Check 2013/2014 Neco TimeTable- Neco Official Time-Table 2013

The below data table are the official Neco 2013/2014 Timetable for those preparing for the Exam this Year, Feel free to glance at them for proper preparation.

 2ND APRIL 2013 UPDATE: DOWNLOAD myedu Neco JuneJuly 2013 Timetable.pdf.

June-Food and Nutrition Practical 
3hrs no specific date yet


12th June
Physics Practical 


13th June
Chemistry Practical 


14th June
Biology Practical 


15th June 
Agric. Practical 


18th June 
General Math Objective 
10-11.45pm then 
Essay 12-2.30pm


19th June 
Chemistry Obj and Essay 


20th June 
Physics Obj and Essay 


20th June 
Government obj 2-3pm 
Essay 3-4.40pm


21th June 
English Essay,Obj, Test of orals 


22nd Geography 


25th June 
Financial Account 


25th June 
Lit in Eng Drama & Poetry


26th June 
Geography 10-12pm, 

Further Math obj 1-3pm,

Further Math essay 3’30-6pm


27th June 
Biology obj and essay 


28th June
Economics obj and essay 


29th June 
CRK obj and essay 

Food and Nutrition obj and essay 


2nd July 
Agric obj and essay 


3rd July 
Commerce obj and essay 

irk obj and essay 2-4.30pm


4th July 
Lit in Eng obj and prose 


5th July 
Youruba obj and essay 


6th July 
History obj and essay 


9th July 
Practical TD 


11th July 
TD obj and essay 

Update: Waec practical specimen for 2013 should be in your School

(226) Comments on “Check 2013/2014 Neco TimeTable- Neco Official Time-Table 2013

  1. I hope God helps we become candidate

  2. umar damilola says:

    i put all d neco exam in God hand, bt my frnd if u work hard u wil surely pass bcoz heaven help those who help dem slf

  3. Adeyemi isaiah says:

    Pls send me neco time table

  4. love diz time table…but pls z diz d real one? If so send it for me as an emil tanx

  5. send me neco timetable

  6. I can’t see civic education and computer studies on the timetable, aren’t they compulsory subjects??

  7. Bethelboy sunybest says:

    I wish all de plp dat will write neco ds 2014 good luck.especial bethel student 7 ogoja road abakaliki.said by sunybest 4 life

  8. Ohioma Progress says:

    The heart of a king is in my hand, is turn where that pleases me…. So don’t worry God dat do it 4 us wil do it 4 u all……

  9. koiki tolulope says:

    wisin all doin neco sucess

  10. Wishin all doin neco d gr8tst luck n sucess

  11. The are going to change that time table!

  12. Pls hw true z d time table it z contradictin wit wat we ve in my skul.i wnt 2 wish all neco candidate gud luck

  13. Wen u read u ar goin 2 achieve,so stand up 2 ur defeat.

  14. Wen u read u ar goin 2 achieve,so stand up 2 ur defeat.

  15. God wil nt let me down since dis is the final neco in nigeria. Making it is the oda of d Day, so help Me God Amen.

  16. Sunday ezekiel says:

    Neco answer 08066449093

  17. Sunday ezekiel says:

    Neco answer

  18. Hormortorlarny says:

    I pray dat God shuld help me remember all hav read in Jesus name.Amen

  19. I wish dem gud result amen including me

  20. Onoja Endwell says:

    Is this real neco timetable?

  21. may god help us

  22. Kpiliboh sunday says:

    Pls,i need dis neco question and answer.stay blessed.God wil gv una wisdom,knowledge and understanding.

  23. richard ali abraham says:

    i dont know why neco exam. fall on satuday, wat will b d out com of d people, about riyting d exam on dat day of d exam.

  24. Chamtelchamzy says:

    One problem is writin, another is the markin. Father,send ur holy spirit to those markin to mark according to one’s performance and we also pray against missing scripts in jesus name. Can sum1 shout amen 2 dat

  25. Anafit jafar says:

    May god help us to achieve success in it

  26. Kareem mutiyat says:

    God help us on our neco exam

  27. Iam greatfull when i resive that the timetable is out.we shall pray 4 the commin examination, All of us.

  28. bassey,idongesit usoro says:

    Read 2ndtimoty 2;15 and you pass.just read your books n leave þhe rest to God.God bless you as you take these instruction.

  29. ldris ahmad says:

    my Allah help us neco examinetion

  30. Aminu mahmud says:

    Prayer is the solution to all problems,so we all pray to GOD almigthy to see us throuh in our up coming examination(NECO)with flying colours ameen.

  31. I pray dat de lord wil help me and ma fellow colleagues who are writing neco.we expect A1 and Cs

  32. am gettin different timetables n d worst is dat lgbo is nt included,Y…wen ll de specimens be out

  33. corruption! corruption! corruption! Even a slip number 2000 the tin surprise me oooöh

  34. pls, if u need anytin on neco n wac, cal dis number. 07031310423.God bless u

  35. Mban ogbonna says:

    Over 4000 nigerians will lose there jobs iff DECO is scraped, so don’t embarck on d jouney of poverty and disdain.

  36. S muhammed says:

    I pray those who wrote neco this year should come out with flying colour include me amen

  37. Mbam ogbonna says:

    May God juxtapose us till dat day and show us d way about. JESUS i depend on u!….!!….!!

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