ai ete selectionee pour le loto 2016 . my confirmation number is 20165SR6U1XJOY2X. date de naissance 1988

    • The information entered is not valid. Please review the Confirmation Number, your Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth
      to ensure you have entered them exactly as they appear on your DV Confirmation Page.

  2. bigbong danielle carole anelka sanga says:

    please i want to check my result

  3. bigbong danielle carole anelka sanga says:

    please i want to my result of visa lottery

  4. ndeye marie ndour says:

    bonjour j’aimerais juste savoir si j’ai ete selectionne pour le compte de loto visa 2016 mon ndeye marie ndour ne en 1985 2016523I3PDYIE91

  5. Tshibangu Tytyt mulumba says:

    Je vais aller ou Pays de Obama aujourd’hui se mon dernière jour de pour savoir si je gagne pour quitte se pays je vous aime bien les américain pour votre jeux dv merci beaucoup pour nous qui vais quitte l’Afrique.

  6. ndeye marie ndour says:

    27mars 1985 a dakar

  7. tanoh m'bia jean paul says:

    s’il vous plait dit moi comment par mon email

  8. Francis S,Mulbah says:

    l want know my dv result for 2015 please

  9. Francis S,Mulbah says:

    l want know my dv result for 2015

  10. please i want to know the result of us lottery ,my confirmation number is :201653QQPN5GYM8M

  11. tanoh m'bia jean paul says:

    je veux savoir mon resultat s’il vous plait


    I registered the lottory on 2014 august but my confirmation code start 2016 and i can check it please why

  13. suraj khadka k.c says:

    my name is suraj khadka k.c and my confirmation is 201653GA2XFO1RD2 i want to know result


    I would like to be informed if my application is successful.

  15. aimen mubarak nur al din says:


  16. Please,can i know the result of my application to 2015 dv lottery?

  17. Bijay Parajuli says:

    My confirmation number is 20163PI60502BSMV and my year of birth is 1990

  18. Ibrahim Kamara says:

    check for me

  19. Mohammad Roohani says:

    I want to get about my DV Lottery i can’t stop word . Guys help me out

  20. Ram kumar yadav says:

    My lottery. Confirmation. Number 20163QUV6TLG3PDQ, please. Check. My result. Sir


    Salut je voulais juste connaitre les resultats pour le compte de loto visa 2016 si j ai ete selectionne.mon nom est :COULIBALY SOULEYMANE ne en 1982.mon numero de confirmation est :201640KSPP7DLUM3

  22. ABRHAM AYALEW says:

    i want to the result my confirmation number is20164F51LX2BNFA9

  23. Aminartey Peter says:

    My confirmation number is…2016419U2X5FF966 but each time i visit your lottery result website and i enter this number it tells me its wrong. could you please assist me to check my status pls?

  24. Nimako Albert says:

    Pls I want to know the results of the US dv lottery pls my confirmation number is 201643NJBL56H6LB

  25. I want to Know my result of lottry my confirmation number : 2016480SLP5VPQUS thank you


    i love USA and i wish to stay there

  27. agbodeka koffi godwin says:


  28. Diarus Samson Kezele says:

    Live in Liberia is not easy God for me

  29. Diarus Samson Kezele says:

    I want God to help me to win this DV 2016

  30. kameni tcheulahe sandrine says:

    comment faire pour avoir lr resultats de2014 mn numero es 20163WGVR7L4T8BT mn phone est00237673014773


    My comfirmation number is 20155OQH2JF4IGQH with family name Tsemo and date of birth 1991. I wish to know the next step to follow since the cut off number for march inluded my case number (2015AF00026703) but i my embassy I was told that I have not been programmed. The notification I received through my email address was not understood. Please unblock my worries.

  32. Lin Aung Htay says:

    I’d like to know my DV result,please.

  33. I want to know my reult of dvlottery

  34. Abdullahi sheikh hassan says:

    I want to know my result of lottery thank you

  35. janu pandey says:

    i loved u.s.a

    my confirmation number 2016474sariz65zm

  36. ANZOUMANA A. Sadate says:

    bonjour,j’aimerais juste savoir si j’ai été selectionné pour le compte de lotto visa 2016.mon nom:ANZOUMANA Anouan El Sadate.né en 1987.confirmation number:20164PYHNJULX62V

  37. ANZOUMANA A. Sadate says:

    bonjour!j’aimerais juste savoir si j’ai été selectionné pour le compte de lotto visa 2016.mon nom est:ANZOUMANA Anouan El Sadate.né en 1987.mon confirmation number:20164PYHNJULX62V. Merci

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