How to Write Jamb 2014 computer base examination

Computer base examination is an exam taking on computer instead of writing on a sheet of paper, This year jamb computer base examination test might be an online base test or offline coded examination. We highly recommend all those that register with the option of Computer base  examination in the jamb 2014 to start practicing how the examination question will be like.

All thanks to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board ( Jamb) for lunching an online Computer bast test  at, So we will be guiding you on how the examination format will be .Tips as Below:

1: You have to double click the Icon on the computer ( Examination)

2: Enter your Jamb Reg number and Full name

3: Select the four subject that is choosed  during registration

4: Click on the Enter Button

5: You  will be giving  just 2 hours time, try to minimize it very well.

6: Note, Once you click on any Answer , there is No Reverse Back, So you have to be mindful on how you click any option as your final answer during the exam.

7: There must be a Next button for you to move to the other page or question

And finally, Once you finish the whole questions , Kindly click the submit button to submit your work

NOTE: If you do not click the submit button just know that you will score ZERO over 400.

We wish you all the best of luck

Jamb computer base examination  test registration is currently going now , check Jamb e website for more details

Thank you, i hope this will give you all an insight on how the examination format will be like,


Be Careful, No Runs in JAMB CBT TEST
Breaking News: NO more JAMB in Nigeria

(97) Comments on “How to Write Jamb 2014 computer base examination


  2. Am so glad to see my fellow guys encouraging other concerning the jamb exam,thanks to God

  3. promise praise says:

    well,as surely this is another level of development;that means every student need to become a computer lliterate “what a computer age we in,God help us all”.

  4. I LIKE IT

  5. Victoria beals says:

    I will make it..4 christ is with me.

  6. Victoria beals says:

    We know who we are….so we will make it

  7. Abubakar agai amark says:

    Am wrtin in university of gombe by 23 may 2014 sm 1 4 help u can call dis numba. Goodluck brodas an sistas=¥

  8. i believe we are gonno make it

  9. Abeg hw will i get dis cbt answer am doing my own may 19th quick reply plzzz.

  10. 2o14 C B T.EXAMS IT SHALL BE WELL WITH U AND DE COMPUTER. Amen pray be 4 opperting

  11. Have confidence in GOD my pple 4 he has already done it .success is ours

  12. Ekum-Odok Mark says:

    The lord is our shephered they is noting we shall fear,we will write and pass,AMEN

  13. What I know about this Computer base test…is that will have already make it, know that in God all things are possible, don’t be scared,, don’t listen to what wicked people saying….what i what you to know is that(YoU HaVE MAKE IT)Amen

  14. FAVOUR.The best thing is to read your book nd leave the rest 4 God.

  15. God wil help us

  16. With good all things are possible candidate pls just have it in mind that u will pass and u will sure pass just read and pray I know we are all going to pass this cbt inshalahu

  17. Pls bro & sist,Is der any1 writin in Uniben(e-library)ugbowo,benin city shud pls text me on dis number …Tnx

  18. Bro n sis u hv 2 be on alart of ur tym during d exam

  19. when is the date for computer based test pls?

  20. Unyime Sunday says:

    Pls i want to ask what of those that cannot operate computer how will they do.

  21. Miss juliace says:

    Plsssss wen is d cbt startin?? I nid sum1 to answer my questn…. Adminster wer are u i nid ur hlp cuz am confuse God hlp us

  22. Guys never to worry…d only thing i tought of z dat dey should hv maximize d time given incase of network interuption…bt dnt worry,d bible says “because he lives i can face 2morrow”.

  23. Nigerian is a land of peace and Unity, land of mineraal resources, i want to know the date of the CBT jamb 2014,

  24. people writing computer base dis year will get higher mark than pple writing paper mark my word

  25. when are we going to reprint our jamb

  26. I wish all candidates good luck including myself in jesus name amen

  27. In God i trust

  28. 9ja don dey upgrade ooh 4 deir mind dey dere use computer dey write exam ooh

  29. which date we are going to right the exam cuomputer bases., some people say on 18th and sm people say 19th which one is correct date .

  30. which date we are going to right the exam cuomputer bases., sime people say on 18th and sm people say 19th which one is correct date .

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