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What a good news, the Management of have integrated an online learning portal for all students to enable them pratice jamb cbt test

The online free Jamb Practice Test, this section is made available for free for student practice, this is to help students get familiar with computer based Testing, although the full features of this testing engine is not captured in this free version but in the paid version which is in the members area. Signup an account now in order to access the full version that includes everything like in the real JAMB CBT senario cumming up next year.
Please read the following instructions carefully;


Download Jamb Cbt Past Questions and Solutions here


(1.) You are expected to attempt this subject for 45 minutes.

(2.) There are fifty (50) questions and you are expected to attempt all.

(3.) If you do not understand a question, you can skip by clicking the SKIP button to come back to it.

(4.) Upon answering the 100th question, the review and finish button will be activated. You can either click on the finish button to move to the next subject or click on the review button to revisit the skiped questions. on the review page you can select the question number, and it takes you to the question.

(5.) After the review you can now click on the finish button to go to the next subject

.(6.) Repeat step 4 for every subject

.(7.) At the end of the examination, click the on the submit button.

(8.) If you exhaust your time, the system will end the test for you automatically and present your final result.
NOTE: Click the start button below to retrieve your questions. The timer will start immediately.

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    It’s not fair,everytin has nw turn into trade even mere AIDES

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    good day. I want to download the cbt practice, pls info me on how to go about it. thanks.

  5. hi how can i download jamb CBT

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    Am having a CBT TEST right now. The questions are very technical. And I love them

  9. Adewole Yetunde says:

    Am having a JAMB CBT TEST now which is very technical. And I love that.

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