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Today student tech world app review is an app called Instagram. let us  discus about instagram registration and how to create an account on instagram. Do you have an Android mobile or an iPhone? If yes, you might have seen one of your friend sharing some cool pictures on facebook or twitter.

Have you wondered the application they are using for the editing, Guess what! i hope you know that they do not have adobe Photoshop  in their mobile.

This is the power of an instagram app. with instagram application, you can start to share some cool and best moment pictures with your school mates and friends

Right now. there are only two ways to join the instagram network,

1: Using an Android Mobile Phone

2: iphone mobiles

General Guide on how to Join Instagram

Kindly Click on your mobile Google Play store app if you using an android , as for iphone users . kindly visit apple store and search for their app

Then click on “Install” which will take about 5 minute to install ( the app size is 16mb)

After which the new instagram registration page will be open, Click on Register

  • Then Enter your :
  • Name
  • Username
  • Mobile Number
    Email Address. but if you want to connect your facebook account with your instgram account. simply click on the tab showing
  • ” Connect to facebook”
  • After that, Click Create account.

Enjoy and share, Soon, MyeduNigeria will share our official Instagram Account.

Disclaimer: Use the above article for Educational purpose Only

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